In this visualisation, my voice guides you on a deeply relaxing journey into the heart of your own energy system.
No knowledge of the Chakra system is required in order to enjoy the benefits of this guided visualisation.
Non-western medicine sees the body as healthy when life-force (chi or qi) flows unhindered along the energy meridians of the body. These seven major energy centres, or chakras, act as junction boxes that allow the free-flow of energy to different parts of the body. Those who can see auras (and I am, unfortunately, not one of those) report the chakras as mini-tornados of energy focused on each of their respective locations. The lotus is a water lily whose flowers are held above the water rather than resting upon the surface. So as you listen to this recording, I will encourage you to imagine the lotus flower corresponding to each chakra in turn as we move up through the body restoring energy and vitality to each chakra in turn. As well as the lotus flower, which is a symbolic spiritual representation, each chakra has an energy component.
Above all don't worry too much about how well you can visualise, just use your imagination and pretend - the way you did when you were a child.

So just click on the Buy Now button, enter your payment details, and watch your email for the download link which will arrive in your inbox when you have completed the payment process. Hypnotic music drifting quietly in the background eases you into a receptive state where you can connect with and remove blockages to the free flow of the energy within you. But if you'd like to know more I've included some more information for you, so just read on.
When I perform chakra balancing for clients I use a pendulum to detect the size, shape, and energy levels of each chakra in turn.
So ensure you are in a comfortable lace where you can safely close your eyes and stop interacting with the physical world for half an hour or so. Subjects: The Fruit Rays, Chakra Balancing, Sending and Receiving Color, upcoming seminars. Healthy chakras move the pendulum quite vigorously in a circular motion, but when the chakra's shape is distorted, or the pendulum motion is sluggish, there is invariably a problem in the area of the body associated with that chakra.
The roots of the lotus rest in the mud just as our soul begins its journey from basic survival and materialism. If, while listenening to the guided Chakra Meditation, you allow your subconscious mind to present to you the vortex then you can correct any irregularities - like distortion or sluggishness - with just the power of your mind in this deep state of realxed harmony.

Since I never ask about problems beforehand and only enquire when I notice something abnormal this is not a case of me creating what I expect.
The stems grow up through the water receiving more and more light as they approach the surface. Just take control with your mind and see the changes you desire taking place in your imagination.
It is possible that you will feel an instant shift in your energy levels or sense of well-being. Finally the stem bursts through into the sunlight and the petals unfold to reveal great beauty.

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