Most styles of internal martial arts incorporate standing meditation as a core component, if not the most important part of their training.A  While the practices are elegantly simple and instruction on correct posture abounds. A Most students do not maintain a standing practice and never achieve the benefits of Zhan Zhuang.A  Why is this?
A Lack of commitment is normally due to lack of understanding and therefore lack of buy-in. Zhan Zhuang is a stance practice in which the body is kept essentially still and mostly upright, though there are some stances where the spine is not vertical.
The purpose of these standing exercises is to become aware of the body and how it stabilizes itself.A  You are then able to gain a measure of control over this autonomic process and use it to improve health, posture, and martial abilities. Please note that Zhan Zhuang is not considered to be a form of qi gong because of its purpose or intention but is often grouped with qi gong because the practice looks similar.A  a€?Many styles, especially the internal styles, combine post standing with qigong training and other coordinated body methods to develop whole body coordination for martial purposes. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe in the upper right corner of the screen and you will be notified when a post is released. I will respond and do my best to translate but I haven’t spoken Portuguese for a while.
Vou responder e fazer o meu melhor para traduzir mas eu nA?o falei PortuguA?s por um tempo. Your situation sounds extremely specific so I will suggest a resource here and then add some additional points of focus to continue you on your way.
Here are some initial pointers and I would be happy to continue this thread as it would be beneficial for lots of people. There definitely is a tuck to the tailbone that many practitioners describe but I think that it is the result of correcting the overall posture and not a goal unto itself. My question for Sprath is what would be the goal of doing higher and longer stances vs lower stances. Low standing for 3 minutes each day has to be the quickest way to build up leg strength, confidence in stance work, and flexibility. The higher stance allows us a lot of time to cultivate internal sensitivity, meditate, and work on long periods of relaxation. The higher stance can be used to cultivate awareness of opponents and some of the harder qi gongs and gong fu harden their skin in higher standing postures. The overall point is that the heights and the stances are tools that can be used for a variety of reasons. Receive 1 essay each month & get 2 free resources on qi gong and acupuncture just for signing up! About TaiChi BasicsTai Chi Basics is an online guide to understanding the fundamentals and practice of the Chinese martial art called Tai Chi. Die Trilogie A»Herz-SchwingungenA« ist ein Projekt, das ich schon viele Jahre als Vision hatte und an dem ich mehrere Jahre gearbeitet habe.
Und durch seine Musik kannst du seine Seele berühren und ebenfalls die Inspiration erfahren. Qigong meditation is an ancient Chinese method of exercise and meditation that makes the mind and spirit calm and cultivates health, well-being, and long life.
The ideal of Spiritual qigong is return to the original nature of a child and beyond that by re-discovering our minds as manifestations of Nature itself.
In sports and martial arts, Qigong meditation is the key to strength, stamina, coordination, speed, flexibility, balance, and helps resist injury.
There are more and more scientific reports today supporting the fact that qigong can affect the immune system and endorphin levels in the brain.
Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese breathing exercise that stimulates and balances the flow of vital life energy along the meridians of the body. Qi Gong has been operating for thousands of years in china and the east as a spiritual as well as medicinal healing aid. Because qigong includes active and mild techniques that can be practiced from standing or seated positions, it is appropriate for young and old. The overwhelming majority of tai chi in China, as in roughly ninety-nine percent, was never considered meditation within its parent system, Taoism. Tai chi done as meditation has a range of possible goals much like sitting meditation from simply relieving life’s stresses, to clearing out all of the nonsense that’s inside if you, to deeper goals like finding out what is unchanging inside of you and eventually joining with the universe or the Tao. Originally tai chi was not done primarily as a health exercise as it is now often promoted (and for good reasons). The other positive side effect of learning tai chi was its meditative nature but again this is not necessarily meditation as defined previously as a practice that goes for enlightenment. Drawing directly from the history of the internal arts, we find that tai chi was practiced primarily as a martial art. In the advanced stages of a tai chi practice, everything is taught from the perspective of the Tai Chi Classics, which come from the principles of Taoist meditation. By learning tai chi as a martial art, many people also find that they can remember the entire form better.
When we change our point of reference to tai chi as meditation the primary goal is not about fighting better. In contrast, a person who does tai chi as meditation may not even particularly care about his or her martial abilities. Some of the same techniques that meditators practice to attain spiritual clarity will also make the person very psychically powerful. Obviously, the first step to practice tai chi as a meditation for a beginner is to learn the basic tai chi form, because that’s the overall container.

