I’ll save you from the gorey details, but lets just say it took nearly 12 months, countless hours and dozens of repeated applications! So without further ado, I present to you a master guide to changing your name after marriage in British Columbia. As of 2013, you need to have your Health Care updated prior to applying for a new drivers license. In addition, for the sake of both your medical records and your medical services plan, it’s essential that you update your care card to match your other ID. As your drivers license is typically your primary piece of ID, I suggest updating it first or as soon as you recieve your marriage certificate. Changing your passport to your married name can be one of the more challenging steps in this process, simply because the route you take depends on multiple factors. You will more than likely need to apply for a passport as if it were your first time, using the General Adult Passport Application. Keep in mind there are multiple circumstances that can sway whether or not you must apply in person at a government agent office or the official lower mainland passport offices. It’s important that you inform CRA of your change of name for taxation purposes, as well as for your medical records, as the health care division of British Columbia is billed and managed by Revenue Canada. Unfortunately, there’s no easy 1,2,3 plan for changing over your bank accounts, credit cards and payroll to reflect your new married name.
KME advice: As bills come due, pay day approaches and you finally have a need to run inside the bank, take the time to update your records then. I’d bet my last penny that most newlyweds will get to changing over the fun stuff before getting to the official ones. So there you have it, lovelies: A no non-sense, complete guide to changing to your married name in British Columbia, Canada.
As far as my personal experience and research has served me, you only need one copy when applying in person, as they do not keep it. When you apply for your marriage certificate the FIRST time, the certificate you receive in return is an official marriage certificate document.
For those who are employees, speak to your supervisor or HR person to be sure that Group Insurance packages are updated as well as Pensions or Group RRSP plans as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this article- I have been married for almost 3 years, have one baby and another one on the way with my husband, but the whole process of changing my last name has been so daunting, not knowing where to start, which things need to be changed first so that other ones can be changed etc etc. Thanks to this site, I had my name officially changed less than 2 months after getting married.
According to Bride to Be’s Cost of Love*, over 82 per cent of Australian women still choose to change their name after getting married.
As I sat there, the grey-headed guy from the Road Transport Authority got louder and louder. Almost everyone requires either a signed letter accompanying your marriage certificate (the real one, not the one you get handed at your ceremony), or they’ll make you go in to the offices, in person, to hand over your documentation. Biting the bullet I had never really considered keeping my maiden name, but there was a small part of me  that felt like I was giving up on the family.
My husband is a traditionalist and deep down I think he’d love me to take his name, but at the same time he respects my decision. Work – employers will require your marriage certificate and also a new Tax Form to be completed (so you can also then cross the ATO off your list).
As someone who has been married to one woman who opted to keep it maiden and another who had to learn a whole new signature, I have adopted the same position on this issue as another controversial one: I am pro-choice.
When my first wife declared that she would be retaining the name she was born with, it wasn’t an issue.
That was until, I found myself about to marry another woman who had no hesitation in wanting to adopt my last name. DID YOU KNOW According to our Bride to Be Cost of Love survey 2012, 82% of women will change their surname, although half of them are not excited about doing so.

