The Comprehensive Integrated Theory of Change Model is a general conceptual framework developed by the National Forum. This model has been developed as a sophisticated national organizing strategy that reflects the complexity of interrelated political and organizational factors, and the radically different environments in which issues affecting undocumented students are considered. This strategy focuses on policy, practice and public will as interdependent but distinct components to be addressed in our research projects. By 2006 (and continuing through 2008), Technological Factors joined Market Factors and People Skills among the top 3 factors that surveyed CEOs cited as driving business model change or innovations.  This should be expected as businesses started to climb out of recessionary conditions and renewed investments in technology.

Posted on April 25, 2011 by andrewkarpie.This entry was posted in Cloud Enablement, Platform Models. Models help to systematically diagnose organisational issues and to develop a path for organisational development. Putting some of these models on one page helps to show the overlap and how most of them are linked in some way.
They can be used as a common framework to guide the conversation about what the organisation wants to achieve, what can be improved, what needs to be done and how to go about it.

Primary criterium is that diagnostic methods and models should be helping all those that are involved to gain a deep and clear insight in the situation and context as a basis for improving organisational performance.

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