Bob Marley continues to inspire and enlighten with is lyrics and words, through his music as well as in recorded interviews and concerts. This is perhaps the most poignant and oft quoted lyric by Marley, and it sums up a great way to think about worry, stress, and anxiety.
Here’s a great way to get remind yourself that any experience can be a chance to learn something new and open yourself up to actually feeling it. Quantum physics is showing us more and more that we’re all in this together, so this lyric was way before its time.
Love is an energy that can conquer anything, and the devils he’s referring to can take form of whatever is giving you trouble in this life. Bob Marley endured his share of setbacks, but always seemed to keep a positive mentality, and went on to do great things. When darkness surrounds you, you might be tempted to look for a switch or hope that a light comes on to get rid of it all. This quote is pulled right from the song Get Up, Stand Up and is empowering for those that feel their rights are being threatened. Each of us is our own universe, and the further they map the human brain the more they’re finding out that it’s a sort of microcosm of the universe itself. In our hustle and bustle society where everyone is trying to get ahead, make more, get more, be more, it’s nice to be reminded that those things don’t amount to much if you trade in your soul to get them.
Here’s a rhyme that will have you feeling better and busting out of any negative rut you might have been in. He’s not talking about the sort of waking up you do with a cup of coffee, he’s talking about waking up to your life and then start living it.
Bob Marley Is A Philosopher King.He Gave Us His Heart And Soul Through His Concious Lyrics.Bob You Have Defied Death That Why They Say Rastaman Never Dies! We had rolled into New Bedford, Mass., for the annual Summerfest on Saturday morning, July 2nd, spit out of a twister. By Saturday, I shoulda€™ve been caught up on sleep, but struggled to find the energy for the game of musical chairs at Summerfest. Over the weekend, each of seven stages off the cobbled streets of the Whaling Museum district grew packed to overflowing. There was no mad dash for us for the first performance at the small canopied area at the National Park Garden Stage. That first act was a€?Introducing Liz Longley.a€? This proved to be a priority-changing event. I also managed to squeeze in an on-the-spot interview at a surprisingly subdued side room at the nearby, bustling Celtic Coffeehouse. Her father was a a€?really gooda€? jazz musician who played saxophone and had his own band. Exposure to chorus was minimal in grade school, but when she reached her early teens, she started singing with her dada€™s jazz group and continued until she was 18. Having begun writing on piano, Liz began performing with a friend, Sarah Zimmermann, who provided guitar backup. Additionally, Liz and Sarah performed at fundraisers, in particular a€?Relay for Life,a€? held every year to raise money for cancer research. They also played professionally at local Pennsylvania folk landmarks Steel City (Phoenixville) and The Tin Angel (Philadelphia).
After high school, Berklee College of Music in Boston was the only college Liz applied to because it offered songwriting as a major. She still performs on piano when the opportunity presents itself, and thata€™s illustrated by two slow ballads on this CD where she uses her keyboard skills. Her upcoming shows dona€™t include anything in the New York metro area, but wea€™re hoping this article will change that. The photograph we found online for our a€?Radara€? July ad showed a drop-dead beautiful face, and we wondered if there was matching talent to back it up. High school proved to be the seeding ground for this musical maelstrom, this force of nature.
Connect with God (Divine Intelligence) - You may have heard the statement a€?Let go and let Goda€? but that ita€™s not easy unless you know God and have faith that it is safe to let go and allow the energy of the Universe to guide you.
We’ve assembled some of his most inspiring quotes that can help brighten your day, and could even change your life if it gets you into a better frame of mind on a daily basis. When times are tough it’s easy to get caught up in worry and dread, and think that it’s not going to turn out well.
Everything that happens to you can have meaning, you just have to be present and live in the moment. One love, one heart refers to that one feeling of love we all share, it’s a universal feeling that we can all relate to, no matter where we are in the world, rich or poor, or what religion we subscribe to.
The solution is love, and perhaps the reason why those devils are in your life is from a lack of love. But you have to remember that you are the light, and you have the power to overcome the darkness that exists in the world. But it expands that thinking and gets you to realize that it’s not just one door that opens, but many. It’s also inspirational because it encourages you to keep fighting, no matter what battle you’re in. Perhaps he meant that each of us has an infinite dimension, the way the universe is described as being infinite. All the money in the world can’t buy it back, and what he’s saying here is that you should be striving to gain more knowledge and wisdom of the world around you, rather than continually chasing material things. The problem with thinking negatively is that it breeds negative thoughts, which end up manifesting as negative actions or events that take place in your life. Bob didn’t know exactly how his future was going to pan out, but he knew it would be grounded in righteousness. Life is going to present you with challenges, big events that push you to the point of not knowing if you can handle them or not.

