The most useful features you’ll find in Cydia are often little things that just slightly tweak your iPhone or iPad. Once Cydia confirms that you can install the app, tap the blue confirm icon in the top right corner and install it. BrowserChooser is now a part of iOS’ Settings app, in its own section towards the bottom. The ability to pick your own browser is a setting that should come built in to iOS, but in most cases Safari is good enough so it’s not a major problem. For a simple, harmless tweak, BrowserChooser is a great addition to your Jailbreak arsenal.
Mozilla is one of the companies that have already announced plans to bring their apps on Windows 10, and the new Firefox app should arrive very soon if development goes according to plan, but the firm isn’t really satisfied with the way Microsoft treats other browsers in its new OS version.
To make sure that they are making it easier for users to change the default browser in Windows 10, Mozilla contacted Google, and instead of sticking to this default behavior, they are bringing the settings screen up every time a user clicks the make default button. Edge is Microsoft’s big bet for the browser race in Windows 10, and it is available on all devices running the new OS as a universal app for PCs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
1Password 4.3 brings Wi-Fi syncing option with 1Password 4 for Mac that was launched recently, ability to change the default browser to either the in-built 1Browser, or Safari, Chrome etc. If the app hasn’t been automatically updated, you can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app or use this iTunes link.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Since the release of Windows 10, most of the comments I’ve  heard are positive.  Everyone seems to like Windows 10, or at least like it more than Windows 8, however the BIG complaint that I keep getting over and over involves Internet Explorer being removed, and how the Edge browser doesn’t work for a number of popular websites or in business environments.

Internet Explorer has not been removed, only links on the start menu have been removed (no I don’t have any idea why Microsoft decided to remove only the links). The following steps will help you find and create a shortcut to Internet Explorer and also change the default browser in Windows 10 to whatever you wish to use.
The Edge browser looks a lot like Internet Explorer but it has some major differences under the hood. Use the following steps to change what Web Browser opens by default in Windows 10, when you click on links. If you’ve made the decision to jailbreak iOS 6, the ToDo at top of your list should be to change the default browser.
BrowserChooser is a perfect example of this — it offers the ability to choose which browser you want to be the default when you open up a link in iOS. When you tap the BrowserChooser icon in Settings, you’ll see a list of installed browsers.
The biggest reason to use third party browsers is because you use them in other environments and want to take advantage of features like Chrome’s account sync (which also syncs tabs across devices).
Very unlikely, but there’s no doubt that the company should take all these complaints into account and make it easier for users to switch to Chrome or Firefox if they really want to. There is more work that we can and should do in the Windows 10 upgrade experience to retain users (the default upgrade changes the default browser to Edge),” the Mozilla engineer continues. The reason the Edge browser does not work for some is because the Edge browser does not support ActiveX controls, Silverlight, or Java.
The screen will go dark for a moment, and when it comes back nothing will look any different.

This could be useful if you have multiple people using an iPad of if you prefer to use one browser for work and another for personal activity. Other browsers do have useful features like encryption, and I understand the need for them is an edge case, but with this tool you can get iOS to perform how you want it to not how Apple intended.
Secondly, the message is given in a prompt that blocks interaction with the rest of the computer until the OK button is clicked. If the site you are trying to use requires one of those functions as part of a web browser, then Edge will not work for you. From this point on, any time you are prompted to open a link in a broswer, your selection will be the default regardless of what app you are using. Combining this second issue with the lengthy list of steps that the dialog provides makes the situation even worse, as the user will have to memorize this 3-step process before clicking OK,” Wein adds. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. It is true that not supporting those features makes Edge a much more secure browser, but if you need access you need access. Did I mention that the Edge Browser is set to default so whenever you click on a link in Windows 10 (like in an email) the Edge browser is what opens.

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