This article or parts of it may require copy editing for a biased tone, lack of a lead section, lack of examples, suboptimal structure. Changelings are a race of insect-like equines in Equestria that first appear in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 as the minions of the episode's antagonist, Queen Chrysalis. Some fanfic examples of "changelings in Equestria" include Smoke and Mirrors, Thrown Abroad, A Changeling to Remember, Citizen Weevil, Adaptation, and its sequel, Integration. A fanfic which partially explores the homeland of the Changelings, though the focus is on Chrysalis, is Adored, which portrays it as an allegory of Tsarist Russia and other 18-19th century Eastern European peasant nations.
One fanfic tackling the issue of 'Changelings living peacefully in Equestria' is Citizen Weevil, in which Changelings, amongst other species, have immigrated en masse to Equestria, whilst simultaneously addressing issues such as mass immigration and multiculturalism.
Reality Check's Nyx-verse features an alternate and more positive interpretation of Changelings, with chapter 21 of Nightmare Night and Nyx featuring explanations from a pair of adult Changelings. Changelings have been expressed visually through comics, vectors, and paintings, as well as other forms of art. It can be presumed that like Equestria, the Changeling Kingdom is an absolute monarchy, with Queen Chrysalis as thus the absolute head of government and state. A new but growing theme within the changeling fandom is that they come from a kingdom far away from Equestria. In the fanfiction, Maternal Instinct, an unique take on Changeling society bases it on 18-19th century East Asian society, primarily Imperial Japan, serving as a contrast to much more Western society of Equestria.
A different but still widely accepted theme within the changeling fandom include the fact that the race works with a "hive-like manner" otherwise known as eusociality.
In Smoke and Mirrors, the author explains how changelings could be a corrupted version of the flutterpony race. The Armored changeling is featured again in the Official Comic Book Series which not only shows that there is more than one of them but confirms their role as advisors and guards to Queen Chrysalis. Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite Directors, I have loved each and everyone of his directed films I have watched. Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) returns from work one night to find her young son Walter missing, shocked and horrified she calls the LAPD only to be shut down and told they were not able to do anything until 24 hours and that 99 out of 100 times the kid shows up by morning.
After several weeks of investigations Christine Collins gets a visit from Police Captain J.J Jones (Jeffrey Donovan) with news that her son has been found, and is alive. The Changeling is a superb film, and Clint Eastwood’s visionary style comes through as clear as glass, but what Eastwood really has a talent for is bringing the absolute best out of his cast. I say with no hesitation that Changeling was one of the best films of 2008, and one I strongly urge anyone who has yet to see it to do themselves a favor and check it out!
It begins with a changeling, who after being blasted away by the force field created by Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, lands somewhere within Ponyville and surrounding countryside.

