A video: Why Politicians May Not Rely On Their Own Uninformed Opinion On Climate Change Science. This 11 minute video examines why politicians, unlike many ordinary citizens,  may not rely upon their own uninformed opinion on climate change science as a basis for refusing to support climate change policies.
Why Politicians May Not Ethically Rely on Their Own Uninformed Opinion About Climate Science and 10 Questions That The Press Should Ask Politicians About Climate Science In Light of This Responsibility. I fully agree that the press should ask these questions and record what the politicians say and give wide publicity to their answers.
Lessons Learned From How Nations Are Actually Considering or Ignoring Ethics and Justice In Formulating Climate Policies. The latest report (published only today, 31 March 2014) by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is not a happy reading for anybody in the whole world. Seven years ago, in 2007, the IPCC produced its earlier climate change assessment report (AR4) where it reported that global warming was taking place and the adverse consequences would affect not only human race but also animals, birds, flora and fauna. The scientific community, nonetheless, pointed out that George Bush would say that because of his enormous stake in oil industry in Texas, America. The main theme of the present report as well as the previous reports is that no one with full confidence can predict the full extent of impacts and vulnerability. In large number of places, melting snow and ice due to global warming are changing the hydrological pattern affecting water resources in terms of quality and quantity. The mighty Padma over which the Colonial Britain constructed the 6 mile long bridge, called the Hardinge Bridge, in 1900 now stands dry, except for a short stretch. 1.Due to lack of water and other climate changes, freshwater and marine species will either dwindle or relocate themselves in more hospitable situation. 2.Crop yields will probably improve and crop varieties will increase due to warmer temperature in high latitude countries such as Britain, Germany, Scandinavia and other temperate countries. 5.There is no direct human health effect due to climate change, although human suffering will increase due to migration, overcrowding etc. 6.There is, of course, some positive outcome although it is not yet clear whether that would be desirable or not.
Altogether, the climate change will cause a disturbance in human habitation which human beings have never experienced before. The author is right in his observation about the impact of climate change in a country like Bangladesh.The geophysical setting of Bangladesh makes it as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change impact. The Let Toys Be Toys campaign came top in the Advocacy category in Westbourne Comms third annual Change Opinion awards night.
The video argues that politicians have responsibilities that ordinary citizens do not have to protect others from harms that their constituents are causing others.

Unfortunately the background music is so loud at times it is not possible to listen to what some say. The report states quite clearly that no one, whether in the advanced affluent countries or in the poorer developing countries, will be spared from the effects of climate change.
Basically, any change in climate that is due to natural causes such as earth’s volcanic eruptions, changes in solar activities or natural climatic variations over millennia such as the onset of ice age or the periodic thaw etc. George W Bush, the then President of the USA, dismissed the report outright as nothing more than scare-mongering by left leaning scientists and he along with his administration insisted that there was no conclusive evidence whatsoever that human interference was responsible for any claimed change in climate. As America was the biggest polluter of the atmosphere, any admission would require enormous expense to rectify the polluting practices. What one can say is that with differing degree of confidence one can list the effects of climate change. The fishes which were abundant in some places will no longer be available and that will have adverse consequences on the livelihood of human beings.
Conversely, yield will decrease due to warmer temperature and reduced water in tropical and arid countries.
This is due to the fact that gulfstream which flows from Atlantic to Indian and Pacific oceans will move somewhat northward due to less amount cold water from the arctic region.
When large scale migration from one area to another area takes place, there may be serious conflicts not only between the people of those regions but also between the States involved.
The temperate countries will have more tolerable temperature and crop varieties and plants will expand. Whereas some years ago, this climate change could have been halted or even reversed, but now the report says quite categorically that the change is severe, pervasive and irreversible. No human being, whether in the advanced countries or in the poorer countries, is immune from its effects. The most serious consequences of climate change will be a rise in sea level along the coast of Bay of Bengal. There is no escape from the climate change, as portrayed by the leading environmental scientists of the world. But due to less amount of water flow from the Himalayas, the rivers are drying up and silting is taking place all along the river.
Also the jet stream in the higher atmosphere will change direction resulting in excessive rainfall in some regions and drought conditions in other regions.
Already the large migration (illegal, for that matter) from North Africa to European countries is taking place and that is putting strain on socio-economic conditions of the targeted countries. The shortages of food production will cause an increase in food prices, which will affect everybody.

In the global economy, in the global atmosphere, one region affects another region invariably.
Rahman is a Nuclear Safety Specialist with over 32 years of experience in the British civil and military nuclear establishments.
It may cause submergence of 10 to 20 percent of the land including the world’s largest mangrove forest Sunderbans as well as saline intrusion in the rivers.
These are natural processes over which humans have no control whatsoever or humans have no part to play.
Hardly did he realise that within a year or so, a devastating and unprecedented hurricane, called Katrina, would damage Louisiana so severely that his presidency would become shaky! The recent unprecedented flood in Britain, excessive rainfall in East Europe over the last few years and at the same time heat waves and drought in Australia, California, Mexico etc. It must be mentioned that the average landmass in Bangladesh is about 1 metre above sea level. That was precisely the reason why the world wanted to take collective action to combat global warming few years back, but America rejected it on the excuse of technical ambiguity and China dug its heel in reprisal. The climate change will severely hit the country by affecting the agricultural systems, leaving large sections of people facing malnutrition, resulting scarcity of fresh water and triggering mass population displacement due to recurring floods, droughts and cyclones.
On the other hand, the changes that are imposed on the climate by human activities or interference resulting in the emission of green-house gases (hydrofluorocarbons, oxides of carbon etc.) and changing the composition of the atmosphere are assessed and discussed in this Assessment Report 5 (AR5). Subsequently drought in mid-America, unprecedented drought and bush fire in California and extreme cold spell (-20?C or less) in the East coast of America and Canada over a period of eight weeks or so all point in the direction that something is drastically wrong in the world weather system. Other countries like India, Brazil, Argentina and other countries raised the point that they have the right to pollute the atmosphere to steam ahead with their industrial development, as the advanced countries did during the industrial revolution. The leaders of the world should rise above the selfish national interests to save the earth globally and thereby save their individual nations.
In order to combat the problems developed countries must take actions to drastically reduce the carbon emission and by providing appropriate technologies and resources to a country like Bangladesh both for mitigation and adaptation.
Because the dominant water ingress is from the sea, no crop will grow in the saline water and large influx of human beings will put excessive pressure in already overcrowded Bangladeshi cities.

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