It’s easy to get complacent about life, and even bored, but there’s really no sense in that because life was meant to be lived, not merely experienced or observed. Wednesday night, finish the July issue, then get two hours of sleep; Thursday, pedal-to-the-metal from NYC to Fall River, Mass. Newly appointed chair police at the main Custom House stage prevented attendees from saving seats for hours at a time.
Seats opened up after each act and the first attendees to dash to freshly vacated chairs near the front became winners.
As usual, we arrived at the festival at about 9:00 am and the first show didna€™t begin until 11. Liz was scheduled to perform 10 days later on July 12 at the Living Room in New York Citya€™s East Village.
From the very first notes, it was obvious that we were going to want to see and hear a lot more from this brilliant 23-year-old. I would not be jumping from tent to tent, looking for the best seats, hoping to find something near the front at the big Custom House tent.
For her first eight years her family lived in West Chester, Pa., then they moved a little further west, to Downingtown.
Her mother was an aspiring singer, but lacked the time and opportunity to pursue it as a career. Through her dad, shea€™d gotten exposure to Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan and they were her favorites, the ones she focused on. Other events included the high schoola€™s talent show and the senior prom, with both girls performing in their prom dresses. Liz said that she entrusted major decisions in the studio to producer Glen Barrett and enlisted feedback from her parents to help her decide what, in the end, would be the right sound for her on each track. These include a€?Little White House,a€? seemingly a farewell to her childhood, and a€?Unraveling,a€? another farewell of sorts to her grandmother, suffering from Alzheimera€™s. Her dad told her, a€?If youa€™re going to learn to have a career as a musician, youa€™d better start now.a€? Actually, performing after college was a continuation of what shea€™d been doing since high school and during her four years at Berklee. Here are some tools you can use to shift your energy and bring about the changes you desire. Picture This - Get a picture of yourself as a young child and place it where you see it every day. Love Yourself and Leave the Past Behind a€“ Take a moment to make a list of the things that you regret from the past. Create Your Dreams While You Sleep - Did you know that every night when you are falling to sleep you are programming your life?
But everything was alright, is alright, and will be alright, it’s just a matter of getting yourself to believe it. Rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and bad things that happen to you are only bad if you perceive them that way. When we come together in a spirit of unity, peace, and love, it does feel all right, it feels great. If you can crank up the love in your life it should follow that you’re haunted by fewer and fewer demons. Marley once said that he had to keep performing because the evil people in the world weren’t taking a break, so he couldn’t either. There are always more opportunities to be had, so you don’t need to feel too invested in any one thing. It sure would create a positive spiral because if you’re living your life the way you want you’ll be more apt to love it, which should make it much easier to continue living it in a way that inspires more love.
This is something that he could speak knowledgeably about, because he made his own fortune and did it without losing his soul, and displayed that he possessed plenty of wisdom on a number of subjects. This can come in many forms, from excessive television watching to still following beliefs that were instilled upon you by others. It’s the day that you start going against the grain of the 9-5 workaday world and start to carve out a new path for yourself. Luckily the opposite is true, and if you can cut the ties of a negative thinking pattern you can eventually tip the scale over to the positive side, which also manifests itself into pleasing things and people in your life. None of us can know what’s going to happen in the future, but if we have a goal or a philosophy as a foundation, if we have an underlying belief then we can act according to that and mold the future as we go along. Then, with breathtaking suddenness it darted upward, taking the hollow in my chest along with it. The chairs were empty and there were no chair police to prevent us from saving a couple of seats for the first act. Wea€™d see her then, of course, since we never miss WFUV DJ John Platta€™s monthly a€?On Your Radara€? series. Instead, I followed Liz from one stage to the next, seeking the best photos and videos of her that I could get (below). Her earliest memories involve driving around with her father in the family VW convertible with the top down and music blasting from the car stereo.
The lone cover, a€?People Get Ready,a€? demonstrates a command that allows her to take ownership of the song. While it did come up in our interview, her Facebook page states it more succinctly: a€?In high school, I was a marching band nerd.
This could be by the bathroom mirror, by your bedside, on your desk or computer or even on the dashboard of your car. When we listen to music we often feel emotion and activate our bodies by dancing or moving to the beat.
The question is, is your mind telling you the stories that you want creating your life or ones that depress, scare or otherwise cause you to feel badly about yourself or your life? Include the ways you have treated others and the ways you have been treated by others as well as past relationships, choices and actions that you still hold energy around and criticize yourself for.
