Resistance to change can take various forms and the task of filtering out the cause of resistance can often be difficult. There are a number of barriers to change at the organisational level that, need to be addressed to allow change to be implemented with the least amount of resistance. An organisation should clarify continually the goals and objectives, outlining roles and specifying performance standards.
Lack of working capital in an organisation can prevent it from introducing change that is necessary to stay ahead of competitors or merely survive as a business. An organisation that follows the traditional hierarchical structure tends to resist change more than that which has a more flat structure. There are two branches of communication, which are communication internally, within the organisation between Employees and Management and externally between the organisation and suppliers and customers. In organisations where management keep employees in the dark with respect to change potentially face fierce resistance. Organisations that fail to communicate with their Customers and Suppliers, changes that are in effect can face disastrous consequences. Strong leadership is required in order to direct the change management process in any organisation. There are a number of barriers to change at the individual level that, need to be addressed to allow change to be implemented with the least amount of resistance. Organisations should have a contingency fund to cater for changes in demand or develop a very good relationship with their bank manager in case you need to borrow money at hard times.
A good supplier may be one that allows you to have a 30 day or more credit account, which leave you with more working capital. In a large organisation employees may wish to elect a spokes person who can act as a collective voice to air potential barriers directly to management. It is a natural human instinct to follow leadership as children we look up to our parents and as adults we look up towards our superiors. The cultural characteristics once identified need to be overcome and evolved into a non-blame culture. Employees should be directly involved in the change process, which shall motivate and reduce resistance. The force field analysis helps identify the forces for change (drivers) and forces against change (resistance) in an organisation. Given the freedom to do so, people will build quality into their work as a matter of personal pride. Traditional organizational systems treat people like children and expect them to act like adults. The intrinsic rewards of a project are often more important than the material rewards and recognition. A clearly defined vision of the end result enables all the people to define the most efficient path for accomplishing the results. The more input people have into defining the changes that will affect their work, the more they will take ownership for the results. Change within an organisation can be achieved by a change agent (an outsider) someone who is not affected by the cultural drawback of the organisation.
Employees might listen to someone who is an outsider simply because he or she is not management.
On the other hand employees may reject the new comer as they are not familiar with that particular person.
Appendix 2 Illustrates the Change Matrix that reinforces the authors closing argument (Sparrow & Marchinghton, 98).
Central is the simple argument that to do what you do well you must be enjoying what you do. Other material included describes research into knowledge workers attitudes - attitudes that are determined by the developmental status of society. Each individuals needs must be satisfied at the lower levels before they progress to the higher, more complex levels. These characteristics, coupled with the motivational needs described by Maslow (outlined in diagram above), provide some tools for understanding how to motivate Knowledge Workers. In a team, particularly one with a wide age range, it is likely that individuals needs will be at various levels on the motivational ladder. All these factors can add synergistically so that a top quality team, 'on a roll', becomes almost unbeatable. The material below is intended to support the hypothesis that Knowledge Workers are self-actualizing. Global Trends 2005: "A Future Trends Conference" organized by The Center for Strategic and International Studies. The most important drivers of this shift in values have been economic growth and political security.
Let us assume for a moment that the answer to this question is either yes or no rather than a may be or yes and no depending on how you look at it. Take a look at the article and let me know what do you think in the comments section below. How can development, operations and security teams collaborate around change to ensure security is maintained and even improved? So, if we can all work so well together on a macro level, why is it we seem to struggle at the micro level with our own internal teams? When data is compromised, it is often because security has not been considered as part of the change and configuration management framework. Change and configuration management should be a business-centric process that involves all appropriate stakeholders and ensures the maintenance and integrity of security controls.
Security is always a functional requirement of change, says Adrian Davis, managing director for Europe at (ISC)2. Security needs to change its mindset and be more flexible, working in harmony with the business needs and ways of working a€“ agile working rather than the traditional a€?waterfalla€™ approach where projects are managed by timescales and milestones.
In the same vein, Business needs to change its mindset and embrace security, understanding that it is there to deliver a business-centric service to realise benefits, enable business and ensure that change is introduced in a logical, safe and, most importantly, risk-managed manner. In short, when all teams collaborate, security will be successfully maintained and ultimately improved as teams become more security-conscious and embed it as part of business as usual change management processes.
