In a conversation with my son, just minutes ago, I was caused to think about how fast and how proliferated change has become.
The thing that could make the changes necessary to handle this constant occurence and make it both nearly painless and cost-effective would be the creation of ChangeModels. In this an age of nearly instant messaging, plus the face-to-face Video-Audio conversations and group-to-group Video-Audio conferencing information and planning dialogs sessions, the landscape is a-changing, even more quickly than we could have imagined just a few years ago.
In order to cope, it is essential that the hardware, software and the infrastructure to handle the WayThingAre? This page is a place for the exposition and development of ideas about the Models and FormFactors?

McKinsey consultants Peters & Waterman were the most popular in the 80s and 90s because they co-authored the book In Search of Excellence. In 1958, Ron Lippitt, with his colleagues Jeanne Watson and Bruce Westley, wrote a book called The Dynamics of Planned Change. The power of McKinsey was that they practiced social science according to professional discipline rather than an academic discipline.
This article is an attempt to share some knowledge and tips in helping Project Managers (PMs) manage change. There is no reason why we cannot make model changes by creating models which are designed to handle the constantly appearing change in people and society so that they can be enabled to live fully and freely, with the minimalization of change related costs, whether they be monetary, physical, mental or psychological.

Companies like McKinsey, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, etc, use an adaptation of these models when consulting to organizations. I mainly use the Burke-Litwin Model because I’m able choose all or parts of the model based on the organizational needs.
What I would ad to it though is that one who leads the change should always repeatedly communicate the vision, the progress,… and make sure everybody in the team understands what the end station is (goals in clear and simple way 2,3, 4 sentences) because there are going to translate it further into hearts and minds of those who fear change.

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