Our modern era has introduced even more reasons: from newlyweds taking a hyphenated version of both their last names, to transgender name changes, to more and more folks who simply desire a name that more authentically represents who they are. However, it is one thing to start demanding that everyone call you Cornelius Awesome from now on, and quite another thing to make your name change legal. You may need to update everything from your Social Security card (which is done with the Feds, rather than at the state level) to your vehicle title, vehicle registration, voter registration, and passport.
Of all of the legal documents that will reflect the change, your drivers license or ID card is arguably just as important, because it is something you carry with you every day. So, Captain Tyrannosaurus Radpants, what is needed to change your name on your drivers license or ID card? However, if you do not currently have a driver license or ID in your state, you may need to provide other official documents such as an updated Social Security card reflecting the new name as well as completing the required application for a new license.
In the case of a voluntary name change that is not related to a change in legal status (from single to married, change in legal guardianship, etc.) depending on where you live, you may still need to get a judge to sign off. Many states will let you change your name pretty easily, but they want to verify that you are not taking an alias in order to commit crimes or to evade the authorities.
I acknowledge that is a privately-owned Web site that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. For FAQs or to contact us directly for an answer within 5 business days, please check out our Visitor Support page. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. When applying for a Californian marriage license you must state your preferred married name on the license at the time of filing. Both parties must appear together at any Californian county registrar and show government issued photo ID. Fees vary between counties, but expect to pay around $91 for a marriage license or $85 for a confidential license.
The Californian Name Change Equality Act provides a range of name change options to both spouses on marriage. The person conducting your ceremony has 2 weeks to file the completed marriage license with the registrar from the county where it was issued. Most agencies will only allow you to change your name to what is currently recorded with the SSA.
If you have a vehicle title, take it along with a statement of Facts form (available in your Easy Name Change kit) and your current license. If your passport was issued within the past 12 months you can apply for a free replacement with form DS-5504. If you have a large amount of time remaining in your passport, you may choose to leave your paspsort in your prior name while still updating all other records. Get ready to send name change forms, letters and faxes for all the places where you need to change names; SSA, DMV, Passport, insurance, credit cards, banks, loyalty clubs and more!
Brides typically have between 15 and 20 organizations to contact when changing names, and the exact companies differ for everyone. If you are married in California, you must include your name change on the license at the time of application.
Thanks for your fast and accurate response to my questions and the delivery of my easy name change kit. Purchased it for my new wife after she was hesitant to change names because of the hassle and we're both very happy with the outcome!
My husband and I tied the knot on June 6, 2015 which means we have been married for just over 6 months. Tangerine – Same as Chase, you need to call and request a name change and then follow up with a fax that includes your client number.
American Express – You need to call American Express and they have to send you some paper work to fill out.
There are a ton of loyalty programs out there, everything from Sephora to Aeroplan and most of these loyalty programs make it pretty easy to change your name and you don’t need to send in any information. Cell phone bill, electricity, water, the title on your home and honestly anything else you can think of that would require your up-to-date name.
Herea€™s my contribution to changing the truckera€™s negative image.I am a 26 year old female truck driver. Well after 30+ years of driving I realize it's four wheelers will accuse you of just about anything either hitting and getting out your truck abusing them especially when your woman and they see that they may have the upper hand that's when you have to buckle down and really be the driver that know her stuff. Learning about the role of Truckers and their value has enabled me to give them space and respect on the road and streets. When I've seen one in a predicament, trying to get into traffic, or needing to back up into a tight space,I give the trucker the space to do so and it makes their day. Only a person with high standards would be interested enough in improving the life of Truckers. Maya Sieber is that person, and every day makes an impact on truckers around the world. Hey Maya could not have said it better myself, there are allot of 4 wheelers out there who have a total lack of respect for trucks on the road.Unfortunately I have to agree with some of the other commenter when they say that some truck drivers also have a lack of respect for other road users. Maya, I agree that their are a lot of drivers out there that do not understand how much harder it is to manuever or stop a semi, and in our society it is common place for people to be impatient, rude, and inconsiderate - especially on the road. Hi Maya, I'm glad to know a beautiful lady like you became a Trucking professional,I bet it's nice as you can be in very nice places, as a trucker have you ever experienced bad things besides the unconsiderate drivers?
I saw the article and it is from November 2010. How could she still be driving if it was her?
