A generation back, when ‘one job for life’ was pretty much the accepted philosophy for the conservative working class, a career change at 30 or 35 in India was taboo. Unless there was a lay-off (another less frequent phenomenon), Indians employees wouldn’t even be thinking of a career change after 30. Now you’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t proactively evaluate the possibility of a career change after 10 years (or even 15, 20 years) of working. The basic career story for most professionals in India is similar and it’s quite likely that it might apply to you as well. Your basic graduation degree might be in chemical (or mechanical or aerospace) engineering, but you’ve been sitting in a cubicle managing software and other outsourced business processes. Your plight is shared by thousands of other colleagues who have been pulled into the vortex just like you. Your right-brained creative preferences have been pushed into the shadows by all the left-brained activities you are expected to do at work.
Your boss wants to see you as an outgoing, aggressive, back-slapping, in-your-face marketing person who’ll use the gift-of-the-gab that the Lord almighty provided you to get new business for the company. What they don’t know is the introvert who lurks behind that mask, waiting to go home and enjoy the silent me-time. So, fresh faces with lesser experience pouring into your company are getting salaries that are getting too close to yours. Try out this free online career assessment test to see how you’ve managed your career so far. If you are under 35 and prefer a personalised 1-on-1 session, check out our career counselling option. Technology, marketing, sales etc have increasingly become complex over the last few decades. You’ve got some valid points in there, specially about being patient, not looking for short-cuts and most importantly being clear about personal goals. We see folks who take it to the other extreme as well, and end up with 5 different jobs in 5 years. There is no substitute for experience acquired hard way, with sleeves rolled up, right on the field. However, I have lived and worked in Australia & the US and worked with MNCs there mainly in Operations and IT Operations ( 6-7 years of work experience).
What kind of jobs can i expect and what packages should I be expecting with my prior experience. Like all others sailing in my situation I was thinking a Global MBA would be a fix to my problem.
However after reading the articles on your site, which I am so glad I did, I would like to seek some advise.
My frustrations with my current job are that I am not adding any skills on the contrary look at it as a much needed break from the burnout and has helped me cope with my life event. I am hoping your advise would help me get perspective and direction towards building a future. Talk to your ex-boss about why you left the company and what would make you come back (e.g. Also i have to take care of my child who is now of 5 years of age and need good attention from my end.
Thinking from the timing issue then I am able to go home early rather than in corporate where I use to be there for not less that 10-11 hrs. Request your suggestion in this regards do I continue with Academic profile or get HR job if I am able to get thru. I am 40 years old, with 16+ years of experience, at a Senior Manager position drawing CTC of Rs. I have 12 year experience in the retail sector and have spent good number of years in both Finance and Accounting and Supply Chain Management area and recently since past 3 years involved in IT implementation role. About a year back I shifted from retail as it is recession prone and now no longer showing signs of growth. I have mentioned below my limitations for not wanting to continue in the Finance and Accounts stream and the lack of good opportunities in the Supply Chain area. I am willing to enhance my capabilities and take on an executive program or course which will supplement me in advancing towards higher position in the given fields that I have worked so far. I seek your advice and guidance on the kind of career path I should be following and the courses that I should take up to enhance not only my career but also my remuneration so as to make it a stable, long lasting and fruitful one in the long run. Though I have worked in areas of accounts payables, banking and reporting financials performances and monthly MIS there has been no exposure in areas of funds management, treasury, taxation and finalisation of accounts. I have all the knowledge in the area of Distributions, Logistics, warehousing and Imports from planning and budgeting, systems implementation to setting processes. The only area in SCM I am willing to explore is systems implementation for warehousing and transportation and Consultancy in SCM for retail. Have experience as project manager of two EPM implementations, on two different tools and in two different industries. The worrying factors are that I do not have exposure to Financial Consolidation from the functional side and my technology skillsets are not mature enough. Since I have experience in managing two EPM projects and few smaller implementations in my overall career, the option of taking up the role of a professional project manager keeps coming to mind. I am not sure on the growth prospects at a senior managerial level and whether there is scope for enough opportunities in future. I have been engaged in gathering data from different sources, slicing and dicing the information and presenting it in various reports and formats for the management. With all the buzz on Big data, and the dearth of Data Analyst and the nascent stage of the BA sector I am willing to explore and make a career in this field.

