Maybe Ia€™m a bit extreme, but changing my name online scared mea€”especially since I'd been building my online brand under my maiden name.
I found myself asking: How do you change your name online seamlessly, while preserving the brand youa€™ve created around your maiden name? After logging in, click on a€?account settingsa€? in the upper right-hand corner, and then a€?edita€? next to the name field.
If you would like to still be found in search for your maiden name, enter it into the alternate name field. Note: While an exact number is not provided, Facebook does limit the number of times you can change your name. To change your display name (the real name associated with your account), simply click on a€?profilea€? in the a€?settingsa€? section, and update.
Changed my username under a€?accounta€? in the a€?settingsa€? section, releasing my old username. In the "settings" section, click on a€?edit your name, location and industry.a€? Update the last name and maiden name fields.

Note: Unfortunately, public profiles do not display the maiden name field, so you may not appear if someone searches on Google, Bing or other search engines. To update your public profile URL, click on a€?edit profilea€? on the profile tab in the main navigation, and then a€?edita€? next to the public profile field.
Dona€™t forget about changing your name on email accounts, email signatures, and other web pages where your name is listed. If possible, keep your maiden name associated with accounts and content for search purposesa€”at least until your new name catches on.
Or, if you just want to share with me marriage advice, honeymoon stories or whatever else married people talk about, Ia€™ll take that as well! And, while life on the home front has been pure newlywed bliss, marriage comes with its own set of hurdles in the online world. For this reason, I kept my maiden name in my public profile URL to help with search rankings. If you would like your maiden name displayed on your profile and to appear in searches, list it in the nickname field.

For example, I changed my blog bios to Tracy (DiMarino) Lewis, since Ia€™m better known by my maiden name.
In it, I provide a step-by-step process for changing your name on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, based on my own experiences. In changing my username, I essentially lose all the SEO and branding power associated with these mentions. In all seriousness though, if your new last name is common, be sure to reserve usernames as soon as possible, as they go quick.
In fact, your username becomes available for someone else to acquire immediately after you drop it. Most social sites do not put redirects in place for you, so youa€™ll need to manually change links.

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