What amazes me about Maya's choice is that this wasn't just a "family tradition", with no other options to choose from. I personally traveled across country under many weather conditions and circumstances including following a truck like the star of the heavens in an ice storm on the way to NYC in the holidays with my young son and our Sheppard. You probably already know that each network interface card (NIC) on a network must have a media access control (MAC) address.
The steps assume that you’ve already installed the Intel PROSet drivers for your Ethernet NIC.

In the Network and Sharing Center windows, click on Change Adapter Settings in the left pane.
Right-click on the connection that you want to change and then click Properties to bring up the network connection properties as shown in Figure 2.
Did you notice that there are more tabs along the top of this dialog box than other network adapters? To change the MAC address, first click the Advanced tab, and under Settings click Locally Administered Address.
In this case, you retain your existing driver license number and renew your license or ID card according to its current expiration date. Cara is a member of the National Writers Union and has written extensively about the arts, restaurant culture, business, and education for both print and online publications. If you had not indicated a change of name on your marriage license, you may still be able to change names, but may experience some difficulties. To avoid issues with unusual married names being accepted by organizations, your preferred married name must be included on your marriage license when applying. You can then apply to the California DMV and ask your new driver’s license is updated to match your SSA records.
You may then order a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the county clerk where filed. Passports more than a year old should use form DS-82 and full renewal fees are payable (Passport books $110. It's advisable to take proof of your name change should you need to prove your identity when travelling abroad. That means the forms, letters and procedures to follow when changing names is different for everyone. My girlfriend suggested bringing your partner because since you will both be under the same name you technically have the same household Alberta Healthcare account. Each bank requires different documentation and some want you to come in to change your information while other’s will accept faxes.
You will need to follow up with a fax to their toll free number and you should have a new card in the mail. They made it really easy to change your name, all you have to do is upload your marriage certificate and then request (you can do this through the chat) your name to be updated. However, Airmiles and Aeroplan do require you to upload your marriage certificate which is super easy. This one is probably the simplest, all you have to do is call in an change your name and marital status (you can actually do your marital status online).
Most of you drivers are misanthropic rednecks attracted to this industry because you cant get along with others.
Be smart and don't ever let anybody threatening you and think your Bonable just because you're a woman.
Like u when i was younger i knew i wanted to b a truck driver but thru the disapproval of my dad( he said to me when i told what i wanted to do when i grew up and i told him a truck driver "thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard. Grave yards are full of people that played games with trucks,and the sad thing is, the DRIVER is the one that has to take the blame for the stupidity of other people. Ia€™ve been driving for about 27 years, 23 with the Canadian Forces and have driven in Canada the USA and various other countries around the world and I am now a civilian driver in Canada.
I feel for you and the job you do, and appreciate all of the truck drivers out there that keep America moving. Continue on that track. The person who made the unfortunate comments seems to have retreated. Very much appreciated for your true love and support :)Oh and the jealous men acting like Kindergarten children on here are one of 3 co-workers on my Facebook page so I already knowww whooo youuu arrrreee! Maya you know I love you girl and just let me know who this ass is and ill handle them lol dont mess with a Sicilian woman you wont make it out alive!!! She's writing something constructive to help truck drivers and other drivers and this poor soul uses this platform to try to discredit her.What a jerk! If you’ve not yet done that, you can get the driver installer package from Intel® Download Center.
His classes can be attended in Phoenix, Arizona or online from anywhere in the world with RemoteLive.
Please keep in mind however, that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and all links are nofollow. Cara loves to travel and maintains a personal Wordpress blog named Advice From a Real Live Woman. You’ll still need to contact all the necessary organizations individually and show your certified marriage certificate where requested. Many counties also have an online ordering service, however you are usually required to pay the fee and show appropriate identification when collecting the license. I never realized how many documents actually have my name on them and never did I think there would be a specific order in which I needed to change them in. You will need to designate someone to be the main account holder out of the two of you and it will require both of your signatures. She was thrilled that I have been doing this, as it creates safer 4 wheelers, as well as 18 wheelers. U can do btr w ur life.") and my life choices i havent been able to realize it and probably wont for the next 10-12 yrs due to having a small child. Its about time for america and goverment to wake-up and see the TRUTH about whats really happening on america's highways. But I can say I've cut off cars in traffic to switch lanes to avoid people merging onto the freeway more of a common courtesy it's hard having 70' of trailer behind you and being governed at 65 so it may seem like were jerks to pass a rig and may take some time but if you 4 wheelers give us some time we will move over ASAP. Aggressive driving I can honestly say is alive and well no matter where you may find yourself, the Middle East is by far the most challenging environment I have ever driven in but for the people there it is a way of life.