Overall in the IT sector there is tremendous competition with new comers who have lesser experience and pay package.
I am a 38 year old Mechanical Engineer from a college under Karnataka University with a decent academic record. Due to continuosly changing roles I suffered a set back of not getting promoted in time ( 3 years ).
I am a 40 year old man struggling with mid-life crisis and need your precious advice to make a important decision in my career. 2) I always wanted to move abroad and in order to achieve my goal I started re-training my self in the field of IT as this was in huge demand at that time.
3) Linked to my electronics background I moved into hardware and networking and also did some certifications like MCSE and CCNA.
In my efforts to move up the ladder, I again decided to re-train myself and recently finished my masters in Business IT from a University in US and spent lot of money on this degree. Pls kindly suggest what further steps I should take in order to fix my career and get a breakthrough in a new profession. I am a MBA graduate in International Business from (IIFT-Delhi) of 35 years old having 15 years of experience in distribution specially in Warehouse industry (Logistics).
There is may be one of reasons of my frustration I believe, my beloved and closed friend my wife pass away last year and after her I joined ISKCON to get peace in mind, but now again feeling alone and in-confident, because she was my willing strength, eventhough she was suffering by cancer and its chemo aftereffects, but after she was boosting me as long as she could, she always telling me don’t compare to yourself with the others but till I have not improve to myself to this. I too think excellence in a field that you love and trained for should be a priority and comfortable life will follow. I am a 33 year old Mechanical Engineer passed out in 2005 and having 9 years of Experience in Indian Steel industry (Tata Steel Ltd,SMS Siemag-German MNC) in Commercial and Supply Chain division.Since last 2 years i am preparing for GMAT. All I can suggest is to ensure that you don’t end up putting shoddy applications just to meet the deadlines. Will some one tell me whether getting a CA i will be able to change my carrier in positive direction that will offer me a good life and money. I m 30 yrs old and a management post graduate from imdr pune 08 batch and have 7 yrs experience in banking and finance industry only, want to know about future career prospects where I can step ahead with taking advantage of my current banking exposure. It turns out being established in one career track doesn’t necessarily mean you want to stay on it. By requesting information, I authorize Rasmussen College to contact me by email, phone or text message at the number provided. Please Note: Your story idea may be featured on the Rasmussen College News Beat or on one of our social networks. Information about our graduation rates, median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information.
Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited college authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. As the employees crossed 25, 30, 40, 50, a change of career became not only less relevant but also less practical. But within a couple of years, you’ve realised that the market salary range has grown much faster than your companies HR policies like. That’s the comfort factor we’re talking about, of sticking to the known evil rather than venturing into the unknown. Our free online personality test might give you some insights into specific traits and tendencies you project. Of course, while you acquire those experience, you must keep yourselves abreast of what is happening in your field. I have done my engineering degree in mechanical engineering and I have more than 12 years of industrial experience now. After 2 months gap , I got a job on one year contract basis in a college with some of my known person. Also as I am not a Chartered Accountant, the prospects of growing further in the Finance and Accounts Function to become head of department even in an SME seems bleak.
I am confident of taking up a senior management role in SCM but fall short on number of years spent in operations more over I do not have exposure to area other than retail operation. No exposure to script writing and coding which makes me less preferred as a techno functional resource.
I always played the role of an interface with IT department in coordinating for data and system generated reports and automating the flow of data. This lateral movement to Trading Ops was a difficult transition & led to decline in overall compensation by 10-15 % from my peers ( who were more experienced than me in the new function). Last year I received my first promotion in 5 years in the current organization but I have no regrets, really I learnt more by not getting promoted. I’ve worked in a small company for a while then started running my own business in electronics. With no experience and negative age factor on my side, I am finding it extremely difficult to secure any position. Currently associated with Manufacturing and Engineering Lab equipments and Instruments company heading to service orders management, having a package of 7.5 lacs.
Currently associated with insurance company heading a cluster in bacassurance channel having a package of 8.5 lac. Companies are forced to take hard decisions because of the stagnation in the market and the excess supply of talent. In Mock Gmat prep i got 700 and planning to appear GMAT in 1st week of Oct to get any how 700 mark. And even more surprising to see that you are giving yourself only 2 months for the rest of the application. Started my career with IT education co., than some years spent in Insurance and then shifted to bank.

