INTRODUCTION: This form provides a simple channel for notifying your company of a name change for security, payroll, and records purposes. DESCRIPTION: This form provides a quick and effective means of changing an employee's name within your company records, payroll, and security files. The workflow associated with the Change of Name form automatically transitions the form to three departments: Records, Payroll, and Security.
I’m married, so I also needed my marriage certificate AND a notarized letter from my spouse saying he is aware that I’m changing my name. To make matters more difficult, my spouse and I had both hyphenated our last names when we got married (no legal name change required). If phones are allowed in probate court, we’ll be live-tweeting the experience so you can follow along and know what to expect if you decide to change your own name. By far the most frequent questions we get from the trans community are how to do name changes and gender-marker changes.

Several MTPC staffers are heading to probate court Wednesday afternoon to change their names! We’ll be live-tweeting the experience, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and watch the hashtag #MassIDdocs to see how it goes. The workflow associated with the Change of Name form automatically transitions the form to three departments: Records, Payroll, and Security.
The form requires employees to submit images of their former signature and new signature, as well as any documentation verifying that a legal name change has taken place. Each department is then responsible for updating records and modifying access rights accordingly.
Next week others from the MTPC staff will be making blog posts about their individual experiences, so be sure to check back with us. We expect to have MTPC’s name-change kit updated by the end of next week. I’m Mel, one of the MTPC staffers who went to the Middlesex probate court yesterday afternoon to change our legal names.

For most people, this would just be a certified birth certificate, a name change form, and payment (money order or check at the courthouse we went to).
A few years later, we went to court in Tennessee (and had to testify in front of a judge!) to change it to one name without the hyphen (and it’s still only eight letters!). But I’m going to take the opportunity to try out a different courthouse this time, to see if the procedure is any different.
Somehow, in all my triple checking that I had everything, I ended up putting my birth certificate back in the safe instead of clipping it to all the other documents. Devyn’s experience at the Middlesex courthouse felt very different from Jesse’s at the Suffolk one, which they’ll blog about soon.

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