The Nashville winter premiere "Be Careful of Stones That You Throw" was a transitional episode before the big Rayna and Juliette tour starts next week. ABC has released two music videos from "Be Careful of the Stones You Throw." Both songs are sung by Scarlett. Scarlett and Gunnar"Change Your Mind"After taking the stage with Avery's former band and being offered a permanent spot as their lead singer, Scarlett realized that she wanted to write and sing her own songs. Scarlett briefly reunited with Avery, but quickly dismissed him after finding out he betrayed his long time friends and band mates. She rocks out in the first and sings a lovely duet with Gunnar in the second.Scarlett with the Band"Twist of Barbwire"Avery wanted to sing with his band one last time before he went solo, but his band mates wanted nothing to do with him.

More importantly, she wanted to continue to work with Gunnar.She went to their writing room with completed lyrics to their song.
He betrayed their trust by breaking a promise they made to stick together no matter what.With no lead singer, Scarlett stepped in without a problem since she already knew all the songs. Gunnar was thrilled with her decision and they immediately started working on the new song. She did such an amazing job singing with them that they asked her to be their permanent lead singer. In such a short time, she has created a strong and amazing stage presence.Which song was your favorite?

Or, should she have fronted the country rock band?Nashville airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm ET on ABC.Never miss your favorite shows.

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