After that you should begin to study and learn the basic practices of Islam, beginning with the daily prayers (Salat).
I hope you'll write back here and let us know when you have converted to Islam, so we can welcome you into this beautiful religion, Insha'Allah (God willing). Assalam o alykum wr wb, its indeed a great blessing for you that Allah swt -All mighty gave u the wisdom to understand his religion and to accept the truth and live the truth. There is no big procedure to convert in Islam unlike Christianity which requires baptism, or reading any mantras like in Hinduism you just need to read out the kalima in arabic which is written below and from that instant time you are Muslim.SUBHANALLAH. It is according to sunnah (the examples of the Prophet's life what he said, did, implemented, how he implemented), to change a bad name (whether it is an arabic name or any other language) immediately, and it is permissible according to sunnah to exchange a name for a better one. BUT THIS USUALLY IMPLY FOR THE NAMES OF MUSLIM AND SECONDLY as she said that her name is unique corresponding to that menaing in arabic (?????) "FAREEDA" i hope that she doesnt bear this name.. Since this sister indicated that her parents will have some difficulty accepting her conversion, I think it's better that she hold off formally changing her name for now. Marriage is another far away aspect ,we have to deal what is in our hand now ,so she start carrying out acts of worship as soon as she can , and remember her acts of worship carry more reward ,entails more sawaab then us .
Not only that, there are many, many western converts who don't change their name for a plethora of reasons. Salaam sister, your reply was good and i learnt something today, i wanted to ask i am thinking of names for my daughter to be, can i use any name as long as the meaning is right, such as alyssa which means noble and kind. In fact it is haram for Mr.Nabeel to tell you to do so considering the volitile and sensative situation you are in,becouse this would put you in harms way,and it is haram to put a muslim in harms way. In fact considering the sensative nature of your being muslim and your parents ,you may conceal your faith and do obey your parents so far as they do not tell you to deny Allah and his beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.
May Allah give you best of blessings and guide your blessed family with the guidence.Blessed becouse of many things but most of all becouse they have you. AND SHE IS ONE of the four best women the world has ever seen and will never see like them..
Coming over to the issue i never said to DECLARE HER RELIGION please i dont want anywant to develop fallacy , even when islam was naive prophet saws for many years propagated the teachings of Islam hiding even they used to offer salah hiding ,, even in dar e arqam. I'm curious, what does a name change amount to if it is not used (or rather, revealed to anyone)? I think you should follow your own advice: "FIRST LET HER GIVE HER ORIGINAL NAME THEN U CAN POST UR FATAWA (OPINION )". I didnt intend to be harsh ,what i wanted is to verify before what we speak , what if i want there to correct ?what if anyone didnt catch that up? Indeed i agree with but you dont understand me again shiva(is representing a god) not a messiah (ayazubillah) ,whereas jesus was a prophet even for the Christians and for Muslims.
So long as your child will be a Muslim – as will you, in sha Allaah – we hope that you will not make him an object of mockery to others or make him stand out because of his having a name that is different from the names of other Muslims.

Because names have meanings, it is wise that there should be a proper connection between the meaning of the names and the object that is carrying the name. Hence the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to change bad names to good ones. NOW, WILL U KEEP THE NAME AASIYAH ASSUMING THAT SHE WAS ONE OF THE BEST WOMEN EVER EXISTED ON THIS PLANET OR SOMETHING WHICH MEANS GOOD . The ruling – changing names to good names – has to do with what is mustahabb and preferable; it is not "obligatory or binding". This shows that improving names and changing names to something better is not something that is obligatory. So i hope you all understood there are many islamic beautiful names and those names will indeed effect on ur personality. I am still not clear on what the difference is between changing one's name and not telling anyone the "new" name, and not changing it at all.
Secondly not making the new name formal means that she should hide for the fear of her parents. Nabeel, you are getting way too hung up on small, inconsequential things, and are missing the bigger picture. Maybe it's just me, but I suspect if a person changed their name and told their friends that they are now going by a new name (Faridah, for instance), and their friend stops by or phones that person's house asking the parents for "Faridah", that this could cause some familial issues? That`s ridiculous what is the meaning of true friends if they dont understand her , and she will only discolose to those whom she trust and trusted buddies ,people dont mess things up.Now dont bring this point that it might slip away from there tongue?
Masha'Allah Shaykh you are very learned and qouting big extensive books and citing sunnah.Masha'Allah,honestly if this young sister hasn't already changed her mind becouse extremists ideals that you seem intent on pushing on her,.
Hayakallah for your response and giving an input ,whats obligatory for her is to understand that whether is obligatory or not .we gave her 2 opinions and we cant make judgement unless she reveals her original name thats it .
And '"whats obligatory for her is to understand that whether is obligatory or not .we gave her 2 opinions"???
Yes akhi 2 opinions depending upon her ORIGINAL name whether she is entitled to change it or not . McConaughey, who has seen his career catapult since his starring turn in HBO’s hit drama True Detective, sat down with GQ for an interview ahead of the release of Interstellar, a sci-fi epic that will see McConaughey in the lead role trying to save humanity.
McConaughey went on to tie the debate over the Redskins’ name and logo to the struggle over gun rights in America.
Asked if he would be offended if the Redskins were to change their name and logo, McConaughey said he wouldn’t. In June of this year, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board found in favor of a group of Native Americans and canceled the Redskins’ trademarks. Since your name has a good meaning (unique), it's not required to change it unless you choose to do so.

Because if you understand Islam u will live it nor leave it .I understand u as am half Indian.
Like Wael said, name changing is only incumbent upon those whose names have a evil or ANTI Islamic derivation.
I have no problem saying that I didn't think that to be necessary, because my answer wouldn't have changed.
It should not be the case that the meaning is not suited to the object and there is no connection between the meaning and the object, because this is what is decreed by the Most Wise, and reality testifies to that.
Eventually, the interview turned to McConaughey’s youth, and the star revealed that he has been a Redskins fan since he was four years old. The Redskins name has been an issue at least since 1992, when a group of Native Americans filed Harjo et al v. Snyder says that the name is a show of respect, and has said in no uncertain terms that the Redskins will stay the Redskins.
They can go right and left, up and down, to and fro, and spin in place, but they still stay attached to their neighbors by bonds. Also, we do not change the surname, as it is the family name and Islam emphasizes the importance of family ties. We are here to always guide u to the right path and prevent u from the vice, infact we are choosen the best among people because we muslim have this characteristic to promote virtue and prevent vice .You will be in great reward beleive me , becuase when islam started those who understood were in position like you .
Being named "unique" or "beautiful" or "beloved" or "noble" etc in ANY language still speaks to the same attributes, and all of these attributes are reflections of Allah.
I didnt knew that you people are revert secondly in my second statement only I said wait for her first to disclose her original name and I REPHRASE THE SAME THING ONTO YOU THAT Not knowing her name didn't stop you from telling her she MUST`NT change her name in order to be correctly following Islam, did it? It was you who made that suggestion, and it was only logical to believe that someone would want to be congruent by following their own admonitions before expecting others to do so.
Most of us don't live in a world where the right thing is always done and everything goes "as it should". My name means unique and my pet name in an Islamic name so will I have to change my name and surname to convert to Islam. I hope u got ur point and adding to that i also said that even if she changed it she does not need to reveal her name to everyone !

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