Now back to more important things like your intelligent article about safety for the benefit of everyone in the USA and other countries! You guys are too cute when you show your jealous insecure side :)Why don't you step it up and be men and not be anonymous? You can really see and hear when the old head of man's oppression and fear of women's emancipation rears its ugly face again. Set aside half a day to do your own research or buy a personalized ready to send kit which cuts out most of the research and administration. Some DMV representatives may allow your name change by showing a marriage certificate that does not include your preferred name.
You’ll need to provide a thumb print, have a new picture taken and pay the $27 fee (correct at the time of writing, however fees can change). But i just love that u and all the other lady truckers give the great perspectives n truths of being out there on the road.
Truckers must rise above the temptation to teach other road users a lesson by tailgating them, blowing horns etc when they have been the recipient of aggressive driving, it's what separates Professional Drivers from other road users.
As Maya points out, when we go to reach for a product in our stores, how do you think it got there?
It's not an easy job to be one and I know you will make it easier for others to follow you.One day, I see you on the road and I will know it is you. The poor fellow who wrote that a work accident is proof that a female shouldn't do "a man's" job and stay home, preferably barefoot and pregnant, shows that this fear is still alive and well in today's society. I know Maya & know for fact that she has learned everything she needed to be a professional Trucker So who ever has a BEEF with what she is communicating here needs to regroup & commend her on her ability & dedication to this world of Truckers . Simply click here to return to What Are Your Suggestions for Changing The Face of The Trucking Industy. The network connection will be down for a moment while it restarts with the new MAC address.
Once you have successfully applied for your marriage license it is not possible to request any changes.
If the DMV and other organizations do not allow your name change you may have no choice but to apply for a court ordered name change instead.
Take the certified copy of your marriage certificate, your current license, plus proof of legal presence (ie: birth certificate, US passport, citizenship documents or alien registration).
Or save yourself half a day or research and administration with our ready to send personalized kits. Everything from getting a piece of ID in the mail with my maiden name still on it, to frantically trying to convince all the banks and investment accounts I use to accept my name change before the end of the year so that my tax slips are in the correct name. To gain respect we must show respect, it's not easy given the rising amount of vehicles sharing the road.
By a Truck Driver!So, the point she is making is to give more respect to the Truckers who are keeping America going. Maya wisely pointed out that we drive very large, heavy vehicles that take a considerable amount of time to stop and extra space to maneuver.
Actions such as tailgating a family vehicle with the type of vehicles we drive just adds to the frustration level of everyday drivers. Eaither they don't belive the picture is really me or they think I'm a dirty nasty, stupid trucker. I had a lady one time tell me the only reason I was a trucker is because I was too stupid to be anything else. Like the gentlemen, that I am, I drove her straight home and went to dinner and a movie by my self.
The last internet site I signed up for I got 400 hits in three months, little lower than average, but its all good. Well I am blessed with witnessing these skills unbeknown to the majority of drivers out there. I put in my description that I'm a trucker and you wouldn't believe how many women tell me if I quit doin what I'm doin than they will start a relationship with me, well we know how far that got them.
Before these times I admit to careless acts of ignorance and am blessed to be more aware due to the likes of Maya and the conscious drivers of the planet.
This is the only trade I've been in where the biggest majority of the people will help others out. Like you I've been a, mechanic, plumber,machinist, carpenter, ran my own business for years. There are good people in this trade and even people that will stop and help people stranded on the side of the road.
This trade has a lot of heart involved and we all get a bad rap no matter what kind of people we are or how many people we help, or even make smile in a day. If wea€™re in traffic and instead of squeezing in front of us just stick your arm out and politely show that youa€™d like to get in front. As a local truck driver, I meet dozens of people on a daily basis and because of me being a non typical truck driver people ask me questions about why I drive a truck.
Every day I get the question a€?isna€™t driving that big rig hard?a€? a€?No, not anymorea€? I reply. Even after 2 years of driving more than I walk, talk and sleep I am still learning something new out on the road. Ita€™s freedom, ita€™s liberating and ita€™s what keeps America moving.Try what I mentioned, it will make you feel good!

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