IBM is giving the public an all-access pass to its cloud-enabled quantum computing platform. If customer service is a competitive differentiator, too much standardization can hurt IT departments and companies alike. Roundup: Customers, vendors both unaware of unpatched open source vulnerabilities in commercial software.
Put three content strategists in a room and you’ll walk away with six opinions of what content strategy is and what its purpose is. But, we’ll all agree that content strategy is local. And that every foundation and nonprofit has content (even if you prefer to call it by a less jargony name).
Success Academy is the fastest growing and highest performing network of charter schools in the nation.
Success Academy Charter Schools is an equal opportunity employer and actively encourages applications from people of all backgrounds.
Our belief that all children deserve a world-class education drives us to mobilize parents and teachers to advance education reform, ensure that great schools are allowed to thrive, and share what we know about making schools successful.
The Managing Editor, Schools Communications will have a proven track record of building a brand in fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.
The FrameWorks Institute — a nonprofit think tank that designs, conducts, interprets, and explains communications research to advance the resolution of social problems — seeks a researcher to contribute to its iterative, multi-method research process, and to participate in its intellectual life. Overview: The Project Director works closely with the Director of Research and the Director of Interpretation to support planning and provide ongoing oversight of the units’ projects.
Assist the Director of Research in developing project timelines and staffing plans, encouraging and monitoring on-time completion of tasks, and troubles shooting emerging issues. Contribute to research projects by: conducting expert interviews, conducting Media Content Analyses and Field Frame Analyses, supporting development and piloting of metaphors, and assisting in the development of quantitative experiments and analyses.
Master and make use of Mavenlink, FrameWorks’ online project management system, to ensure accurate record keeping and timely intra- and inter-unit communication and coordination. In coordination with the Operations Director, track and maintain research-related files, such as audio recordings of expert interviews, using FrameWorks’ file storage system, Box.
Serve as the research unit’s representative with vendors, clients, and contractors, responding to inquiries and offering timely guidance. Assist the Director of Interpretation in developing project timelines and staffing plans, encouraging and monitoring on-time completion of tasks, and troubles shooting emerging issues. Lead the coordination of pre-meeting logistics and work under the guidance FrameWorks staff who deliver trainings and presentations to develop agendas and evaluation forms. Support the Director of Interpretation by identifying relevant examples of reframes, swamp drops, and other content to be used during FrameWorks engagements. Work with the Operations Intern to ensure that high-quality learning engagement materials are professionally packaged and delivered in a timely manner.
Master and make use of Mavenlink, FrameWorks’ online project management system to ensure accurate record keeping and timely intra- and inter-unit communication and coordination. As the leading pluralistic Jewish teen movement, BBYO has been providing leadership development and identity building experiences for over 90 years. The Director of Communications will strategically manage and craft communications that convey the deep impact of the BBYO teen movement to our member, donor, and alumni base.?This role will be instrumental in building momentum and gaining exposure for the organization by actively seeking new ways to communicate our work and results. Keys to success for this position will be utilizing creativity, imagination, and a strong attention to detail in order to articulate our message and implement a vision with strong communications, marketing, and segmentation knowledge.
A competitive salary and benefits package is available including health insurance, paid time off and a retirement savings plan. The Southern Environmental Law Center is seeking a program communications manager to join our team. About SELC: SELC’s mission is to protect and improve the quality of the Southeast’s natural areas and resources.
About the position: The program communications manager, under the leadership of the director of program communications and in close collaboration with the communications and program teams, will oversee communications efforts for our work in Virginia and Tennessee. The program communications manager will develop communications strategies and oversee the successful implementation of all facets of program communications work, from messaging and media relations to digital and advertising strategies. Compensation: SELC offers salaries competitive with leading national environmental nonprofits, and an excellent benefits package. Qualifications: We are seeking someone with a minimum seven years of demonstrated experience in communications, preferably advocacy-oriented communications, as well as excellent academic credentials.
You wanted a site that looked cleaner, was better organized, and featured more information on the topics you care about. More importantly, Communications Network members will have access to an all new private and dynamic community powered by Salesforce. Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs—men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Ashoka is building a global movement to help society see and act on the need for Everyone A Changemaker, including as it relates to children and teens.

