Cogmed JM is for pre-school children – its training design is identical to our original program for children, Cogmed RM, but features a new interface especially designed for younger children, ages 4-6. To help parents motivate their children and provide them with feedback, the program includes support from a Cogmed Coach at a Cogmed Qualified Practice.
The difficulty level of the training is adjusted in real time by the software based on the trainee’s performance.
You should not just take our word for this; review the research behind Cogmed and talk to one of the highly experienced professionals who use Cogmed to help their clients prepare for success. Cogmed is the intervention that is proven to make a difference for your clients and students. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ACCESS The Cogmed Coaching Center will be available on iPad (November 17) and Android (December 8) tablets, making the program easier than ever to administer.
FLEXIBILITY YOU NEED With 2 new approved training protocols out of Beta testing, you can find the right training for your clients and students based on their schedule and needs.
Now with a new look, it’s easy to see your reports, setup your new IDs and customize the color to personlize it to you.
If you have any questions or suggestions about this new functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-748-3828. Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory. Our education-focused webinars are an excellent way to find out how you can implement Cogmed successfully in your school. This district found improvements in working memory and inattention plus math after a research program with Cogmed. Cogmed is backed by over 45 studies that shows it to be effective in improving working memory and attentional behavior. De nombreuses etudes scientifiques montrent que la plupart des gens presentant un deficit attentionnel souffrent conjointement d’un trouble de la memoire de travail. Les recherches confirment par ailleurs le lien entre un deficit de memoire de travail et de faibles performances scolaires ou professionnelles.
Un nombre croissant de recherches scientifiques confirme l’efficacite de la methode Cogmed.

Le traitement a eu des effets mesurables et significatifs, tant statistiquement que cliniquement, sur les capacites mnesiques, le controle inhibiteur et le raisonnement complexe.
L’importante et durable diminution des problemes d’attention a la suite d’un entrainement cognitif visant a ameliorer la memoire de travail constitue une percee scientifique importante. D’eminents chercheurs en Europe et aux Etats-Unis ont reproduit des experiences utilisant la methode Cogmed. Working memory is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task and remember what to do next.
Studies consistently show that problems with attention and learning are often caused by poor working memory.
Cogmed Working Memory Training is a web-based intervention for attention problems caused by poor working memory.
Working memory can be improved by training and using the right tool and protocol: Cogmed is that tool. If you suspect that you or someone you know may have working memory issues, call the phone number at the top of this page and set up a consultation to see if Cogmed is the right solution for you.
We offer medical, psychological, educational, and speech-language evaluations that help patients, parents, and professionals in the community understand differences in children and adolescents that impact development, behavior, and emotions. Cogmed is a breakthrough intervention which improves attention, behavior and the capacity to learn by targeting working memory capacity.
Aside from a home computer with an internet connection, speakers, and a mouse, no additional accessories are required. There is a straightforward and research-based explanation for the mechanisms delivering the effects. The computerized, cognitive exercises are designed by neuroscientists to target this key cognitive function that has been proven to be fundamental to executive function and attention. The highly fine-tuned calibration means that every Cogmed trainee will always be training at the very edge of his or her cognitive capacity. Effort, compliance, motivation, and fidelity are assessed and measured in real time to promote results.
The following checklist can be used as support in determining if a person has poor working memory, and could benefit from Cogmed Working Memory Training.

La memoire de travail peut egalement etre deficitaire chez les patients victimes de traumatismes cerebraux ou chez tout adulte vieillissant. A l’oppose, une memoire de travail efficiente est etroitement liee a une utilisation efficace des capacites intellectuelles. It is a critical function closely related to the attention necessary for a wide range of cognitive tasks, and is one of the best predictors of academic achievement.
This holds true for those with ADHD, learning disabilities, or milder forms of learning and attention problems.
Cogmed combines cognitive neuroscience with innovative computer game design and close professional support to deliver substantial and lasting benefits to our users. Our doctors also provide medical and psychological therapeutic inventions, working closely with your child’s pediatrician and school personnel to address a range of developmental, behavioral, and emotional differences identified through our evaluations.
The exercises become more difficult in small steps, as the child’s ability to handle them improves. The details of the exercise design allow the program to be very focused and yet provide slight variations. This is true for many people, from a young child with severely impaired capacity, to an adult in good cognitive shape.
Cogmed has been updated and upgraded for easier and more robust implementation allowing you to achieve better results. Poor working memory and attention problems in general are seldom manifested in the exact same way, so you should not expect for all items in this list to be applicable.
Is your child struggling, particularly with reading comprehension and math, despite motivation and hard work?
With our coaching and support you will likely improve in the ABC’s of Cogmed: Attention, Behavior and Capacity to learn. The research breakthrough is that by training a tightly defined cognitive function you create a cascading effect of improvements.

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