After I got engaged, the name issue quickly became the most frustrating detail for me to figure out. I genuinely believe that any partner should change their name if they so desire, but I couldn't seem to justify it to myself for some reason.
When I chose my new first name, I partly chose it because it is gender-neutral leaning toward masculine, which suits my genderqueer self far better than my given name ever did.
While my reasons for disliking my first name are many and varied, it's never been about my family - who I love dearly.
Please know that I am in no way trying to invalidate anyone else's experiences of feeling trapped. Did I want to keep having the same tiresome, negative conversation with every new person that I meet? Additionally, I now have no problem taking my partner's (delightful) last name when I will also be taking my own first name, on my own terms.
Kanye should seriously consider taking Kima€™s last name or changing his to West-Kardashian.

During his performance in Texas on Sunday, as he was wearing his infamous chain-linked Maison Martin Margiela mask; which he has worn lately for a segment in every one of his gigs, encountered a heckler. Could this be the same guy that jumped up on stage and ripped the microphone out of an innocent and young Taylor Swifta€™s hands during her award acceptance speech?
Narcissism, Substance Abuse, and Reckless Behaviours How To Conquer Your Stressed Mind How Paul Walkera€™s Young Girlfriend is Coping with His Tragic Death Is Leonardo DiCaprio Cheating on His Younger Woman, Toni Garrn? Though, I decided to keep my middle name for sentimental reasons - bracketing it between my chosen names. The Psychology of Weight Loss How To Complete Your First Novel In Three Months Or Less Michael Jackson not in heaven, Google says.
I had already earned two degrees and published a few academic papers under my current name which was a significant amount of identity investment, as I saw it.
My father is Hawaiian, and I was given the name to honor that heritage, though I was not raised in Hawaii. Then I started my first full-time job, and was overwhelmed with my legal name on everything, including my provided work e-mail address.

This angry rapper, who has now compared his work to the dangers of a police officer or a war participant, cana€™t handle a simple heckler. He became so infuriated by her actions that he signaled for his security team to remove her from the venue. I reluctantly ordered business cards thinking "Well, maybe I can go by this name again." But, in fact, I couldn't - I hated it. His name was certainly not improved by tacking my name to the front of it, but I felt kind of wrong just changing my last name - misplaced feminist pride, perhaps.

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