1) Messaging: Ensuring that our narrative leads with our framework and empowers our community of partners. 2) Storytelling: The ability to share stories and deliver information that creates an experience for our audience. 3) Press: Engages internal comms teams to go beyond transactional relationships with press and create amplifying partnerships. 4) Digital: Engage with internal comms teams to ensure Ashoka’s digital properties align with and drive the strategic messaging.
Ashoka has a rigorous committee-based screening process for hiring staff at all career stages, mirroring the selection process for our Fellows. EMOTIONAL AND SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE: Has the ability to work efficiently and respectfully in teams. Ashoka is an equal opportunity employer and invites applications from candidates regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion. Classification Standards: Under the direction of the Executive Director, this position is primarily responsible for developing effective communications materials for LAHSA and handling media relations. Minimum Qualifications: Must be a team player and have excellent verbal, written, and technical skills. As a member of the Communications team, this position will support current Duke Endowment communication strategies and will focus specifically on three primary functions: generating ideas for and leading implementation of Endowment digital strategies, overseeing events and developing and executing communications activities. Battery Powered is a member-founded, member-funded program of The Battery, a San Francisco social club. The Battery Powered program has garnered a reputation as one of the most innovative and successful giving programs of its time. Battery Powered is looking for an accomplished, energetic, and creative development professional to join the team. You’ll work closely with both the Co-Founders of The Battery and with Amplifier Strategies to activate generosity within The Battery membership. The position reports directly to the President of The Battery Foundation, with tangential reporting to the General Manager of The Battery and the Director of Philanthropy at Amplifier Strategies. In its first year, Battery Powered activated $8M in generosity and enrolled 15% of the club’s membership (600 Battery Powered members, total membership of 3,500 and growing). Identify, analyze, and propose innovative development strategies that facilitate donor engagement and the achievement of fundraising goals. We have retained Schaffer&Combs, a certified B Corporation, to support this high priority search. Please include your name, the title for this position, and the company name (“Your name – Director of Development – The Battery”) in the subject line of your email.
For more than thirty years, The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has been working to improve the lives of people in our region – supporting education, arts and culture, health, human services, community development, and civic affairs. More than that, though, we have helped to provide valuable leadership through very turbulent times. The Vice President of Marketing and Communications (VPMC) is an essential part of that strategy, and the successful candidate for this position will play an important role in advancing the effectiveness of the Foundation’s work. The Vice President of Marketing and Communications leads communications and marketing implementation for the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. As chief communications and marketing strategist, the VPMC is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive strategic marketing and communications plan for the Community Foundation.
Leadership – The communications team is led by the VPMC, who oversees the budget and is responsible for managing the communications team. Publications – The VPMC supervises the production of periodic publications and collateral materials for fundraising and special projects. External relations – The VPMC handles all media inquiries, builds relationships with local media, and may serve as a spokesperson for the Community Foundation. Organizational capacity – The VPMC and the communications team are charged with ensuring that all employees understand the Community Foundation’s core messages and training staff on communications best practices.
What we’re looking for: A savvy communications pro with a head for project management and a passion for social change to join Fenton – the leading social change agency. Knowledge about expanding access to high quality education, from early care and education (ECE) through higher education and have experience in education. The SAE will be responsible for planning, executing, and tracking communications initiatives on behalf of clients and plays a pivotal management role within the agency, occasionally as the lead on smaller accounts.
We are: The leading social change agency with more than 30 years of experience working on some of the country’s most important social change and social justice movements. The senior account executive will be responsible for executing communications initiatives on behalf of clients and may serve as the lead on smaller accounts. We are:  A social change communications agency with more than 30 years of experience working on some of the country’s most important social change and social justice movements.
We are looking for a dynamic and seasoned communications professional to lead our West Coast team as Managing Director of two offices: San Francisco and Los Angeles. The MD is responsible for overseeing the 25-person West Coast operation with and plays a critical senior role across the agency along with the senior leadership team. The agency focuses on a broad range of communications initiatives including issue advocacy campaigns, corporate social responsibility programs, digital content and web development, social marketing strategy and execution, non-profit branding, messaging, and engagement.
What You’ve Done Already: We are seeking candidates with 15-plus years of experience, including experience at an agency. What we’re looking for: A communications savvy Account Executive with a passion for making social change to join Fenton’s fast-paced and creative San Francisco team.