The specificity that he uses here, getting down to every little thing, is the part that really drives this home.

Perhaps what Bob is trying to say here is that no matter what comes your way, your can make the most out of it, and be part of this magical experience called life, rather than just let things happen to you and think nothing of it. Bob Marley was a peace activist, and this song encapsulates his message and is something that crosses borders and boundaries and resonates with people across the world.
This is not romantic love per se, but rather the feeling of love you get for those things that are most precious in your life. It doesn’t work the other way around, if you’re not enjoying the rocky road you’re on, it’s only bound to get rockier. It’s a bit limiting to think that only one door opens when one closes, and much more liberating to think that in fact there are several more opportunities for each one that doesn’t work out.
It definitely makes sense to live a life that’s worthy of your love, and this quote can be a wakeup call for those that have gone down a path they don’t really like, and find themselves stuck in a life they’re not really thrilled about. Sometimes it’s tempting to just stop fighting and give in, or to let someone take advantage of you because it’s too much effort to stand up for yourself.
Whatever he meant, this is a nice mental note that we’re special, that we matter, and that there are plenty of forces working within each of us. Take a self inventory and see if there’s anything you believe in that doesn’t suit you, or that was placed there by someone else. Think of it this way: if you had the choice, wouldn’t you rather have a positive day than a negative one? It’s also in these moments that you gain confidence in that strength, and a knowingness that it will be there for you the next time you face a similar situation. Once you awaken to your purpose and start living accordingly you’ll notice all sorts of changes take place that you can’t even imagine from where you stand now. As she states on her Facebook page: a€?I grew up listening to Joni Mitchell and Karla Bonoff.
James Taylor, Karla Bonoff, Joni Mitchell and Sarah McLachlan were among the names she cited. I was surprised that she hadna€™t sought feedback from anyone at Berklee, but kept to the formula stated above. One is a version of Joni Mitchella€™s a€?Rivera€? in which Liz hits some high notes that Joni herself might not be able to handle anymore.
Notice how your body feels when it is in that happy state - filled with energy, then think of someone or something that drains your energy and notice how that feels.
These things add power to the words which we may find ourselves repeating and singing out loud or in our minds over and over again. Did you know that you can change your life simply by changing the stories you tell yourself every day?
Imagine how wonderful it is to have your subconscious mind working for you all night while you enjoy deep, rejuvenating sleep. As you take a deep breath in, imagine the love and light of God filling you and as you take a deep breath out, imagine releasing all your fears and doubts. Focus on that feels, and all of the things that bring joy and love into your world and watch the devils dissipate. It’s about learning how to enjoy every moment of your life, and not waiting until things get better before you start enjoying it. Unfortunately not everyone shares the same view, so you have to shed some light onto things in your own way, in your own world. But we didna€™t know her, so we figured it would be a good idea to get acquainted before seeing her at the Living Room.
The first two use a full studio band, complete with drums, bass, lead guitar backup, pedal steel a€” the works. The second is Van Morrisona€™s a€?Moondance,a€? which gives Liz a chance to show off her jazz vocal skills.
When I wasna€™t on the field, I was writing music (on piano & guitar) and playing shows.
Know that whenever you choose to be around people who fill you with energy you expand and vibrate at a higher frequency and when you choose to be around people and things that drain your energy, your vibrational energy decreases. Listen to the words of your favorite music, if they are not giving you messages that you desire in your life ita€™s time to get new music.
In this moment of focusing on your breath and stilling your mind you can feel the inner peace that allows the mind to still and know God.
This included a a€?concert night,a€? wherein the school invited students and parents to come to a performance solely by Liz and Sarah. In contrast, her third album, the latest, Hot Loose Wire, completed right after graduation, is stripped down a€” just her, solo, with either guitar or piano a€” pretty much what we see in concert. Remember that EVERY thought you think is what you are saying to that little child and that child believes everything you tell him or her. However you want to feel, spend more time with people and doing the things that help you feel that way and less with those that dona€™t.
Choose music with a beat and lyrics that trigger happy, empowered, peaceful, grateful, or other good feelings within you. Doing this simple exercise a few times each day will help you to ground and center yourself, to release stress and allow the Higher Intelligence that some call God to speak to you. Theya€™d bring in a song and other students would dissect it, asking questions like why a word was used in a particular place.
There were classes where songs by famous writers were analyzed, and Liz loved it all, soaking up every learning opportunity that came her way. The less you judge and criticize and the more you accept, support and encourage, the better your life will become!

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