After searching for three weeks for a phone, I am settling on the Uniden's EXI8965 900MHz Cordless Phone with CID and Dual Keypad.
I bought the Uniden 5.8 model as a replacement for my old and worthless Seimens phone system.
Sound is excellent, and the display is bright and large enough for the aging eyes of any baby boomer. I bought this to replace my last uniden that had a problem with the buttons not *connecting* when i pushed them. This phone comes in several flavors, silver and gold (1460) trim.My experience is with the 1460. You have got to choose this phone - I have had it for two years, and can easily say I will never switch!!!! I was very excited at buying the feature-rich phone because it had everything I could want.
This phone has worked great for our needs, no problems with volume as compained by other reviewers. I bought this product thinking I would still have phone service during winter power outages. I bought this phone after reading some reviews that made it sound like a wonderful buy for the cost. I've been on a search for a decent speakerphone, answering combo, with CID for a few weeks now and this unit was the 2nd stop on my search. Equipped with an alphanumerical keypad, this phone can save your favourite or most used contacts in the phone’s memory only. This looks interesting. "123SPOOF Mobile is a revolutionary Blackberry application that gives you COMPLETE control over your phone calls, empowering you to change Caller ID, disguise your voice, record your calls, and more!
After having mixed feelings from reading the reviews and looking at the 'Uniden' company name that seemed almost unheard of, I decided to purchase the phone once and for all. Has features compatible with phone service- for example: caller ID, indicator light for voice mail messaging through phone company.
So I got the Uniden TRU5885-2 only to find out that it didn't do wait my current phones do - intercom, from handset to handset or to base.
It has an excellent feature set, but has some limitations of which I was not aware at time of purchase. When I went out looking for a new phone I was trying to get a phone without the same kind of lighted large round buttons that had the problem but most of the phones (uniden and all the others) had this kind.
Featuring 2.4 GHz dual band transmission, you'll enjoy an extended range and greater signal clarity. I live in a large apartment complex and have never had problems with picking up other people's conversations or major static interference. The display on the caller ID is very faint, difficult to read, and often parts of the letters and numbers are missing. In addition to a great design, this cordless telephone automatically selects the clearest channel, providing cordless convenience with clear reception and good range, thanks to tried-and-true analog technology. Its 2.4 GHz technology also ensures that conversations sound crisp and clear and continue uninterrupted. With most cordless phones you have to get more then one type and with this one you can get just another handset and if your not near the hand set or your to lazy to find it just pick up on the speakerphone. It has NEVER given me a problem - The intercom feature is nice, and the speakerphone on the handset is the clearest around!!!
2.4 GHz operation and a digital signal offer greater clarity and longer range than older analog phones operating on a lower band. I like the adaptability, the caller ID function, the keypad on the base unit, the speaker phone in both the base unit and on the phone. The phone directory includes space for 10 entries into the one-touch dialer, and space for 99 names in the caller ID directory--you'll never have to look up a number again!
Everything looked great on paper, even though I have no use for 3 mailboxes, I thought I'd give it a try and the price was quite attractive.The first thing I noticed was that the CID display was hard to read because it isn't backlit, nor does it have any option to change the contrast. The caller ID displays menus in Spanish, English, and French (with service subscription for call waiting and caller ID). I bought them early on because I was young and just starting out and didn't have much money (eg - THEY were cheap). You can save up to 50 contacts and call them without searching for the number in phone diaries.