My long term goal is to become qualified for discharging the responsibilities of a CFO , preferably in an IT firm. I have completed Bcom degree in the year 2008 and has diploma in finance degree from wellingkar college.
He researches and writes student-focused articles on a variety of topics for Rasmussen College. You might have tons of complaints against your employer – the culture, politics, salaries, policies, how the canteen food has altered your once-enviable silhouette. Consequently, one has to spend considerable amount of time and dedication to deliver anything meaningful. This is not about career change, it about being at the top of your profession, whatever it may be. About 10 months back, I moved from a MNC (where I was working more than 5 years), as I lost trust in the management. Getting an opportunity for a senior position with good remuneration other than retail is demotivating. To be very honest it gave tremendous heart-burn for a risk averse person like me, but I learned to stay put in the related roles & stuck to the tasks assigned. I moved into public sector but left the position as salary wasn’t going up and there were no opportunities to progress further. Do you think the job market for somebody in IT cum finance is good in the US ( dont want to be a victim of something like 2008 financial job sector collapse in US ). I got recurited in TCS through Campus recruitment in an travel department which is exactly opposite than what i did. He is passionate about learning and enjoys writing engaging content to help current and future students on their path to a rewarding education. Now, after working in a field for 10+ years and be ready to innovate in that field, if one quits the job in search of vaguely defined personal goals, it a big loss for that particular field and more so for the individual. The new MNC which I have joined was a little differenct industry; but I was taking care of the operations which was doing in my earlier assignments. Also as far as IT Operations is concerned ( I hold a 1 year diploma in software programming from Aptech) I do not have a professional degree and feel there might be a lot of competition in the work place. I was passionate about technology but now I feel that it is difficult to chase technology, mostly as it grows at a very fast pace.
Looking for better opportunities to boost my carrier as well as income, in anywhere of world because the way my career is going it would next to impossible for me to become a CEO or vertical head for any organization. Looking for better opportunities in banking or finance in anywhere of world because the way my career is going it would next to impossible for me to become a CEO or vertical head for any organization.
To make a switch of career with the same amount of pay, when infact one might be just be a fresher in the new field, is impractical. During my preparation for CAT exams ( gave it thrice got a dismal 92 in the last attempt) , I use to keep myself abreast with the latest updates in the world of finance and economy but have not done any professional courses in it . This is my first job till date .i have 7 year expereince Now i am handling a team of 15 and my current package id 450000. Would you like to share a personal success story about overcoming an obstacle while earning your degree? Recently there was a change in my organisation and I am moved to another area where I do not have much interest and the ambience is also not so supportive. I realized that catching up with technology is very difficult as you grow old ‘coz you need to spend time with your family and other things come in between.
Please suggest me what will work for me & how can I initiate while continuing the job- (1) An Executive MBA from good B school through correspondence (2) Start preparing for GMAT (3) short term certification course certified by NSE-NCFM. Most of transitions you see in the markets is not because the consumers as for it, but because of the element of greed leaking from the individual personas.. Please give your valuable suggestions how to go ahead with 2 months remaining for 2nd round of application. The team i am handling do not need much of IATA knoweldge, but if i want stay i will have to do IATA which i am not at all interested in doing. In fact, fewer than 30 percent of 55-plus respondents said they’ve considered working in entirely different careers. Imagine the amount of pressure it puts on the establisehd corporate heirarchy that was constructed during the yester years of IT boom in India. Firing was rare in India, but efficient companies have started it and others will soon follow the same! Is there any course in SAP or sometning wherein I can change my domain.Actually due to family financial issue i have till date not taken any risk of changing my job. I am really not in a mood to look for another job now and the same time I can’t continue here. But i am not satisfied working in this Domain .Kindly suggest some course which will help me to change my domain .
Some professions such as IT give a big start by paying huge salaries to freshers, but than salaries stagnate after few years. If you’re someone who is considering making a move, go for it, but do it intelligently.
Others have thought about changing careers and a fair amount of folks follow through every year. Quotas were put in place to ensure a sample representative of the entire working US adult population in terms of age, gender and region.

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