North Dallas GazetteThe North Dallas Gazette provides information and African American community news and events.
Facebook recently used their user statistics to publish a study Examining How Married Women Keep or Change Their Names On Facebook , which explores married name change trends within several age categories. Name change after marriage should be an easy to-do after brides make their decision, but the process is wrought with paperwork and laws that vary from state to state. David’s Bridal has been a long-standing leader in the wedding gown industry and is now expanding to provide everything a bride needs for her wedding, including help with her name change.
And let me tell you, no one warned me how long, drawn out, repetitive and tedious it would be! My experience may not be that of all future wives, but if I can save even one of you from the trouble, I think I’ve served you well! If you plan to mail in your applications or apply online, you’ll need  reigstered copies from the government. In order to have this, MSP needs to be notified first before going to the Motor Vehicle branch and MSP takes about 30 days to process.
It’ll be used throughout the entire process of changing to your married name, along with your official marriage certificate for proof of authentication. To tell them you are changing your marital status from Single to Married and you will need your spouse’s SIN number to do so. Thankfully, none of them are time sensetive or vital to completing this process of changing to your new married name officially. I’m talking email signatures, online accounts such as your blog bio and social media platforms, like your facebook and twitter accounts. Have questions or know of a great service that can help lessen the stress of this process, email me. As guidelines and government procedures change throughout the years, be aware the above may have changed. We’re excited and proud to start offering these kits, complementary to all KME clients.
Seriously is there a reason they make this so hard, I swear if we had to do it prior to the wedding we’d all throw in the hat. I have been putting this whole thing off for months simply because I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it! My dear wife asked me to do some research in this regard and your blog post was the first thing I found. The passport application states that you can’t use the “simple passport renewal application” if your name has changed, you have to use the long general adult one.
Thank you so very much, really appreciate your consolidated list and easy to understand steps.
I was married 8 months ago, and I am just getting around to looking into it now…I have been avoiding it because I have heard how long the process is! And really, it only took 2 full days of applying in person, the rest was waiting for my marriage certificate. It seems that with the new BC Services Card, it now includes Driver Licence and MSP as one card. True, it’s time consuming, and no-one (from the bank to the phone company to your pay TV provider) makes it a particularly easy experience. If you couple the sheer amount of paperwork that goes into changing a surname, and then add to that the thought of losing that small word that has really spelled out your independence for the past 30 years, then you’ll understand why some women find it hard to let go. Historically Mrs signalled a woman was no longer a spinster, but thank heavens those days have gone and respect is given to the person whether they are Miss, Ms or Mrs. As much as I’d like to report that I am a thoroughly post-millennial man when it comes to gender politics, her decision triggered some deeply-seated wave of traditional pride.

In the same vein, Yahoo Shine just published an article on the topic: Retro Marriage Trend Makes a Comeback . Besides your credit cards, which you will likely use to as your second piece of ID regularly, the above  can be changed over time. So as time permits and your excitement motivates, be sure to change over your cyber presence to reflect your new married name. One is the original and the other is an official replacement approved through the government. I had no idea where to start or what to do when, and your page gave me hope, hehe… It was all and more than I needed, so thank you!
I’m getting married on Saturday and you just made me weeks after the wedding much more relaxed! I waited so long because our marriage certificate is from Costa Rica and looks weird so I was worried I might have more trouble.
I have to renew my passport so it’s a good time to change my name on everything else!
I just got married a few weeks ago and have been tackling this since I got back from the USA. I suspect throughout my lifetime there will be very few occasions I am called Mrs Anything.
First up, I come from a family where most of the grandchildren are female (there is literally one male cousin to carry on the family name) and it’s also a proud nod to my Irish roots. Eight years on, it still makes me smile to hear her say it over the phone or see it on her business card. Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West are adding fuel to the media buzz as they consider changing their names after tying the knot.
Wish I knew of your business and website while planning my wedding I would of hired you in a heart beat. Might want to add that people from other countries need to have theirs translated and notarized.
I have a unique situation I was just about to embark on changing my surname and I got mad at the PASSPORT people. At parent teacher evenings if the Principal wishes to call me Mrs Brown so be it, I certainly won’t be offended by the title.
Furthermore, I didn’t fancy replacing one fairly common name with another run-of-the-mill one and, as a writer, I felt hyphenating them had far more impact in print.
The fact that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me (at the time) was a statement of union enough.
Busy brides and helpful wedding guests can purchase these cards for $29.95, and know that they have successfully saved countless hours of hassle for the recipient. Seeking to inspire this generation as a Professional Wedding Planner, Speaker, Writer and Business Coach, to focus on what matters most in life and leave a legacy of love and service. Thank you for posting this, you have been a great help in keeping many new brides from losing their minds! I now also find myself with a new nickname – I often get called ACW which I’ve grown to quite like! And I think funnily enough, my husband has too – I never met any resistance from him when I decided to hyphenate and I think he likes that I have my own distinct identity.

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