Here is a good overview of the people involved in the design and delivery of solutions for our customers. IBM encourages all employees to have mentors who will impart invaluable work experience and additional skills. A Distinguished Engineer is a key technical consultant in a deep area of expertise or across multiple areas. RSM is the title given to many of the scientists and engineers working at IBM's research sites. STSM is a title given to senior engineers, programmers and scientists in a non-certified profession. When you want to make a career change, you’re going to need to take particular care with your cover letters. Sample and Template Sample and Template is your best resource for resume and cover letter writing for any career field. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Many years ago, a person could go from working as an accountant to a marketing professional without an extensive background in marketing.
Acquiring a mentor in the career path you’re pursuing is one of the best things you can do. There are multiple and diverse paths to senior technical status in IBM, with opportunities to change roles and charter a new career path at any given point.

It requires that you show depth of skill, breadth of product and industry knowledge, and project leadership. For example, if you decide to pursue certification, you will find it very beneficial to have a mentor coach you through the process, review your application documents, and conduct mock interviews in preparation for the certification board. RSM's do basic or applied research and are expected to publish as much as their colleagues in academia. STSMs have demonstrated sustained technical achievement and are recognised inside IBM as experts in their field. This sample cover letter shows how you might format a letter to go with a job application when you are changing career paths. A mentor will be able to help you understand the day-t0-day grind in your field of interest. At every moment you get, volunteer your services to expand your knowledge about the career path that interests you. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
You must also demonstrate subject matter expertise through publishing or participation in industry conferences, as well as experience in mentoring, or leading communities of practice. DEs also provide leadership for technical disciplines, competencies and professions, and develop architectures, standards, and tools. An STSM contributes intellectual capital such as patents and publications, provides technical leadership on complex projects and often represents his or her business unit in corporate and high-level task forces.

You can see here how our fictitious writer is focusing on specific qualifications, rather than experience in the specific field.
You can also help your mentor with their job by providing feedback and taking care of their administrative work. If your current job is hosting a huge conference and you’re interested in becoming a party planner, contact the person overseeing the conference and ask them if you can volunteer. She wants to relate her existing experience to the new career as much as she can, while downplaying the fact that she has not served much in the capacity that she would be expect to serve. Neither person is better than the other, but to survive this tough market you have to be an innovative thinker. Most importantly, a mentor will have the resources and the contacts to help you get into your dream career. Also, if you find areas of opportunity for efficiency in your current position that are aligned with the career path you’re hoping to get into, present the idea to your manager and take control of it.
If your mentor refuses to endorse you, ask them what you need to do to receive their endorsement.

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