When you first create your YouTube Channel you select a username that is a maximum of 20 characters using only alph and numeric symbols. Download any videos you want to keep as this process will delete the videos on this channel.
Until recently, you could only change your Page name if your Page had 200 fans or less through a do-it-yourself method in the Admin Panel, but now their is an official process for Pages with 201 fans or more.
About Nonprofit Tech for GoodWith 100,000 monthly visitors and more than one million followers on social networks, Nonprofit Tech for Good is a leading social and mobile media resource for nonprofit professionals worldwide. The inability of PlayStation Network users to change their online names is undoubtedly one of the most philosophically important dilemmas of the modern age. Speaking to IGN, the gaffer stated that the decision was informed by issues of online harassment. While this is definitely a valid line of reasoning, we can think of a few simple workarounds. At any rate, the gaffer certainly seems cognizant of the issue, stating that he's always looking for ways to "give you more control across your experience", and that changeable account names are definitely one of those ways. Kell is in romantic love with Naughty Dog and dreams of one day being as cool as Nathan Drake. Come on Sony you can do better than this, this is like a claiming that my dog ate my homework.It would only be matter of setting an ID number of just limit the number of changes to 1 every 3 months or something like that, they just don't have the system setted up for this and don't want to invest in the resources to do so. The very least they could of let people changer theirs that wanted to when the PS4 came out, I know a bunch of people that made their user name years ago when it meant something to them but now not so much.As for mine I like mine. I have been waiting to change my psn name for years now, sony's excuse seems kind of daft to me because like others have said (and this is certainly true in the days before ps+ was a necessity for online gaming on ps4) people could make multiple profiles for free so that makes sony's excuse completely void.If they charged people to do it then maybe it would only be the people that really want to change their psn ID doing it, or trolls with money to burn. I think it should be a so many changes policy and then after say 3-5 changes you'll have to start paying for such, shouldn't get the griefers he's so concerned about. Meh, I never really gave it much thought to be honest, but I usually pick a username I'm content to stick with anyway. I appreciate they are trying to prevent spammers but they could still allow us to change the PSN name say once every year. It may not be a popular stance but I hope they never let people change names, you (the general you) should have been smarter when you created your account. Unfortunately, the form is no longer available and now you can only change your page name if you have less than 200 likes.
Here’s a breakdown of how to change your Facebook page name if you have under 200 likes and what options you have for renaming your Facebook page if you have more than 200 likes. If your page has less than 200 likes and you want to change your Facebook page name, you can do so by going to Edit Page > Update Info.

According to Unfortunately, pages outside of the US don’t have the option to request a name change. If you’ve chosen the wrong username or misspelled your username you can change it, but note that you can only make changes once. We work on a mix of online marketing projects for publishers, educators, cultural and mid-size organizations.
Vancouver internet marketing strategists with an expertise in online marketing for digital publishing.
Now I would like to know if I change the title of my video would that affect my view count? That said, for the name change request to be approved, you must absolutely be 100% compliant with Facebook’s Terms of Service for Pages.
Nonprofit Tech for Good focuses on providing valuable, easy-to-understand information, news, and resources related to nonprofit technology, online communications, and social and mobile fundraising.
Namely, we reckon a system similar to the one used by PC gaming platform Steam – in which you have two separate names; an ID which is permanent, and a screen name which is changeable – would be a workable solution.
I had 0 Platinum trophies All I had to do was earn one trophy that I didn't have in every game!That brought back the full list of earn trophies I had earned in each game one at a time.
Couldn't you make once every 2 years or something, or only once, or maybe even you have to contact support? Though their explanation makes sense, I always thought it had something to do with the way they set up they databases.
That way it's not something you'll just do willy-nilly, but it IS an option if you REALLY hate your old name.As for me, I'm just fine.
It's a brilliantly thought out response, but the issue is clearly PSN-based - I strongly doubt it has anything to do with griefing.If a user acts like an idiot and gets reported, it shouldn't matter what their username or avatar is - as they'll be defined by their email address, so Sony will still be able to ban them. But it DOES seem like an interesting middleground approach to me now that I HAVE thought of it. It is both user friendly and doesn't allow griefers or cheaters to just disappear into anonymity. It's not about what it costs them, it's a way to deter griefers so they don't be a jerk and then change their name. If a name change is impossible to avoid, you will need to create a new page with the new name and manually ask fans to move over. But this can be a problem if you want to use the same email address as the old YouTube account as you can only use one email address to create one YouTube account and you can’t change this if it is a gmail email.
If not, then you risk getting your Page deleted entirely for being in violation of their TOS by bringing your non-compliant Page to the attention of Facebook staff.

Thankfully, in a recent interview, SCEA president Shawn 'E3 Yawn' Layden explained the reasoning behind the system. However, that would probably require fairly significant and fundamental changes to the core of the PSN service.
Sure they'll need to friend request a specific person if they're some deranged bully but for general harassment purposes; the PSN ID policy is irrelevant. If they use your psn name as the primary key of the account in the database, you simply cannot change it because there has to be a unique identifier for your account.
Suffgamer1 is my online identity almost everywhere, and I have no intention of changing that now. There are, like everyone said tons of different work arounds to the harassment problem other than this.
It's a great system and allows you to change your name at any time even if another user has already taken the name.
Boxcar Marketing successfully did this for 49th Shelf during their rebranding campaign, by running a Facebook contest as an incentive for fans to move over to the new page. I don't have a terrible one, but I didn't choose it because my dad set the PSN account years ago. There lots people as mentioned who wants to change their names with no goal of harassment but personal taste. The only reason I ever felt like changing it is because my uncle made my account for me an picked the name. I don't really like the fact that my friends can just up and change their displayed name whenever they feel like it all willy-nilly on Steam. It is a brilliant system especially when compared to both Sony and MS in which one charges you and the other doesn't even allow it! Please note that you will also have to submit documentation confirming the legality of your new name. There is saying in Turkish "Burning the dry wood along with the newly-cut wood" similar meaning to "Throw out the baby with the bath water" Why? That does not include logos, websites, and business cards, rather documentation such as a utility or phone bill.

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