They reveal that they are predators, living off the ambient energy of positive emotions, both their own (though it isn't as nutritious as that of others - Celestia mentally compares it to a cow living off its own milk) and that of ponies and other species, combining it with sugar and water into nectar for later use, and requiring it to digest normal food. Some have used this art to develop their own OC's while others have used it to express their thoughts on the new villains. Rather than a wholly evil entity, the Changeling race is revealed to be a product of a curse through their own mythology and pony.
Little has been speculated about her relatives or whether there is a cabinet of ministers or advisers, but one fanfiction, Maternal Instinct, has Chrysalis as a member of the Royal House of Roachanov, whom have ruled over the Changeling Kingdom for around half a millennium and who have a reputation for royal intermarriage, both to keep their blood pure and to lower their female members' fertility (while the average Changeling has a very high birthrate) in order to whittle down the size of the family thus to prevent too many contestants to the throne. These story often show that the Changeling have the same emotions that the pony, but, as they often starve for blood, they need to attack other country. This Changeling Kingdom is one based on Tsarist Russia and other 18-19th century Eastern European nations. That is, they were flutterponies until they were morphed by Discord into what they are now. I recently watched J.Edgar (which I very much enjoyed and you can count on me writing about that in the near future), and it gave me the urge to revisit Changeling, one of my absolute favorite of Eastwoods directed films, and also the one I feel is one of his most under appreciated.
This would begin a series of horrific events in Christine`s life that would last several years.  At the time the LAPD had been under a lot of scrutiny over allegations of corruption and greed by a local reverend played by John Malkovich, who makes it his personal goal to exploit all the LAPD’s wrong doings on his local radio program. Everyone from our leads, Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, and Jeffrey Donavan, to each and every secondary character shine in their roles.
However, it takes at least two or three ponies to produce enough energy to feed just one Changeling; having many in an area would be disastrous, effectively causing famine from over-hunting, and so living in a conquered land full of hatred towards them would result in the same thing due to having so little ambient love to feed them. Still others use the shape-shifting abilities of the changelings for humorous purposes, such as having an annoying character copied a hundred fold for example. The royal family act the same way than in the other story (Intermarriage), but it's often said that they care for their people. It is a mountainous, winter beset country, overwhelmingly populated by a large and extremely poor peasant population who are ruled over by an extremely rich, but incompetent and inept autocratic monarchy. To her shock and horror, when she is lead by the Police accompanied by a slew of press, to be reunited with her missing boy, it’s not him. As a matter of fact had this not been based on a true story, and was a work of fiction,  the events of the film would seem far too hard to believe even plausible. One performance in particular that stands out, though rather small, is Geoff Pearson (who some may know as the dad from Unhappily Ever After, or as Deputy Chief Matthews on Dexter) who plays Christine`s eventual attorney.  He jumps in later in the film and steals every scene. When the changeling finally realizes what is happening, they will not initially go back to the swarm.
This is why most of their kind regard Chrysalis as a "rabble-rousing fool", and her army as "nothing but young malcontents who bought her promises of plunder and fat living if they helped her conquer Equestria", referring to the invasion of Canterlot as "Chrysalis's Folly".

Queen Chrysalis is essentially the Tsar; incompetent, having little grasp on the reality of her subjects' suffering, living in an extravagant palace and even has a royal adviser called Weevil.
Mainly being the fact that the changeling's appearance and behavior is already reminiscent of typical insect societies we see today.
Many speculate he or she is some sort of leadership caste, perhaps a captain, general, or commander. This is either through losing contact with the swarm, through choice, or through some other inability preventing them from re-grouping.
When the popular interpretation of Changelings living in a hive, with Chrysalis in the same role as an ant or bee queen and all of the soldiers as her offspring, is mentioned to a pair of adult Changelings, they are stunned and consider the idea ridiculous: the mother replies that giving birth once was hard enough, producing hundreds is something they can't even imagine. This idea of an "officer" in the changeling ranks has led to fan fictions, and artists recreating the changeling in various stances. Unfortunately for Christine Collins that is not the fact, and the events portrayed did in fact happen.  She would be forced to fight a long and truly terrible battle for her son with only the aid of a persistent Reverend Gustav Briegleb and a few locals. The changeling may end up disguising his or herself as they search for the nourishment of love, which will lead to the events of the story.
Their new information, along with the family's aid in thwarting the plans of a group of ponies who wanted to eliminate Nyx, leads to Princess Luna taking them under her protection and allowing the family to live in peace as citizens of Equestria, with the young Changeling Flitter even attending classes at the Ponyville Schoolhouse. The Caste roles: Worker, Warrior, and Infiltrator thus have origins in the pony races Earth, Pegasi, and Unicorn respectively. Often in fan material, a changeling may develop genuine love or affection towards a pony - an example of this being the song titled "The Sameling". It is later discovered in that same story that the filly Twist and her family have long been able to use their inherent Earth Pony magic to produce a concentrated version of Changeling nectar, albeit without realizing that's what they were doing, by pouring their love into their most basic candy mixes. Surprisingly, the changeling officer is another element found in "changeling in Equestria stories". Due to the resulting nectar being so potent, they must combine it with other ingredients, turning it into various types of candy, in order to keep from getting sick when they eat it.
Nevertheless, the candied nectar they produce is more than enough to sustain a family of Changelings, which makes their lives a lot easier.

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