Sound Select lets you personalize the phone's sounds to suit your taste using four different presets. You'd have to remember the cumbersome process of call-forwarding.Anyhow, the VTech system doesn't have such problems, so right off the bat I was encouraged. Additionally, four one-touch buttons are provided for the most important or most frequently used numbers. I have never owned a Uniden phone, but I have owned others who were big in name, but small in performance. Plus digital spread spectrum (DSS) technology spreads your digitized voice over a wider band, breaking the signal into pieces and sending different pieces on different frequencies. This phone has smaller (but not tiny) not lighted buttons but the large orange display lights the area enough for me to make a call if its dark. Compatible with caller ID for call waiting, you'll know who's trying to reach you and whether or not you want them to. The handset was somewhat awkward the first few times I used the phone; the ear piece is a little too flat and the curve of the back of the phone is not quite right. The sound quality on the messages is kind of muffled, and when you turn up the volume, that only makes it worse. To further improve the sound quality this GE phone includes Crystal Clear Sound with Compandor Technology, which reduces background noise. VTech incorporates the most desirable features for a busy home or a small growing business, including a log for up to 50 of your caller-ID numbers, a speed-dial capacity of 20 numbers, along with hands-free and conferencing capability.The VTech 2431's handset (also available separately as the VTech 2420) features a long list of telephone-management aids. The phone also changes channels multiple times every second, spreading the digital data over a range of frequencies, resulting in clearer conversations and improved privacy. One the first one you had to tap the base every morning (sometimes more often) or you couldn't hear the other party (they could hear you though). The three-line LCD panel allows you to easily screen calls, while simple buttons allow you to save, skip, or delete entries. Now I'll admit, I'm rough on phones, but both managed to become unusable within one year of purchace. The sound comes in and out, the range is horrible and it isn't a very comfortable phone for long conversations. Sound quality on the handset was ok, although some people commented that I sounded muffled to them. Also included is convenient dialing with dynamic caller ID memory and last-three-number redial.

Beetel X62 offers speakerphone function through which you can easily talk over the phone without holding the receiver. You don't even have to sign up or enter any personal information to take advantage of this amazing offer! Other key features include any-key answer (which saves time in answering when you're in danger of missing a call), headset compatibility (for hands-free conversations), and a dual-battery charger with power backup (which lets you make and receive calls--even during a power outage).You can expand the VTech i5881 system to a total of six handsets while still using only one phone jack (five additional handsets not included), and you can station the additional handsets almost anywhere in your home.
But if someone is leaving a message and you are screening and try to turn up the volume, wham, the caller is disconnected and there is no message. What I think I will enjoy most is the dual keypad will allow me to have two phones in one location.
Functioning at a quiet, nearly interference-free 5.8 GHz, the phone uses digital transmission for exceptional range and minimal static.
I don't know about whoever said that the reception was horrible, but this baby rings out a nice, clear tone. I found out how handy intercom was with my 2.4Ghz phone, when you're in back yard and the other is in the house, you don't have to yell out the window to talk, just intercom with the phones. Finally a decent user interface on a phone's base station.+ Handsets are quite durable, surviving a few unplanned trips to the kitchen floor from the counter without damage. The large orange display is very easy to read and you don't have to be right on top of the phone to see it. The 1455 will also store the last 99 names and numbers of callers for quick display on the handset LCD.
Range issues with going through just one wall at 10 feet, constant background static, and your own voice is played back too loud and with static, through the ear piece. We've seen these phones discounted down to $$, so you'd be crazy to pay full-price for this.
Built-in features include a belt clip and headset jack; the phone is also hearing aid compatible.
And, it is very clear, I can hear no static or distrotion (sounds almost corded).My only complaint about the phone is that when you delete the call waiting list it beeps very loudly.
You can hear everything else around you better when you're on the phone accept the person that is calling you. The speakerphone and handset both provide adjustable volume controls, and the ringer volume is adjustable as well. I especially wanted a full function speaker phone with keypad for checking my voicemail at work, for long hold times when calling businesses, and navigating automated answering systems that require lots of keypad entries.
The next thing I disliked was having to set the time on both the phone and the answerer, other phones allow you to only set it once, and even then it is updated automatically by the CID service.
OH--and yes after 8 months it is still under warranty, but you have to pack up the entire phone and send it back to get any help--which means you have to buy another to use in the meantime. Uniden digital technology ensures clarity and security with features to provide all the basic benefits you look for in a phone. I talk on the phone a lot and sometimes forget to charge it for a day or two and have no problems.
