I was really interested in this when I first heard about it, which was near the time I watched "A Might Heart", in which Angelina Jolie plays a woman looking for her husband. So, the inside joke is that a movie as lame sounding as Space Cowboys must be just that, right?
Los Angeles Times file photoIn going through the photographs from the Gordon Northcott case, I'm struck by how different Northcott looks from one image to another.
The warp 10 limit was not yet established here as the energy bolts and later the Enterprise with Nomad enhancements are going faster than warp 10. The auxiliary control room will be seen again in The Doomsday Machine except it will be the Constellation’s.
Ok Nomad absorbs Photon torpedoes like I absorb a cupcake and the red shirts keep firing hand phasers at it. Being the late 1960’s data tapes sounded advanced then but now seem cumbersome by today’s technology.
Even though Nomad was destroyed parts of him are reused in the season three episode The Enterprise Incident as part of the Romulan cloaking device.
Until next week when we visit the mirror universe and Spock with a beard Live Long and Prosper and thanks for stopping by and reading our little blog here at The Nexus Route.
Rayburn, left, and Jack Brown in the drawing room of the Southern Pacific's Owl train as they escort Gordon Northcott to San Quentin, where he was hanged. Leonard Nimoy always does a good job playing up the half Human aspect of Spock’s character without over doing it.

The energy bolts that Nomad fires at the Enterprise were changed to green and the photon torpedo was upgraded. Almost the entire subplot of Uhura having her mind wiped by Nomad was edited out of the episode. The final scene of Nomads destruction was enhanced as you can see Nomad in space and the resulting explosion was re done. While this was always one part of the story that didn’t seem logical, if her knowledge was erased would she have her memories and if so why does she still retain her knowledge of Swahili when they are teaching her how to read? In the undated picture above, probably taken at San Quentin, he seems sensitive and reflective.
I liked that they left the original effects for the mind beam on Uhura and the bolts that Nomad used to kill Scotty and the red shirts as the originals looked good. It should have been more focused like say just her knowledge but not her memories were erased. Be that as it may only having brief scenes in the episode must leave people who have never seen it wondering why Uhura is talking about the color bluie. Elsewhere, boys were being abducted and killed by Gordon Northcott, with Christine's son, Walter amongst them but his survival is unknown.Christine's hope and strength leads her to overhaul and change the corruption that is found in the police force. Having seen it, at no point do you really get bored or wonder how long there is left to finish. Whilst some films will drag out the beginning, this film instantly intrigues, with Walter's abduction within 10 minutes of the film starting.

When her "son" is returned to her, who isn't actually her son, the emotion that is expressed is genuine and believable.
The manipulation that is placed upon Christine Collins is unheard of today, and we can really feel and relate to her fight for justice.But what I love most of all is the ending.
Whilst most of the loose ends are tied, the return or survival of Christine's son is never known from the movie, giving a message of hope.
Angelina Jolie did a fantastic job, and again, having seen A Mighty Heart, I thought it was a great fit. The emotion and persona she conveyed felt genuine and true, perhaps because she is a mother herself. Apparently, Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Swank were also interested in the role, but really neither of them would have done the film justice compared to Angelina Jolie, and I'm glad they picked her.
The other characters were not really given enough a role to stand out, but they made appropriate supports to Angelina Jolie's role as Christine Collins.~~~OVERALL~~~The film was fantastic and very focussed. The side stories that stem from the main plot receive appropriate closure, whilst the main story of Christine's plight for her son is left open and gives sign of hope. Angelina Jolie does a fantastic job as Christine Collins and deserve her award nominations!

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