The AE’s primary role is to help develop and execute online and offline communications tactics. We are: A social change communications agency with more than 30 years of experience working on some of the country’s most important social change movements. Lead landscape and competitive analysis research projects; gather insights to form campaigns and communications strategies. Conducted daily media monitoring for two of your accounts- one seeking news about health disparities among people of color and the other finding media hits about the intersection of LGBT and faith issues.
Finalized a competitive analysis report for an early childhood development organization, a project on which you led the research, secured the print vendor for the print report, and picked up the printed copies from the vendor.
Participated in a brainstorm for an online campaign promoting the availability of free electric vehicle charging stations for workplaces.
Finalized web content for a dating violence prevention toolkit site, and sent video clip recommendations to the video team for the new site, after watching an hour or so of raw interview footage.
Pitched media outlets with a press release about efforts to project California wildlife during the drought. Managing content on behalf of clients utilizing content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress, etc.
Examples include change in work processes where the needs, expectations, and concerns of individuals are ignored.
Fear is one of the major forms of resistance to change and I shall discuss this in depth at a later stage. Bad resource allocation, occur when managers make bad decisions in allocating resources such as money, time, machinery and staff.
Communication between head of departments and employees in traditional hierarchical structures are usually poor which causes a rift between Management and Employees. Employees may interpret this as a conspiracy against them inevitably leading to an unfriendly atmosphere to work in.
Example the Tiptree Company that had implemented a ?1.5 million warehousing system to handle a larger number of books failed to notify, its customers that it had undergone a radical change without informing it’s customers.
Bad leaders who merely provide are not doing enough to inspire the employees to march ahead. Failing to prepare and define the new roles that will need to be satisfied when change is implemented; shall give rise to resistance. Management may have a set of protocols for employees to adhere to perform business processes. Employees may feel afraid of not being able to fulfil the new proposed changes to work practices that are being imposed. Essentially corporate business strategies should have a degree of flexibility to act as a defence to sudden changes.
The new roles should be concisely explained to the respective employees prior to implementing change, to stifle out any doubts, fears or resistance.
By doing so the employees shall have the freedom to evolve and try innovative ways of doing their jobs without the fear of being penalised for mistakes. Maslow argues that once the basic level of Air food water and sex are met the next “hierarchical” or “rational” need is for safety. Through analysis the author concludes that it important to note that even if you have more forces for change than against this may not actually guarantee you successful change. Some organisations tend to overlook the cultural issues altogether and concentrate on their technological aspect of change; confident that it will work because we are a successful. The article provides a background of understanding for developing the tools for leading and motivating Knowledge Workers. Individuals join social, religious, fraternal, and educational organizations to fulfill this psychological need.
In addition to being merely accepted and belonging, people want to be heard, to be appreciated, and to be wanted.
People seek to achieve their highest potential through professional, philanthropic, political, educational, and artistic channels. Professor Inglehart is at the University of Michigan where he leads the "World Values Survey" a worldwide investigation of sociocultural and political change.
Freedom from worries about economic security has allowed people's needs for self-expression and for non-material well being to become more prominent. So, given this logic, it is the capacity to adapt to your environment or context that matters.
International collaboration is seeing countries working together to successfully bring down cyber terrorists and hackers.
We build secure technological infrastructures and conduct penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities, but there is often no ongoing security maintenance a€“ and security failures ensue.
Security teams are often marginalised as they are seen as a€?trouble-makersa€™, when in reality they are business enablers helping create secure environments and improve asset protection.
If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.
We aim for you to leave with scribbled notes of things that caught your attention — possibilities for your own organization and within your unique situation — and plenty of next steps.
Our mission is to provide children with opportunity, empower parents with choice, and prove once and for all that zip codes do not determine destiny. Our Communications team leads our organization in this effort to ensure that all stakeholders understand the role they play in pursuing Success Academy’s mission to change public education for all children. Since opening our first school in Harlem in 2006, we have swiftly grown to 34 high-performing schools, from Bed-Stuy to the Bronx, serving approximately 11,000 kids. We value excellence, ethics, and celebrate diversity, and are relentlessly committed to improving ourselves and our work to enhance the lives of our scholars.

In 2015, FrameWorks was named one of nine Creative and Effective Organizations worldwide by the John D. The Project Director also assists the units’ researchers and associates by handling discrete tasks or client deliverables as assigned, and supports ongoing client relationships by acting as a liaison for the Director of Research and Director of Interpretation as directed.
