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This entry was posted in Free Online Picture Tools and tagged background, chrome, extension, Google, image. UPDATE: Newer Windows 10 builds such as November Update build 10586 (Threshold 2) already come with a built-in option to disable background image of login screen.
If you upgraded or installed recently released Windows 10 operating system in your computer, you might have noticed the new background image which is shown on the Login Screen (also called Welcome Screen, Logon Screen or Sign-in Screen) of Windows 10. The new background image of Windows 10 Login Screen might please a few people but most of the people didn't like it. We have received several similar emails from many AskVG readers who requested for the same. So today in this tutorial, we are going to tell you ways to disable or change Windows 10 Login Screen background image. When Windows 10 was under development, there was a built-in registry tweak to disable or remove this background image from Login Screen. If you want, you can remove the user picture shown on Login Screen to get a clean and minimal interface of Login Screen. Fortunately there is a freeware available which automatically performs the same task and allows you to change or remove background image from Windows 10 Login Screen.
You can also remove the background image completely and set any desired color as background color of the Login Screen with the help of this little tool. The tool is very easy to use and we have tested it on various Windows 10 machines without any problem.
UPDATE: Many people have faced booting problems after using this tool so we have decided to remove the download link. Replace "Drive_letter" term in above command with the correct drive letter where Windows 10 is installed.
I would like you show a list of registry tweaks and disable options to make windows 10 faster. The main problem i am facing now is the black borders with some games or games which start in a windows. Hmmm it is happening on a clean win 10 home x64 install after "Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3081424)" as well.

Got the flickering screen because of the upgrade from 8.1, so then I used the installation dvd I had made to do a clean install.
NOTE: If you have made a restore point before you did the login background change, you can also revert back to this restore point using the windows 10 recovery environment from step 1 and 2 below.
Good luck, and I advice to use the restore point function in Windows when using this kind of software ;-). I did a clean install of W10 and used the application to set a custom login screen background image , now can I install the update KB3081424 or not?
I have the same flickering issue and have tried numerous times to perform the fix but I keep getting told that the system cannot find the file specified!
Telling users to use the command line might not be such a good idea due to its lack of a friendly GUI. I have gone through the procedure in the Lock Screen menu to turn off the background sign-in screen but it keeps opening up.
While you are able to customize your personal Lock Screen via PC Settings, Windows 8.1 provides no way to change the background image and color of the default Lock Screen. I would like to share with you a simple way of changing the appearance of the default Lock screen. To change the background image of the default Lock Screen, click on the "Change background image" link. If download lock by social network button "Please like to download" you must like first and download button will be display. Microsoft has added a new background image to Windows 10 Login Screen which is actually slightly modified Hero wallpaper. Now go to "Personalization -> Lock screen" section and set the option "Show Windows background picture on the sign-in screen" to Off. If it doesn't wok for you, make sure you have installed all available Windows 10 updates and graphics card driver from Windows Update and then the registry tweak will work without any problem.
It seems a new Windows 10 update KB3081424 is causing screen flickering issue between Lock Screen and Login Screen. When you switch on your Windows 10 PC, force restart your computer three times by holding down power button until the computer shuts down, then turn on your computer again. I tried to do it and when my computer loads up (i set an image and at 4k just to try) now it cant log in because it's not able to process that image or something.
As I mentioned in the topic, it creates a backup file so if you have another OS in your computer, boot into that OS and restore default PRI file.
After installing the app and doing the change for the login screen (I chose a color), fsystem crashed.

Start Windows 10 in recovery mode, (make sure pc is shut down completely, you can press and hold the power button during the screen flickering to make your pc go off completely). Now you can turn your computer on again and enjoy the 'old' default Windows 10 lock screen. Or try Reset This PC option given in Troubleshoot to restore your Windows 10 to factory settings.
One of them is your personalized lock screen, which you see when you lock your PC or tablet. The second one is the default Lock Screen.
Run LockScreenCustomizer.exe and look at the Default Lock Screen Appearance section in the application's window.
The "Open" dialog will appear, select an image which should be used as the new background and click Open. To change the background color of the login screen, click on the "Change login screen color" link. PRI stands for "Package Resource Index" and this PRI file contains the Hero background image of Login Screen in different resolution sizes. Most of the time the problem occurs if you upgraded your previous Windows version to Windows 10.
So if something goes wrong, you can boot using Windows setup disc or bootable USB drive and then select Repair option and then open Command Prompt tool from Advanced Repair Options. Now this update has been released for Windows 10 which checks for the modified PRI file and when it finds the file is different, it causes screen flickering issue. None of your solutions for the login screen work on my system, so I loaded a Linux live cd, went into the area where img0.jpg is stored, replaced it with an image of the same size and name but one colour (black). It switched back and forth rapidly between the login screen and lock screen, looks like the system is flipping.
Every time you sign out, you see the default image with color stripes and the blue login screen behind it. But its a very complicated task and a very small mistake in editing this file may cause your system broken and you'll not be able to log into Windows.

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