Each of the handsets communicates through the base, which requires only a single power outlet for operation.The included handset and any optional handsets can each function as speakerphones and also allow handset-to-handset communication. Have you ever been in the bedroom, wanting to make a call, but discovered that you left the handset in your laundry room??? Each handset operates as a full-duplex speakerphone, and the backlit three-line LCD lets you scroll and access any of 50 stored caller ID memory locations. The three-line LCD handset display works in conjunction with caller ID services, storing 100 names and numbers, in addition to the 20 speed-dial presets and last-three-number redial feature.The dual speakerphones (both on handset and base) let you talk hands-free or get the whole family in on the conversation.
The dual handsets make talking around the house simple and easy, and with the extra charging cradle, both my phones are always charged. Up to 50 of your friends and favorite numbers can be stored in memory for easy access.An integrated digital answering system records up to 15 minutes of messages into three separate mailboxes. I put a new battery in it, and followed everything the manual and what I could find on the web said to do and still it can't connect. Caller ID is on display even when you are on the line (provided you have a subscription from your local provider). The telephone with caller ID and answering system is okay, but that too has feedback and the person calling you has a hard time hearing you unless you shout into it. The fully digital answering system has three separate mailboxes, each with 15 minutes of memory. I then recorded my outgoing message and when playing it back I could barely hear it and it was badly garbled. The TRU 4485-2 uses microchip technology requiring no message tapes, and the speakerphone gives you hands-free freedom and flexibility. Initially I was looking at the new 5.8Ghz model, but the price was more then I wanted to pay.
When making free calls, 123SPOOF Mobile requires that you listen to a short, nine second advertisement. A few minor things that are inconvenient include: the caller ID on the handset and the base do not link up (ex. Thus if you want to transfer to, or page, another handset, you have to recall which phone is which number. The base unit has its own keypad as well as a built-in speakerphone, allowing you to place calls without the handset and to communicate hands-free. And yes, the phone does feature the basics, like flash, pause, hold, and redial with memory storage of the last three numbers dialed. There are 2 handsets, but in effect 3 phones in this package because the base is a speaker phone with a full number pad. Other then that, which I deemed very important; I'm spoiled now yes, but for the price of these phones, not worth it. It has the standard features like *flash* (but the flash button is nice and big), last number redial (the last 3 in fact), speed dial, caller id and call waiting caller id, etc.A feature that I haven't had before that I appreciate very much is a flashing light that lets me know that i have a phone call in my voice mail. A visual message-waiting indicator is provided, plus a base numerical LED displays the number of messages waiting. If I am outside, and my body comes between the phone and the base unit, I get interference.
I also have another 900 mhz phone in my house and do not get any interference or crosstalk. As 900MHz phones get phased out, it looks like there will be no good alternative to 5.8GHz. After I dialed I would hear the ring tone as if it were calling out, and then it would disconnect (presumably when the other person picked up the phone).
And I hoped that the Uniden quality problems I'd experienced in the past would now be solved simply because these were not LOW cost phones (well, maybe they were considering all that package contains). I called them twice and they had trouble accepting that it might be defective (or just bad design) but said they could replace it if I sent it back (and waited without a phone for who knows how long).

What is more surpising is that older VTech system allowed custom-naming, according to tech support.Contrary to a previous review, I didn't find the answering machine quality horribly poor, but it isn't stellar either. An intercom feature lets you talk between the handset and the base, while three-way conferencing allows both the base and the handset to connect to an outside call. If you want more than one person to take part in your side of the conversation, you have to use the speaker phone function of one of the handsets, or use one handset and the speaker phone built into the base station.It's that last little gem of a drawback that makes me give 4 out of 5 stars.