This work involves advanced planning with internal staff and external contractors as well as real-time troubleshooting.
Ensure transcriptionists receive and transcribe audio files in a timely manner and that contractors receive links to relevant folders.
With a global presence of over 500 local chapters and membership approaching 20,000 teens, we bring Jewish teens together so they can form powerful, authentic relationships with each other and with inspiring adult role models.
Reporting to the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, the Director will work closely with both marketing and development teams to communicate the energy and impact of the BBYO teen experience in compelling ways, and support fundraisers in their efforts to communicate to donors in a compelling voice and with a storytelling approach. Excellent writing and analytical skills are required, and a writing sample is suggested with resume and cover letter. Working closely with state and local partners in six states, we provide legal advocacy and leadership on priority regional issues relating to forests, the coast and wetlands, air and water pollution, and transportation and land use. This person will be based in our Virginia office in Charlottesville but the position will include traveling regularly to our Nashville office to work with our staff, partners, and media there. Over a 30 year span, we have elected and funded over 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs in more than 70 countries. For this movement to succeed, we need a bold and sustainable global communications team and messaging effort that will effectively communicate our vision. They will be comfortable engaging prominent business, social, and government leaders—and eager to build bridges between the three sectors. This includes research, responding to media requests, providing information to the public, website and social network management, production of internal and external informational materials, drafting press releases, and public relations. Made possible by Michael and Xochi Birch and the philanthropy team at Amplifier Strategies, the program is designed to help members explore themes, share ideas and activate their generosity to spark lasting change. You’ll analyze current giving levels and member engagement activities to develop strategic solutions for growing the Battery Powered community. You will be expected to activate another $8M in new memberships and renewals the first year, and $12M in the second year. Since our inception, we have distributed more than $825 million through more than 56,000 grants to nonprofit organizations throughout Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, Washtenaw, St. In addition to providing grants and working closely with our donors to help them achieve their philanthropic goals, we have used our reputation in the community as an honest broker, a trusted friend, and a respected voice to bring about positive change for millions of people. The VPMC works closely with the President, Strategy Officer, and the three other Vice Presidents to help the Community Foundation achieve its programmatic and fundraising goals and to make sure the Foundation is an influential voice in Southeast Michigan and in philanthropy. The VPMC develops and manages the communications budget within established budgetary procedures. Historically, the Community Foundation has produced a printed annual report and at least three printed newsletters yearly.
The communications team works to maximize inter-departmental communication and coordination. We see education, youth development and the health of families and communities as issues of social justice.
Fenton’s past and present clients include the Harlem Children’s Zone, the Children’s Aid Society, the American Association of Community Colleges, as well as grantees and foundations. Fenton’s past and present clients include FHI 360, Girls’ Globe, Save the Children, and the Global Fund for Women. The best candidate will have strong leadership qualities, agency management experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a defined “presence” in the social change space, particularly with social justice, racial justice and other key issue areas. The MD leads top-tier accounts and is involved in the management of all accounts managed by the West Coast offices, manages their portion of a P&L, is responsible for generating new business leads and spearheading agency new business development as well as creation of new products and offerings to innovate in the communications space.
The AE has 3-4 years of experience in project support, research, media relations and social media campaigns in public interest advocacy or social justice communications setting, or demonstrated equivalent experience. Fenton’s past and present clients include The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Amnesty International, The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Carton Council and The California Endowment. They have a strong background in project management and execution, research, media pitching, and social media campaigns.
Alas resistance to change can be categorised to the organisational level and the individual level. Unfortunate for Tiptree, which encountered problems with their new systems for about six months; had tarnished its 1992 British Book Awards Distributor of the Year.
Employees may begin to question the future of their job, which shall cause much discomfort. In a small organisation employees should be encouraged to speak up if they feel that change is causing a conflict. In leading and setting an example to others leaders must take an active role a “hands on approach” side by side with the employees in order to motivate and encourage. An organisation must concentrate on invoking a sense of “Belonging” to the organisation by keeping them informed, involved and sharing the success. Example I mentioned Tiptree earlier who implemented a ?1.5 million warehousing system did not realise that the staff were used to working a certain way and did not see any need to alter their ways.
