Unless it has been changed before, the default email address is always the first email account that has been setup on the iOS device. Whatever is set as the default account becomes the primary email address in the Mail app and mailing interfaces in iOS.
The change is immediate, once finished with the adjustment you can exit out of Settings and any mail actions will be sent through that default account. I have rebooted the iPad several times and tried changing the default a dozen times and it will not change the default.
Once you have added more than one email to your iPhone or iPad, you can choose which one to set as default email address. Now you default account is changed; whenever you send an email from the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad, the receiver will get your emails from the Default Account only. Note that some users confuse the change of Default Email address with the change in email address associated with Apple ID.
It's not a regular thing when we desperately need to find the IP address of our router in home or office.

I need to change the From address to reflect the queue's address rather than the user that initiates the email from a case.
POLARIS RZR-4 & RZR-XP4 OVERHEAD STORAGE & MAP BAGBLACKThis item will not fit a Standard RZR, RZR-S, RZR-XP, & RZR-570. Don’t miss this excellent collection of Mail tips to boost your mobile email productivity or browse through our prior Mail tricks collection. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! At first when I opened the mail app, it would just show a list of all my inboxes and stuff so that I could choose which one I opened. Please note that in earlier iOS versions, it was enough to select default email id from the Settings; now, you have to follow a few more steps.
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Remember, Mail app is separate from other third party email clients and apps installed on the same iOS device, and thus the other apps will not be shown in the list. You wont find a more affordable item that will make your Polaris RZR stand out from the rest.
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