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In my previous post I wrote about the significance of managers understanding your own organisation’s informal network in order to make the right decisions. Social network analysis is the method of collecting, visualising and analysing data about informal connections between employees of an organisation. Everybody who has ever worked in an organisation knows that behind the formal orgchart and the official roles and responsibilities there is an informal network of personal connections.
Go-ahead manager Bob Newcomer begins his position in the well-established company, Slo-Gro products. After a few weeks, Bob can already clearly see that the processes, methods and traditions in the company are totally dysfunctional and in desperate need of change. What is the first step on the journey to becoming an outstandingly supportive and valued internal HR service provider?

A HR director participating in our Best of HR Project faced a big challenge two years ago: employee engagement within the HR team was one of the lowest within all the teams in the whole company.
However, through some radical changes – both within the HR team and in his own leadership style – he managed to improve things so dramatically that, just one year later, HR had become the most engaged team in the organisation. Regarding these “value statements”, I fully agree with my client – there is absolutely no point to them.
Ever since I first read the post in 2009 I have been looking out for signs of organisational “bear shaving”, in other words, offering a superficial solution to an organisational problem instead of addressing the root cause.
And yet these informal social links strongly influence how a company operates, how information flows, and how quickly and flexibly an organisation reacts to any changes in the business environment. There are so many companies whose value statements are only a list of mundane expressions such as “customer focus”, “excellence”, “cooperation” etc., which are posted on the walls of the corridors and on the company website.
Rather it is something almost everybody has said, or could have said at some point during an organisational change process, irrespective of what kind of change we are talking about.

Whether it is a change of organisational structure, the introduction of the new SAP or a big cultural change project, the phenomenon of “nobody knows what they are doing” is always there at some point.
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