Next you will have to gain a certain amount of energetic awareness that tai chi is capable of giving you.
Bruce is passionate about teaching the wisdom from Taoism including qigong, tai chi, healing, martial arts and mediation. Great article, I know a few instructors of Tai Chi that still have there demons chasing them because they have never focused on the clearing.
Now this is exactly why I gave up the internal arts, after many hours of practice, back in the eighties.
Thanks for highlighting the energetic awareness stage, on the continuum between physical alignment and the real work of meditation.
This posture is entirely Daoist in its origins and has many variations.A  Zhan Zhuang is also practiced in a deep stance with the left hand aligned behind the back at the ming men and the right hand flat and open in front of the eyes. The martial practice is thought to strengthen the body’s Central Nervous System and develop the coordination required for effective martial performance. Even when you respond to the opponenta€™s movement, show the marvel of the technics and fill him with wonder. Daher habe ich mich entschieden, auch den Preis meiner CDs auf einem hohen Niveau anzusetzen, um diese Wertigkeit zum Ausdruck zu bringen. Advancement in Qigong meditation is often accompanied by a variety of spiritual experiences.
Practices can be modified to individual needs making it a perfect aid to recovery from illness or injury. Or is it that one part of tai chi is not a meditation tradition, but one part of tai chi is a meditation tradition?
I think there are a lot of misconceptions in general about this both in the West and even in China. Casual meditation helps people release their stress and, if practiced enough, helps the practitioner develop inner peace. There was a small group who focused on using tai chi within the Taoist meditation tradition, but that’s an extremely small minority.
Well, once again, you have to make two very clear distinctions, that of tai chi for health vs tai chi for martial arts.
An interesting way of looking at tai chi is this: it is an incredible system of martial arts that contains, as a side effect of its martial aspects, a movement form that just happens to make the practitioner very healthy, the nervous system very strong and can cultivate incredible mental abilities in the practitioner. Each move has a specific martial component and different forms were developed around martial tactics.
This keeps the practitioner’s mind focused on the many phrases contained within the Classics. A person could be a tai chi martial art master, do his or her tai chi push hands very well and excel at fighting. They are more concerned with getting rid of the emotional, mental, psychic and karmic demons that they have inside of themselves. Again, this is going to be the same path regardless of whether you are learning tai chi with the eventual aim of using it as a martial art or as a moving meditation practice. You are no longer a bystander.  The question now becomes what are you going to do with the chi that you have been generating in your practice, or what is it going to do to you? These methods usually need to be taught by a master because even if you get the method, it’s really the mind that’s behind the techniques that needs to be transferred. One issue that I have been pondering since reading one of your earlier articles on Meditation is – Is the process of Sung necessary for good martial art?
When I first started to practise martial arts including tai chi and chi gung, I was more concerned with trying to build up tremendous martial power, but the more I practised, the more my inner demons began to arise within me resulting in me giving those around me a hard time.
I have been aware of this myself, not just as a martial arts practitioner ( not a very good one ), but also, as a acupuncturist ( perhaps just a bit better than my tai chi ).
This is such a useful paradigm and when you get a sense for where you are on that continuum, the quality of your practice really improves!
I have no problem trying to relax my shoulders and lower my elbow (in the hugging tree posture) but i feel unbalance below. Daher stellen diese CDs fA?r mich eine Art Trilogie der Herzenergien dar, und das Feedback, das ich dazu erhalte, ist einfach fantastisch und erfA?llt mich mit Freude und Dankbarkeit.
Die damit verbundene Reduzierung auf das Wesentliche spricht viele Menschen sehr an, und ich bekomme oft RA?ckmeldungen, dass sich das ganze Energiefeld nach dem HA¶ren der CD gereinigt und energetisiert anfA?hlt.
AuAYerdem biete ich diese CDs nicht als Download an, weil ich die KlangqualitA¤t von MP3s als nicht ausreichend empfinde a€“ es gibt lediglich HA¶rproben auf der Website. Ich habe mit Richard einen Bruder auf dem Seelenweg gefunden, und es ist eine Freude und ein kreatives Feuerwerk, mit ihm zusammen zu erschaffen. It is a spiritually natured discipline, inspired by ancient Chinese shamans, Taoists, and Buddhists, all of whom sought after harmony and peace in the solitude of nature. Scientifically and medically, tests have proven that the benefits of qigong mediation are accurately positive on the humans’ brain and body. Qigong has been revealed to improve posture and respiration, induce the relaxation response, and improve self-awareness and concentration. Bagua was originally a meditation tradition as it was taught in Taoist monasteries, predating tai chi by a few thousand years.