Domestic collaboration is seeing leading businesses and governments striving to implement common cyber security practices such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS and Cyber Essentials. Since opening our first Harlem school in 2006, we have swiftly grown to 34 high-performing schools, from Bed-Stuy to the Bronx. We are seeking an ambitious, seasoned Managing Editor, Schools Communications who will hit the ground running at a forward driving, entrepreneurial, education reform organization seeking to eliminate the achievement gap in New York City. We are scaling to 100 great schools serving 50,000 children across New York City, bringing transformational change here and across the country. Compelling Jewish environments and experiences are created through travel programs, weekend retreats and community-based programs that encourage Jewish teens to feel pride in who they are, in control of their own destiny and a part of something greater than themselves. Over its almost 30-year history, SELC has earned a reputation as one of the leading environmental organizations in the country. Ashoka is seeking an entrepreneurial, creative, and dynamic innovator to lead its global communications team and transform how Ashoka engages with the world. Excellent computer skills with competency required in Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook).
Each trimester, the Battery Powered community tackles a new theme, representative of some of the biggest issue areas of our time. This success, coupled with The Battery’s positive reputation, gives the program strong convening power to draw both well-known experts and celebrity presenters to amplify its voice. These changemakers and influencers have both the capacity and motivation to make our society stronger, and you will connect them with the opportunity to do so in an innovative and deeply rewarding fashion. Our longer term vision for the program is to grant $10M a year in funding to amazing organizations. The VPMC also provides education and mentoring, and identifies professional development opportunities for members of the team and other staff as appropriate.
The VPMC collaborates with all staff to ensure the publication of updated and accurate information, and oversees the development of videos, podcasts, and other means of connecting digitally. The VPMC leads communications team efforts to develop news releases, public briefing materials, talking points, and presentations for speeches and external announcements.
The VPMC works closely with human resources to assist with the communications aspects of publicizing openings and recruiting candidates. The Senior Account Executive (SAE) has four-to-seven years of experience in public interest advocacy or campaigns, public-interest communications, social activism, media relations, or demonstrated equivalent experience and ideally agency experience. Our office works on projects that involve communications strategy, messaging, media relations, digital advocacy, branding and communications planning.
This person should have a good understanding of the nature of business on the West Coast — specifically with foundations — and experience with growing a business and furthering a leadership footprint. Because so much of the work is integrated, the ideal candidate has strong experience in both online and offline communication platforms and in creating results-driven programs. AE’s support their account teams, run parts of larger accounts and occasionally lead on smaller accounts. Fenton has 60+ staff in four offices in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.
It is these two separate levels which I shall discuss further exploring what steps may be taken to overcome resistance at both the organisational and individual level.
The culture of the organisation can strongly resist to change as employees become too familiar with the current way of doing things.
Appendix 1 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs depicts the theory of psychological needs, values of authority, hierarchy and rationality, security needs. We are now scaling to 100 great schools across New York City, bringing transformational change here and across the country. We believe all children, regardless of zip code or family income, deserve the life-changing opportunities that a world-class education brings. At least one year of administrative experience at a nonprofit, academic institution or equivalent organization.
The right candidate will create a strategic messaging plan, establish strong media relationships, effectively articulate the Ashoka vision, and identify opportunities to raise the level of awareness of social entrepreneurship as it relates to Everyone a Changemaker. They will have the ability to engage anyone, anywhere and share a compelling vision of Ashoka. Requires proficiency with social media including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, hashtags, and blogs.
Over the course of the trimester we hear from experts and organizations on the front lines of some of society’s toughest challenges, and at the conclusion of each theme, members vote to financially back a selection of organizations. Your passion for giving is infectious and the depth of your knowledge around philanthropy is exceptional. The VPMC is responsible for providing feedback through regular performance reviews and goal setting. Fenton has 65 staff in four offices in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. We come from a variety of backgrounds, including nonprofits, government agencies, consulting firms and the corporate world. Change and the phenomenon of it, is fundamental to evolution; and yet it implies some sort of resistance. We come from a variety of backgrounds, including non profits, government agencies, consulting firms and the corporate world.
While we work hard, we also appreciate a good Happy Hour, round of karaoke or game of trivia when we see one.
Battery Powered has raised over $8M and awarded funds to 31 organizations that have a serious chance of making society stronger.

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