During the government shutdown in 2013, one-third of Americans cited dysfunctional government as the most important problem facing America today, eclipsing the economy and jobs by double-digits.5 Confidence in the government has never recovered.
Amid this growing political dissatisfaction, both the Senators and Governors in cycle will face very different voters than they did in 2008 and 2010, respectively.
Twenty-eight states, including the District of Columbia, have voter registration data by party identification. In this report, we show that since 2008, Independent voter registration has increased 17.4% in states with the most competitive Senate and Gubernatorial races this November. Independent voter registration has increased dramatically in places with the most competitive Senate and Gubernatorial elections this November. Since 2008, Democratic registration has fallen in the ten states with competitive Senate or Gubernatorial elections where voter registration data by party is available. While Democrats shed 658,112 voters since 2008, when the current class of Senate seats was last in cycle, they started with an overall advantage and only lost 4.8% of registered partisans—still remaining the most populous party in these states.
We now look separately at the states with competitive Senate races and those with key races for Governor, since incumbents in the former category were elected in a wave Democratic year and in the latter won in the year the Tea Party dominated (some states have both and are reflected as such). Focusing on the Senate races, the pool of registered voters has changed dramatically since the last time these seats were in cycle, with more Independents and fewer Democrats in crucial contests. In the Senate landscape, Democrats are defending many incumbents in states carried by Mitt Romney in 2012—mainly due to electoral success in 2008.
While the overall pattern is a move away from Democrats in these states, there is considerable variation, and Democrats still hold a registration edge in several of them. The uptick in Independent registration means that many candidates will need to woo more of these voters to win in November. Independent Greg Orman’s candidacy in Kansas has been viewed as a result of the opportunity Sen.
Looking at the states with the most competitive races for Governor, Independent voter registration rivals partisans. In the four* states with partisan voter registration and competitive Gubernatorial races, Independents have increased while partisan registration has stagnated. In Kansas, there were fewer Independents than Democrats in 2008, with Republican registration outpacing both.
The negative perceptions Americans have of the parties and government are showing up across the country in voter registration data.
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The controversy dates back to a 2004 proposition passed by voters that requires anyone registering to vote in Arizona to provide proof of citizenship -- either a driver's license number or a copy of another document -- with the state form. Since there is no such mandate under federal law, the federal voter registration form does not include that requirement. Up until recently, the state's policy was to reject any registration form that did not include a proof of citizenship, regardless of whether it was a state or federal form. Perales says some newly naturalized citizens had their voter registration applications rejected under Arizona’s system. The case already has a long litigation history, and was remanded back to Silver after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the state could not require proof of citizenship with the federal forms.
A small link to the federal registration form now appears halfway down the page of the Secretary of State's website dedicated to voter registration.

President Obama’s first election in 2008 was a high water mark for Democrats; 2010 was the wave year the Tea Party wrested control of the GOP from the more moderate wing.
Sixteen states without competitive Senate or Gubernatorial races were excluded from this analysis. At the same time, Democrats have lost voters and Republicans have barely maintained their levels.
Simultaneously, Independent and, to a lesser extent, Republican registration has increased.
Democratic and Republican registration changes are inversely proportional in Alaska, where Democrats shed just over 7,000 voters and Republicans added a nearly identical amount. However, Alaska is excluded from this analysis because we have scant data on how close the unity ticket is faring against the Republican incumbent Gov.
In Colorado and Maine, Independents now constitute a plurality of voters, outnumbering Democrats and Republicans. By 2010, Democratic registration had fallen below Independents, even though Independent registration had barely budged. In competitive Senate and Gubernatorial races, Independent registration is outpacing that of both Democrats and Republicans. District Judge Roslyn Silver has ruled that not only must Arizona accept those federal forms without additional proof of citizenship, the state must make them available everywhere the state form is given out. The order also directs the agency to register any voters whose federal registration forms were rejected within the last year because they failed to provide proof of citizenship. And Independents also outnumber Democrats and Republicans in Colorado, Iowa, Maine, and New Hampshire. But Independent registration rose a whopping 17.4% during the same period, with double digit increases in Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, and North Carolina. Independent registration rose slightly in that state, but it already had constituted a majority of voters.
But we don’t know what percentage Independents will be of those who turn out to vote in November. But they are a crucial block of voters, composing about one-third of votes cast over the last 3 election cycles. This was not the case in 2008 or 2010 in Colorado, where Independent registration lagged both of the parties. Rick Scott (R–FL) won in 2010, Independent registration lagged Democrats by approximately 2 million and lagged Republicans by approximately 1.5 million. A complete list of voter registration data for 2014 can be found in Appendix A, including the sixteen states not included in this analysis.
In New Hampshire and Maine, voter registration is down across the board—likely a reflection of list maintenance. In Louisiana, Democratic registration is down double digits, with Independent registration up 12%. Charlie Crist’s Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democratic bid in Florida might be shrewd calculations, freeing both from perceptions that they are ideologues.
Particulars of place of Current Residence:Enter the address of the place where you live at currently this address will be used to communicate with you further. And in the oft-referenced “red states” of Kentucky, Louisiana, and North Carolina, there are still more Democrats registered than either Republicans or Independents—a fact that’s true in Florida as well.

In Alaska, Florida, Louisiana and North Carolina, Democratic registration is down while Republican and Independent registration are both up. In North Carolina, most of the movement is among Independents—who have increased by nearly 30%. In 2008, Independents comprised 39% of voters in the exit poll (and 30% of registered voters—meaning that Independents voted in higher numbers than registration data suggested) and Sen.
That holds true in 2014, but Independents have expanded their lead on Democrats by about 5,000 voters—with the Independent advantage shifting from +40,869 in 2008 to +45,719 today. They have increased by 23% since 2008 and now trail Democratic and Republican registration by 1.5 million and 1 million respectively. Win or lose, one thing is clear: the six year itch is evident, and it’s showing disappointment with both parties. You must also keep an Address proof handy which will be useful to you later in this to enlarge image3. In both states, Democratic registration still maintains an edge, but that edge it is notably smaller than it was in 2008. Overall, three of the four states have seen double digit increases in Independent voters since 2008, with Independents growing substantially faster than any other group. Among the eight states, Independents were the fastest growing proportion of the electorate in four of them (Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, and North Carolina) and Republicans dominated growth in three (Alaska, Iowa, and Kentucky). Terry Branstad (R–IA) won 51% of the Independent vote in 2010; President Obama earned 55% of their support in 2012.
Details of Entries to be Corrected:click to enlarge imageThis is the most crucial part of the change of address in Voter ID after marriage. Jones, “Americans Continue to Say a Third Political Party Is Needed,” Gallup, Released September 24, 2014, Accessed September 24, 2014. In deep red Kansas, Republicans are having a hard time attracting the Independent vote—potentially fertile ground for an Independent candidate such as Greg Orman. Jones, “Record-High 42% of Americans Identify as Independents,” Gallup, Released January 8, 2014, Accessed September 24, 2014. Jeanne Shaheen (D–NH) received 55% of the Independent vote in the 2008 exit poll—key to her victory, as they composed 44% of the electorate.
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Kay Hagan (D–NC) is the only Democratic Senator on the list who didn't win Independents outright in 2008, though they compose a smaller portion of voters in North Carolina than in most of the other states. The members of this board research on every possible information about Voter ID Card in India, speak to concerned Government Officials and verify the authenticity and accurateness of all Voter ID Card related information.
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