Prior to forming ClickSWITCH, Cale was Vice President of Sales for Cachet Financial Solutions, Inc. John obtained a BA with Honors in Economics and entered the Soviet arena by joining the East European Division of Xerox in 1986.
John is co-owner of a number of different companies to include, Norman Asset Management Limited; the leading retail park developer in Russia, and active investor in several startups. In 1998, Michael started Stromberg Technologies, which focused on audio, data, print, video and voice solutions. Dominic Jackson has responsibility for corporate finance related aspects of ClickSWITCH including capital raises, project appraisal and investor relations.
Dominic has worked in Corporate Finance and Private Equity for 13 years, initially within the Mergers and Acquisitions teams of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deutsche Bank. Dominic was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales with PricewaterhouseCoopers, is accredited by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment as well as the Institute for Turnaround, and holds a First Class Honours degree in Finance from Exeter University.
Prior to joining ClickSWITCH, Betsy spent eight years as an Implementation Manager for MicroNet, Inc.
Using ACH Network rails, ClickSWITCH has built a new avenue for switching payments electronically, effectively going paperless.
I love this set of candles, they flicker like real candles, the color changing is fun, and the timer is great.
For those who love the true-blue heritage of American style, renowned designer Jeffrey Banks’ exclusive collection of home decor and fashion is inspired by the best elements of authentic American design. The cover-up marks a radical change in how banks now see the enfant terrible of currencies. According to Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of New York’s Department of Financial Services, the cryptocurrency created “a virtual Wild West for narco-traffickers and other criminals.” Even Nobel Prize-winning Op-Ed columnist Paul Krugman asked himself in one of his weekly columns for the New York Times if Bitcoin isn’t just “evil“. Bussman believes that blockchain technology has the potential to trigger “massive” simplification of banking processes and cost structure. The downside of this development is that banks loose their ability to manage customer experiences by themselves. Bottom up FinTechs meanwhile are threatening the market from a cryptocurrencies-point of view. It’s a completely new network protocol that allows value to be exchanged without the need of a trusted intermediary. In the near future transferring money and property will be as easy as swiping your finger from left to right. Banks are now extremely worried that they are facing their own Napster moment – the point when the rise of a new platform disseminates a complete industry by offering a simplified experience in a cheaper way and at a scale that makes it impossible to compete with.
Just remember how Napster and it’s descendants?—?like Spotify and Netflix?—?have changed the entertainment industry in just a few years.

In July 2014 advisory firm Gartner added cryptocurrencies for the first time to their hype cycle of emerging technologies. Peter Diamandis, cofounder of the Singularity University and coauthor of the books ‘Abundance’ (2013) and the recent ‘Bold’ (2015), doesn’t agree with this timeframe. In the beginning digital technologies follow a linear path before suddenly growing exponentially. The cryptocurrency is now on a path from deceptive to disruptive and it will threaten the entire financial industry as we know it. Finally the last stage will be about banking the unbanked?—?capital and currency will become available to anyone with a connection to the internet (democratizing).
Banks haven’t changed very much since their invention, thanks to Bitcoin they’re now dragged into the 21st century. By (quietly) recruiting new employees with knowledge in bitcoin, they are finally accepting the disruptive power of cryptocurrencies. Cale’s extensive experience in financial services technology enables ClickSWITCH to be a superior provider of Internet and mobile-based financial services. In this position he was responsible for the sales and marketing of Cachet’s Mobile Check Capture. He is responsible for providing strategic guidance and managing external funding for ClickSWITCH. John moved to Moscow in 1990 joining the commodity trade house Philip Brothers, Division of Salomon Inc.
An all-in-one solutions provider, Stromberg Technologies integrated all aspects of an organization’s infrastructure to save the company time and money when working with multiple vendors. After completing a client secondment at DIC, a Sovereign Wealth Fund with $13bn under management, he joined their European deal team and completed high profile acquisitions, disposals, refinancing, and restructurings.
These flickering, flameless beauties create a soft, safe glow so you can get a candle-like effect without worry.
They look so good when lite and this would be my 4th set with remotes except my pup ate one of the remotes. Traditional colors and patterns — equestrian, coastal, nautical, plaid and more — showcase the spirit and charm of this timeless aesthetic. One of the requirements was an, “opinion on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.” The bank has since deleted the remark, but the Wall Street Journal managed to write about it before JPMorgan could delete it. In the beginning of September 2014 the Bank of England published a report that describes the blockchain?—?the distributed ledger of Bitcoin?—?as a, “significant innovation’ that has ‘far-reaching implications”.
He added: “When somebody with a strong brand and security level establishes it as a reliable service, then the whole industry will follow. Top-down there are FinTechs that piggy back on the traditional payments and transaction solutions for fiat currencies.

They not only bring finance and technology together, but also reinvent the entire financial system. It’s beyond information on your fingertips, it’s exchanging value on steroids (without the need of a trusted party). Recent research shows that global investment in FinTech is set to double from $10 billion in 2014 to $19.7 billion in 2015. In the report they positioned the digital currency between the peak of inflated expectations and the trough of disillusionment. In his view Bitcoin’s growth is best explained by an exponential curve and that’s why it is on a path to become disruptive over the next 1–3 years. In the next stages of his model Bitcoin is eliminating (dematerializing) the use of physical money and even credit cards, then it demonetizes the cost of transactions and consequentley will eliminate the need for middlemen (banks, lawyers, exchanges). It was in this role where Cale saw the need for easy-to-implement, consumer friendly financial services.
John is a successful serial entrepreneur, owner of numerous companies and founder of Milio International Limited. Michael’s background in cutting-edge technology and services aided him in building the infrastructure for ClickSWITCH™. Subsequently, Dominic joined Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity as a Vice President in London representing the bank on the Boards of its investee companies, and completing deals with corporates and private equity houses such as Montagu and Carlyle.
Set the timer and choose your favorite hue with the included remote and enjoy the ambiance. Alan Greenspan, the former president of the Federal Reserve, was baffled by the digital currency: “You have to really stretch your imagination to infer what the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is.
Parts of the bank are turned into stand-alone products that are delivered to the consumer at a scale and cost that no traditional bank can match.
He has led Milio from 1997 to become an extremely successful oil company, encompassing upstream, trading, logistics and infrastructure. By 1995 John was Managing Director and Head of Representation of Phibro-Salomon’s CIS Operations. He has since advised financial institutions including Electra Partners, the Icelandic Government and Helios Investment Partners for deals in Sub-Saharan Africa.
With offices based globally, Milio has, amongst other activities, been the main supplier of fuels to the NATO Coalition forces in Afghanistan.

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