But make no mistake that meditation for the sake of spirituality, or even enlightenment, is of another order altogether.
The other two internal arts of bagua and hsing-i also make practitioners strong but in other ways.

But tai chi chuan ‘s purpose was about making the mind still not for the goals of meditation, but for the goals of obtaining worldly and martial power. For example, the wide stances within the Chen style were developed for moving in battle while wearing heavy armor. But these phrases and applications of using the mind were always in the service of improving martial capacity, being able to have an incredibly well-developed mind and spirit that could fight well and get an edge to be successful in the world.
By learning each martial application as you go along, most find it both more interesting and the moves seed into the body easier because they have a direct application. Most people who are very good at meditating can usually also be successful in the world if they simply choose to have their attention, instead of turning inward, turn outward, which is what virtually everybody does to begin with. For martial arts, if you want to be successful in the world, if you want to beat people in the world, being psychically powerful is an incredible edge. Not as a hobby of the week, but as something you dedicate yourself to with discipline and passion. Energetic awareness starts to build chi, and at this point, you are revamping and educating your nervous system.
If you can recognize that meditation is the royal path that all masters and sages throughout time have taken, then go forward knowing that you have a divine opportunity that can change the nature of your soul or Being. It goes without saying that you want to build the best container possible because it is the foundation for everything that comes later. Without working with a skilled teacher, the martial art mind will generally, in the overwhelming majority of people, take them toward worldly power or at least guide them into thinking they have gained worldly or spiritual power when this may not be the case. If so, won’t a person’s inner demons be eradicated in the process of becoming Sung? Eventually the penny dropped and I began to learn how to deal with these issues safely and these days, although I still train diligently I never give a thought to being strong and powerful martially. Its true to say that Daosim and Oriental medicine share the same source, and actually, as far as I can see, the principles are the same. Das A–ffnen und Harmonisieren des Herzens scheint im Moment bei vielen Menschen ein wichtiger Aspekt zu sein und der ZeitqualitA¤t voll und ganz zu entsprechen.
When the Qi is abundant, clear, and flowing, the senses perceive and are infused by sweetness. Research implies that Qigong may be positive for Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Pain, and a wide variety of common ailments. It works in conjunction with other forms of therapy and should never be used as a replacement for crucial treatment by a physician.
So although tai chi makes people healthy, again classically the ninety-nine percent of people learned and practiced it primarily as a martial art. In the days before guns, being a better martial artist was not a hobby but rather in many cases a matter of life and death.
In modern times, it seems as though a large number of people use tai chi as a container primarily for health. You are becoming more aware of the subtle nature of energy fields in your body, and through partner practices like tai chi push hands, of the subtle energy fields in your practice partners as well. It does of course depend on how it is presented to the student, and of course, how the student responds to the knowledge. Qigong meditation is a very old Chinese energy (Chi) practice and is a self-healing art form that combines movement and meditation. However, even though tai chi comes from Taoism it would be false to say that it was primarily a meditation tradition. If they have actually had to hurt others or kill in a fight, they may not be able to handle the emotional, psychic and karmic load that comes with that (much like many of our returning veterans).
You are increasing your inner chi storage and also increasing the speed with which that chi can move around your body. I am aware of a lot of practitioners that are successful, but sadly, they lack the awareness of their own personal dilemma. And even if their inner demons are relatively calm after engaging in a real battle, they still don’t have the clarity to know who they are, and they don’t have the clarity to start reaching out to understand what the universe is. Similarly, you need to learn the entire form correctly and you need to know all of the precise alignments, so that you don’t have a leaky container.
You learn all the subtle energetic techniques, or neigong, that get put inside the container of tai chi. Then you can continue to develop more chi and specifically apply the chi that is developed through meditation methods to unbind the blockages within. Keep in mind, once the container is there, you can pour any kind of wine into it that you choose.
The Qi is the fundamental energy of the body; while gong means the ability of moving this Qi. Its not necessarily a nice place to be but it takes a certain kind of person to do this and as far as I can see, not a lot are up to scratch.

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