Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle and everyone wants to look better in their swimsuit. Six months ago I was in that very position with not a clue as to what I should do to lose weight.
I am eating healthier, I look great, I am much stronger, and I am in better shape now than when I played football in high school. Acknowledge Self Destructive Behaviors: One night I went out with a handful of my college friends and drink beer at a popular bar in Nashville.
By the end of the night I had put away two pieces of pizza and seven pints of thick German beer.
So take the first step, take a moment to think about your daily routines and identify some of your habits and behaviors that create problems for your self image. Realize the Succumbing to these Pressures is a Choice: One of the most influential books I have ever read is Stephen R. Many people, myself included, feel that they are unable to escape their self-destructive behaviors because society compels them not to through various pressures imposed upon them.

From this point onward, accept that in your previous lifestyle you choose to let these pressures live your life, and commit that from now on, you and you alone decide what will and will not affect you. Resolve to Change and Commit: Once you acknowledge that you have the power to be proactive and improve your lifestyle, you have to commit to changing yourself. I resolve to exercise frequently during the week, regardless of the amount of work I have to do and regardless of other time commitments.
I resolve to overcome to resist the temptation for quick and easy meals; instead I commit to eat what is best for my body and I will eat it in moderation.
While most of your friends and family will likely be supportive, you have to rely on your inner strength and resolve to work through something as drastic as a lifestyle change. Live without constant positive reinforcement from genuinely supportive friends and family; it will not always be there when you need it, so learn to stay motivated without it. By no means should you ignore your friends or family, but you need to remember that what you want and what you think matters more than what anyone else thinks of you. Today I have lost 40 pounds working out only five hours of every week and the weight is still going down, despite the fact that my occupation as a student and web developer is largely sedentary.

This was the most important and crucial discovery I made, and it is what has empowered me to be a healthier, more confident, and a more successful man.
Perhaps your friends will make fun of you for being the only guy eating a salad when all of them eat steak or burgers when you go out for dinner.
If you succumb to negative influence and lose your motivation then you will never be able to achieve the lifestyle changes you want.
They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. We’ll be at Booth 2420 with our friends from ChannelATE, Invisible Bread, Nerf This, and ALT!

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