The second and third shows actually merged into one impromptu funk-rock marathon that lasted into the early hours, and fans who had waited patiently for the late show were eventually admitted free.So, what are these a€?guitar rock throw-downsa€™ actually like?
With The Purple One breaking in a new, all-female backing band, 3rd Eye Girl, each date is different, with some of the smaller shows being largely acoustic affairs. The virtuoso backing of his female accomplices gives the man himself plenty of scope to show off his stunning guitar skills. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Band on the Wall is delighted to welcome back the classic mod revival band Secret Affair after their storming gig here last year. Formed in 1978 and disbanded in 1982, Secret Affair burned brightly in those few short years following an incendarary trajectory similar to that of suited and booted soul mates The Jam of sold out gigs, fanatical fans and blistering singles.
Support on the night comes from local favourites The Watchmakers plus classic and underground tunes played out on the dancefloor by DJ Martin The Mod.
But away from the spotlight, Doris Day lived an equally intriguing life, taking in personal tragedy, financial difficulties and the drive to campaign for animal rights long before it was fashionable.

It’s a challenge for any performer, stepping into the shoes of such a celebrated figure, but this autumn acclaimed West End performer Claudia Morris will do just that. In addition, to accompany the show, a collection of the top tracks from the production have also been captured in the studio to be released as an album. A stellar performer in her own right, Claudia Morris has seen her own career go from strength to strength since taking a break to raise her family. This acclaim gave Claudia Morris the confidence and opportunity to create her very own passion project – the 21 date tour around the UK of ‘Secret Love’ promoted by Tony Clayman. Subscribe to our newsGet all our latest content delivered to your email a few times a month. Some of his screeching, free-styled solos evoked Jimi Hendrix a€” another American legend with a big a€™fro who moved to London to give his career fresh momentum.But a typical Prince gig tends to have a bit of everything. Indeed, in a little over 2 years Secret Affair posted five releases in the UK Singles Chart and released three albums. The word ‘legend’ is an overused one in the modern vernacular, but this extraordinary performer truly earned her place in history over the course of a glittering career.

Taking her spectacular show around the UK, Claudia will perform classic songs and tell the tale of a woman who has inspired her for many years. The ‘Secret Love’ LP – a further tribute to the life and talent of Doris Day – will be available in September which features Matt Backer on guitar. Here, there was a funky take on U Got The Look and a crunchy new rock number called Screwdriver. The debut single Time For Action sold over 200,000 copies and reached number 13 in the UK chart, putting the band at the forefront of the mod revival movement. Taking in both the highs and lows of a life in the limelight, ‘Secret Love’ is a portrait of a great artist, as told by one of her most dedicated fans, backed by her full live band and two male actors who will play all the key men in Doris’ life.
Two shows in Manchester are planned and, amid rumours of a Glastonbury slot plus summer shows in Hyde Park, his purple reign seems set to run and run.

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