Getting feedback and making sure that new elements of a job are working well for those at an organization is the final step.
On this earth there are different groups of  people and Within the group there are two different  categories that differs them from one another a change make and a destroyer.
In 26 years I learnt that, you can never  be called what your are not, you can never carry a title of a thief if you are no thief, you can not be called doctor if your not, you can’t be called a mother without a child. Don’t step in another man’s  shoes to sell your idea, you never know where and what that shoe step on to get there.
I am kaltuma vanesa, a fellow with Atlas corps From South Sudan serving with VOA and living in Washington, DC. Change Management for Business Intelligence Projects: Part 125-October-2012 25OctoberEffective Change Management is critical for any project. Andrew MercerI'm a Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. Since change processes vary highly from customer to customer, the application is very flexible and can be customized to fit the most diverse change processes. The following table provides an overview of a typical change process and links to detailed information about the flow and configuration of each process step. For more information about the status scheme for the change request and various activity categories that defines the process flow, see Status Scheme for Management of Change. This is a procedure that is designed to be implemented before a major transition is to take place within an organization. This could involve extra hours for managers at the job to work at making sure everyone is comfortable with the new details of the company. Instead of reverting back to an old system, the new change should be emphasized by those in charge.
The holy books tell us about Adam and Eve who God gave  everything but they still showed disobedience to God. Look and see if you are following the foot steps of our ancestors , who tried to change the wrongs but the more they changed, the more it stayed the same and worse. I've consulted on or managed several large BI systems in New Zealand, Australia and Latin America.
Managers may hold meetings with all employees to announce details about a new executive hire or the installation of a new computer system.

If you are given a name it’s because there is a reason to call you that and if you don’t like it, give a reason to change that.
In this context, Change Management has the goal of transitioning your organisation from one set of business processes to a new and hopefully improved model.
Besides the right technical background, I look for people who are problem-solvers and good communicators - and who’ve demonstrated resilience and adaptability. We all are, there’s lot to do, to change and to repair, think of racism, war, TERRORISM,  religion racism,  domestic violence, Rape and many more evil things going on. We all want to change it, there those who tried before  us and there those who are trying now. Moreover, the best ideas (and biggest supporters) will often come from operational teams out in the field.Change Management FrameworkHaving a conceptual framework to visualise the process and activities is a big help. Therefore the implementation and support of the latest Oracle technologies there relies on people with in-depth product knowledge, experimentation and ingenuity. The first three stages get you to the point of deploying your solution - whereas the remaining three stages represent post-deployment activities. It also helps you refine the change to increase your chances of success and gaining stakeholder approval. However, it can present a problem for technology managers who enter into the process with a full technical solution already mapped out. Most large organisations have processes to safeguard their production environments and users. Be aware that the practicalities and office politics of your organisation can make getting what you want very difficult, so be prepared to adapt as necessary.
It’s all a very tedious process of jumping through hoops, meetings, and filling out documentation in the required templates - but is necessary to ensure that you can actually deploy.
At the very least, getting Phase 1 approved and underway gets your organisation onto the right path even if it’s not perfect. This takes time, effort, and planning to manage - and usually won’t be something that you can throw together a few days ahead of your intended release.
Hence, find out these requirements early and ensure that (1) resources are allocated, and (2) these steps and lead-times are factored into your project plan. Develop Capability and CapacityThis involves building capability to plan and execute your change (or project).

Design Organisation and GovernanceThe governance and design of your project is likely to have been established already in stages 1 and 2.
Project governance is largely determined by your existing organisational standards, alongside the standard project methodology.
Personally, I don’t think it matters a great deal which method you use - so long as you have one. Therefore, this stage is more about designing the mechanisms and processes to support the ongoing operations of your proposed BI solution.
The method gives you a framework and set of basic checklists for managing for your project.
These contractors will likely move onto other projects, and other organisations, once your deployment is complete.
Therefore you need to ensure that a permanent team gets built up and put in place to maintain and extend your solution ongoing. This way, delays experienced with approvals and the recruitment process are less of an immediate issue. This means that they’re already familiar with your solution and systems prior to taking over the official support. At the end of this stage (assuming the the build and testing have been running in parallel), you should be getting close to deployment.4.
Align Individuals and TeamFrom my perspective, this stage is all about getting the new processes and organisational changes up and running effectively. This means delivery of training and ongoing support to ensure that your users can use your solution … and that the change is working as planned.
Aside from being a wealth of good suggestions, this illustrates to your user community that you’re listening and taking on their ideas. Manage PerformanceThis stage covers the ongoing enhancement and performance tuning which occurs in the period once the systems and processes have settled into a stable production state.6.

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