Lena Shore is one our favorite resource professionals because she has such breadth and depth of  talent – both design-wise and in technical skills. The King of All Media has taken it a step further and is auctioning off the virginity of San Diego native "Natalie Dylan". The High Definite was created as a gateway from your droll, trivial, work existence to one of neverending stupidity provided by the internet.A  Escape, worker drone, from the ridiculous monotony of your day and explore the mindless entertainment we feed you. For the past few months my household has taken on the habit after lunch of indulging in a small (to smallish-medium) scoop of Blue Bell Ice Cream - the best ice cream on the planet!
I have an email relationship with my local grocery store (don't ask), and thanks to modern technology they (unbeknown to me) can track my purchases. On the morning of Monday, April 20th, I pushed my cart by the frozen desserts section and there it was: an entire row of Blue Bell's Southern Peach Cobbler Ice Cream!! I realize that our a€?first worlda€? problems are of little consequence globally, but that doesn't make me miss my Blue Bell any less.
Gmail, the free email service from Google, was launched on April 1, 2004 with tons of features including 1GB storage space, super quick search functionality, 10MB email attachments and many more. The Gmail interface is available in more than 50 languages as of now and I'm very proud to notice that 10 of these are from India (shows the great diversity of this great country).
To change the language of Gmail interface, click on the "Settings" link close to the top-right - refer image below. Ensure you are under the "General" tab and in the Language section (the very first one), select the language you want for the Gmail interface from the drop down.
By the way, the "Show all language options" link on the right of the drop down lets you switch right-to-left editing support on or off.
The people at Gmail keep adding new languages over time, so if your local lingo isn't available yet, it might just be on the anvil! It works great, but the problem is I don’t like the account name he chose as it includes my birthday.
The default settings are probably sufficient, but make sure you don’t want to make an adjustment.
With designers, you usually have to trade one for the other, but Lena allows me to please my clients with great work,  delivered on time. I carefully checked on line for the list of suspected contaminated flavors and was relieved to find no listing for my favorite.
The next time I shopped locally in need of ice cream, I found the Blue Bell section sparse, but Chocolate Chip ice cream was still available.
But when I was instructed to return my Blue Bell products to the store - including TWO unopened half-gallons of the precious Peach Cobbler - I snapped.

I hesitate to reveal the ultimate fate of those last two half-gallons of Southern Peach Cobbler because we live in a judgmental society. The service, which is still in beta, is now the third most popular web based email provider (according to some stats). What you need to do is create a new account and transfer your mail and contacts to the new account. I will always regret not taking a tour of the facility when it was so close, especially missing out on meeting Belle herself, the contented cow. However, according to the code on the bottom of the most recent container, it was produced at the same plant in Oklahoma.
It said essentially, a€?We notice that you purchased some Blue Bell Ice Cream three weeks ago. However, as I was leaving the store I noticed a Blue Bell truck in the parking lot ready to restock the shelves. To be so innocent and yet suffer the pangs of deprivation is enough to drive anyone to acts of desperation. Once it became apparent the problem was not as isolated as hoped, they took the drastic measure to recall all products and completely shut down all plants for complete decontamination and retraining of personnel.
Some would criticize the waste of such a precious resource while others would scold me for taking any risk of exposing my family to the bacteria. July 2nd and 3rd, 2011 American Indian Festival of Indiana Come experience the traditions and culture of the Native American people at the first annual Native American Indian Festival of Indiana, on July 2nd and 3rd at the Boone county 4H fairgrounds, 1300 E. I knew several people who did tour the Blue Bell Creamery, and all were i??very impressed with the operation. When the recall was expanded to all ice cream from that plant, I was still not too worried.
Feel free to return it for a full refund due to recent recalls.a€? I wanted to reply, a€?Dear Grocery Store, What ever makes you think that I would still have any Blue Bell Ice Cream left from a three-week-old purchase?!?!??a€? The purchase in question wasn't even my precious Peach Cobbler, which I later found in a Walmart in a neighboring town. We hadn't finished the Chocolate Chip, yet, but we were going to be ready when it was gone! However, I now live over four hours from the Creamery in Brenham, so a personal protest was way too much trouble.
Of even bigger significance is that in light of the tremendous financial hit, Blue Bell has chosen not to lay off any employees. I knew several people who did tour the Blue Bell Creamery, and all were very impressed with the operation. To walk by the ice cream section of my local grocery store and see a gaping hole that should be filled with world's tastiest frozen treats - that's depressing.

By necessity we sometimes change the flavors of our post-lunch treat, but we NEVER change the brand. That purchase had been long since consumed, and we were working on the good stuff from out of town - which had no email link to bother me. My elation faded quickly that afternoon with the announcement that Blue Bell was recalling ALL products immediately.
In fact, when I measured my suffering with that of people who actually had problems, mine melted quicker than Blue Bell on the driveway in August.
Unfortunately, it appears that doing the right thing in this case will take weeks - weeks without any Blue Bell Ice Cream. The sadness only grows when a few days later a trip by that same section reveals imposter ice creams sitting where the good stuff should be! I even met people who had worked there, and the only complaint I ever heard was about the commercial where the Blue Bell deliveryman stated, a€?We eat all we can and deliver the rest.a€? The former deliveryman with whom I spoke ruefully told me that was not true.
As someone on Facebook so eloquently put it: a€?In Texas, Blue Bell is not just another brand of ice cream. I know that when we taste the sweet victory of Blue Bell's return, I will be among the legions of loyal fans rushing to purchase my favorite flavors. I can only speculate whether or not his possible confusion over that claim had anything to do with his becoming a a€?formera€? deliveryman. There will be paintings, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, bead work, leather work, along with Native American food. Native American Indian Festival of Indiana is honored to have Rick Bird and the Bird Choppers from Cherokee N.C.
They will also be performing traditional Native American drumming, singing and various styles of dance throughout the weekend. We are also honored to have award winning flutist Douglas Blue Feather, of Cherokee heritage as our musical entertainment, sharing his music throughout the weekend. Shop for authentic handmade Native American art, painting, jewelry, sculpture and cultural items in the Indian Market. Indianapolis Indiana 46224 (317) 248-8458?  CALENDAR OF POWWOWS AND EVENTS:Aug 14-15, 2010 Mihsihkinaahkwa Pow Wow  Location is in Columbia City, IN.
Camping will be available on site and host motels with “Powwow Rates” are located in Kokomo, IN.

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