Yahoo rolled out a new mail interface yesterday that brought several Mail Plus features to free account users. When it comes to Yahoo's update yesterday, they include missing mail tabs, the hidden folders, and a font style that is not pleasing to the eye.
While some things, like the missing tabs cannot be fixed right now, as there is no option to restore tabs to the site, others can be reverted back to their old state.
As far as tabs go, the only option that comes close is to middle-click emails in Yahoo, as they then open in a new browser tab. As far as folders go that are only displayed when you click on the folders link in the left menu, that too can be changed.
When you select it, Yahoo will revert to the old Mail style where folders are displayed on the left automatically. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
I only updated to the tabbed Yahoo mail a few months ago, and I was just getting used to it, and now it's GONE!?!
So they FORCED me to update for the first time in about 8 years, and then they force another one a few months later?
This is a disaster, a total no brainer, and a change just for the sake of changing but no improvement whatsoever.
I loved the old 'Yahoo" mail advantages over Gmail and Hotmail, with forced current updates from Yahoo, there is no advantages, it is now loathed as Gmail & hotmail, Pls Yahoo give us the choice of accepting the upgrades or not, pls, Google Maps, allows its users to choose between newer or classic, so pls allow all your Yahoo customers to have the choice between the Classic or Newer email accounts. Also, you might want to comment on this article on Bloomberg (influential financial (!) publication) to let yahoo's financial partners know that its customers are widely dissatisfied and hit yahoo where it hurts. After switching from the New (Full Featured) UI back to Basic, (immediately) use your browser's Back button. My blog is not dedicated to solving software problems primarily, but helping in the Yahoo Mail Fail Disaster is a way to take away the pain from many. The best way to bring back the original tabbed version is to use a User Agent Switcher add on for your browser.
Again, don't mess with the switching back and forth - use a User Agent Switcher and set it to Internet Explorer 9. The option to print is under the more tabs, but not the top one that you can see, scroll to end of email to the other "more" and then print from there, really dysfunctional!

I managed to get it back to 'old style' by the trick of switching between basic and 'full featured' (I still haven't got a clue as to what these useful new features are) and then when in basic mode using the 'back' button of my browser (Safari).
I hate to think if I had just spent 45 minutes (as I have done many times) editing an email Draft after copying it from MS Word. When I copy a draft email from Word into Yahoo, the carefully formatted text suddenly has to be reformatted to show an intelligent person typed it. There are over 35,000 signatures at requesting Yahoo to bring back the old Yahoo. I HAVE TO COMPLIMENT YOU-- YOURS IS THE FIRST SITE I COPY FROM WORD TO -- WHERE THE TEXT IS FORMATED 100% LIKE I HAD IT IN WORD! Every time you opened an email in "old" yahoo it became a new "mini page" within the same web page, and you could have say 4 or 5 messages open at the same time and switch between them instantly by clicking their individual tab.
The people who make updates like this clearly never use their email for actually sending email. I also see that Yahoo has adopted Google's non-existent customer service designed to make life as difficult as possible for anyone seeking actual customer service. Really, it's like these Yahoos [oops, I mean Yahoo execs] do not field test their changes adequately or thoroughly before implementing them! That's a good thing for the most part, but with every update there are things that existing users do not like. While that is not the same as using tabs in a single browser tab, it is the next best thing. Yahoo announced today that it is rolling out a tabbed interface option for all users of its Yahoo Mail email service. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.
There aren't hardly any fonts you can choose when you are writing an email & also the stationary is very limited. I somehow got back the basic version, then when I clicked on new version, it took me to the new version, but I didn't see how to get back to the basic version. And after the last forced upgrade, with new and basic views, I was restricted to pages of only 50 emails each, not the full list as it used to be.
That is why I will post the latest developments there and hope that I am allowed to spread the word on blogs like this dedicated to helping those visiting it.

However, I'm still missing something and that is the symbol to the left of messages in your Inbox which indicate whether you have replied or forwarded them.
They might use it for chatting on instant messenger with their little friends, but they obviously never have to compose, read or send emails for business matters.
I will not stay with Yahoo either if Yahoo insists on being just like Gmail without letting users decide. You can change that to regular or relaxed to increase the room for each list item on the page.
Change that to Classic and Small for example, or Classic Wide and Medium,or experiment with the other font types and sizes that are available here. As I said previously, you can play around with the available settings until you find one that you can work with. What you need to do is switch back and forth between the basic and newest version of the interface until tabs are suddenly working again.
There used to be little arrows there but they seemed to have gone missing somewhere in the process of this 'update'. I am always stunned when a company doesn't even recognize what makes it superior (happens with some regularity).
The emails are also squeezed in on the page, so that there is little room between emails on it. You will recognize this when you see Inbox, Contacts and Calendar showing up in tabs in the basic version.
That's great if you need to display a lot of emails on the screen at the same time, not so much if you prefer the separators to be larger to improve readability. When that happens, tabs are back and any click on an email will open it in a new tab in the interface.

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