Self Esteem – So many different strategies for raising your self-esteem have been presented in this chapter.
I recommend that you stick with no more than three or four strategies and devote at least one week to each. The following worksheet is intended to help you organize what you’ve learned and decide which particular strategies for building self-esteem you want to try out in the immediate future.
For the questions below, write out specificallly what actions you’ll take with respect to each intervention.

Identify no more than three or four needs from the list of needs mentioned earlier in this chapter that you’d like to give special attention to.
Work on redescribing negative feelings states as pleas for attention from your inner child. Do one or more things from the list of self-nurturing activites to help improve your self esteem. Work on cultivating or enhancing an intimate relationship (for example, spending quality time with your partner, taking a course in communication skills, attending a marriage encounter weekend).

Work on improving your understanding and ability to maintain appropriate boundaries (for example, read suggested books by Robin Norwood and Melody Beattie, attend Al Anon or Co-dependents Anonymous meetings, attend a workshop on co-dependency). Define your important personal goals over the month, six months, year, and three years using the goal exercises.

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