This is wonderful as sometimes I would come home and if i didnt pick up the phone I wouldnt know. The page-functions feature helps locate a misplaced and forgotten handset with a signal that leads you to it.Who doesn't appreciate the convenience of unrestricted and hands-free movement when placing and answering calls? The VT 2421 provides a speakerphone and a headset jack in the handset for a totally hands-free conversation. I have read through many phone reviews on Amazon and Epinions and have concluded that there is no one single phone or manufacturer that gets consistently good reviews. I've had a digital answering machine before this and never had a problem with garbled messages before. Then after about a week, I couldn't answer incoming calls either because the phone would disconnect. The only limitation I have noted is that you cannot talk on both cordless phones at the same time, but you can use one cordless and the base speaker phone together. I purchased my set with headsets included and use them every time I'm on the phone, definite bonus for busy moms! I can certainly live with it.What I think isn't so hot is the general sound quality when on the phone. Controls for the ringer, handset, and speakerphone let you adjust the volume to a comfortable level, and an illuminated keypad makes it easy to dial, even in the dark. It may be a lot to ask, but with the keypad being on both handset and base, that they could have figured out a way to put the Caller ID on the base too. Overall, this Uniden phone system is great, and it hasn't let me down since I bought it several months ago.
Having voice mail and not an answering machine sometimes I miss messages but with this I won't. Dual keypads, one at the base and the other at the handset, extend your freedom, allowing you the liberty to multitask from all ends of the house or office.The 2431 includes one GX battery, a spare-battery charger with power backup, a belt clip, and a wall-mount bracket for the base.
I knew these limitations before I bought it, and I figured it would be okay because I need to use this phone in my dorm room, which is not very big, so signal issues wouldn't really be an issue.
Additional features include a flash button to access incoming calls on Call Waiting withoutaccidental disconnection of either party, three-way conferencing to connect two other callers in a group conversation, and a pager to track down a misplaced handset.
When I tried to retrieve my messages remotely, I was unable to get the machine to recognize my code no matter how many times I tried. Preprogrammed outgoing message for answering machine, but you can also record your own without overriding the original. A belt clip is provided for the handset, while headset compatibility allows you to take advantage of mobile, hands-free communication.
I didnt even know they could do this and I think its great.There are also different ring tones (like cell phones) besides the standard rings and I can't wait to play the holiday ring tone in December.
Mobile hands-free calling is essential if you spend a great deal of time on the phone, and Vtech offers an optional handset. But having said that, I can't go too far outside my room before the signal drops to unusable. Record time is limited to 10 minutes and can be set to limit each message to either 1 or 4 minutes. Overall this is a very good phone for the price, and is one of the best phones out currently.
The redial button lets you quickly dial any of the last three outgoing numbers, and a mute button lets you mute your end of the conversation. For the money, the Panasonic has everything I need and more, and so far so good, but since I've only had it for a few days it's hard to tell if it's a keeper or not.
Not really a big deal for me, but if you get a lot of messages get a phone with larger memory.
Cons:You do have to program each phone individually for storing numbers, changing ring tones, etc.
The minor imperfections are not enough to lower the rating to a four, maybe a 4.5 but thats not an option. It seems some people are overly picky, and should spend $200+ to get what they are wanting. I wanted 2 phones so someone wouldnt be constantly be taking the phone downstairs when I needed it upstairs or visa versa.
I bought a Panasonic 2.4 Ghz DSS and it works great, just too big, although the same weight as the Vtech. The phones I returned were 900 mhz and 2.4 ghz brand name phones, and all had lousy audio quality.
Somewhat of a drawback, but not a major complaint.If you are looking for a multiple handset system that you can have more than one person on the line at the same time, this won't work. The NiCAD handset battery has a 7-hour talk time with a 7-day standby time, and a low-battery indicator lets you know when to return the handset to the base for recharging. A tip for shirt users; wrap a rubber band around the clip so it grabs onto your shirt and doesn't fall off when you bend over. I hope it lasts a long time so I don't have to go through all of this again to find what I want.
I could have bought a system with *add-able* phones but frankly this was much more cost effective.
Many units where you has to purchase the second handset came to more initially (with the cost of the second unit being in the range of $50-$80.I am very happy with my purchase. The store displays I've seen all have spots where the silver paint wore off of the handset and base. It's not a complicated phone, but is definitely a lot different than my basic 900 mhz phone with no options.
This is probably the third of 4th uniden phone I have bought and while they were all good this one is clearly the best and the sound is wonderful. Not the best in sound quality, but when features and styling are taken into account, definitely a top choice.

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