Sometimes You might be bored with the common cursor icon mouse apperance on Your blog, so that You're intended to give a small touch to Your blog by giving them a stylish icon mouse.
Addding animated cursors to your blog is very easy and simple, it's like You're add a widget on the sidebar of Your blog. On those sites You can choose any type of cursors you liked to add it on Your blog (blogspot) via widget.

Like my post How can I change icon for Windows 7 desktop’s Recycle Bin, you can do restore your Recycle Bin icon in few steps. If You're wondering how to change icon cursor mouse on Your blogger (blogspot), then this post will show to You how to do that. The good news is that there's a hundreds even thousands of cursors icon mouse available on internet you can use for free, there's a sites that gives you a various of icon cursors mouse which You can pick them up whatever You like.

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