Practicing psychologist Sarah Edelman clearly lays out how to use CBT to develop rational thought patterns in response to upsetting emotions and situations. Berkelouw have years of experience in providing books for interior decoration, retail and corporate displays, film, theatre and commercials. I’ve been speaking with many of my private clients lately about the illusions of comfort zones and I wanted to explore that with you. You see the thing we are the most afraid of is always the thing we need to receive the most. As human beings, we are naturally drawn to avoid discomfort or intensity at all costs, both physical and emotional. But in business, I would argue that sitting in a false sense of safety, your comfort zone, is the number one thing that is holding you back from your soul urge of who you are here to be fully engaged in YOUR True Nature.
I can tell you from my own experience that some of these fears held me back for YEARS and I never got to where I wanted to in my business, until I was willing to step forward through the fear and doubt and get uncomfortable on a regular basis. Consider that when you hold yourself back, you are also holding others back from receiving the amazing gift you were put on this planet to contribute.
You’d be amazed at how quickly your own capacity will expand when you are willing to do this, and the things that were scary no longer are, and you can set higher and bigger goals as you go along.
Have you been infected by the disease of lack, poverty, fear and hopelessness going around right now ?

Next time an elderly person is dawdling along in front of you and have allowance and gratitude next time you feel yourself going in to a distractor like anger or annoyance! Are you willing to use the knowledge you have about the economy worldwide to your advantage and grow your prosperity mindset and your bank account ? Thank you Jacquie for stepping out of the mass unconsciousness infecting Zimbabwe and in to generating a thriving, joy filled life ! Discipline is actually about presence of awareness, the presence being mindless and razor sharp aware of what is possible to choose the things that you want, rather than just doing whatever you happen to feel like in the moment. Would it be fun and exciting to be the infectious disease called happiness that spreads like a plague around the planet? And if you have any other question you’d like me to answer, just hit reply and send it over.
Did you enjoy the 7 day FREE video series “Accessing your True Nature and having the life, body and business you know is possible to LOVE living ?
Through both her private practice and continuing education programs, she teaches people to use CBT as a self-help tool.
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I still have to catch myself when I want to say no to something, simply because it will release the anxiety that arises when I say YES.

She was willing to be aware of what that dreaded disease looks like and made the demand that no matter what, she was going to be and do something completely against the norm and create from the question of what else is possible here ? Choice trumps question every time if you come from the awareness of, ok if I chose this what will my life look like a month, six months, a year from now? If you know someone that might find this helpful, would you pay it forward and be the gift you are? She conducts workshops for mental health professionals, people working in government and private sector organizations, and the general public.
It plays its part in real life threatening situations like the reflex that stops us from grabbing the handle on the hot pan, reminds us not to push our exercise to the point of injury, or serves as an indicator to warn us about people that don’t make us feel good. If I don’t choose this what will my life look like a month, six months, a year from now?

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