Discover the ancient traditions regarding Chinese peace symbols and find out how they are being incorporated into latest fashion trends today.The Chinese writing system makes use of characters known as Han characters.
According to ancient tradition the Chinese people have made intensive use of their symbols as a means of attracting good things as desired.
In fact the peace symbol is not the only character that has been used to attract good things in the lives of the people.
Today the Chinese peace symbol is amongst the most popular characters used not only in China but also around the world.
Of course there is a huge difference in the perception that the westerners have regarding the Chinese peace symbols and the perception that has been prevailing in China for centuries. Whereas the Chinese believed that the peace symbols had the ultimate power to bring them inner peace many today are in it only for the sake of the aesthetics.
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The total number of characters in the Kangxi dictionary is a staggering 47,035 although a large portion of them are no longer used. The feeling of peace being one of the dearest things to human nature the use of the peace symbol is found extensively in Chinese culture.
Well, according to them if you surround yourself with peace symbols you will ultimately achieve peace within your self. Good fortune and blessing symbols of various kinds can be found in people’s homes, shops, cars and offices. The west is particularly infatuated with Chinese symbols and peace being a universally appealing idea is right on top of the list. When the same concept is represented in the form of a Chinese symbol that looks amazing because of the way it is composed the symbol gains even more credibility and appeal.
The Chinese peace symbol is worn by the youth not with the belief that it has the power to bring the individual peace of mind or heart.
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The important thing to understand is that the Chinese characters are actually symbols that represent complete ideas rather than words constructed from letters with phonetic values.
The meaning of peace as symbolized by the Chinese character does not necessarily mean the absence of war.
At least this is how they have made use of the peace symbols throughout the history of the nation. Hence we find a wide range of fashion accessories and clothing gear featuring the Chinese peace symbol and selling like hot cakes in the western world. Rather peace is a feeling of contentment in the heart which is one of the most valuable things in life.

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