Pranks aren't usually described as sweet or romantic, but thanks to MediocreFilms, we now know they totally can be. There's a secret admirer somewhere who thinks eighth-grader Liz Osorio is pretty special, sending her several carnations Thursday at Powell Middle School. Surprises bloomed all over Powell Middle School Thursday, leading to some interesting reactions. SPRING HILL - Leave it to the females to devise and promote a new celebration of Valentine's Day. The all-girl, 23-member-strong Funky Finds MicroSociety at Powell Middle School did just that as they organized their own small business to sell carnations for friend-to-friend and parent-to-offspring love tokens on Thursday.
Last year, a Facebook page was created for Central College students to anonymously send messages out to their crushes. The Mizzou Secret Admirers Facebook page provides users with a link to a form that they can use to submit anonymous posts about their crush that they were too afraid to say in person. This button would lead to a form which says a€?If you think someone is really super, make them feel special and let them know they have a secret admirer! Her shy admirer bought the flowers through the Funky Finds MicroSociety Valentine flower business.

Nicole Schnackenberg, center, just cannot believe her eyes when she sees Andrew Novak got six carnations from his girlfriend. Customers snapped up the 400 pink and white flowers. "The idea came from doing something for the holiday and learning business at the same time," explained Funky Finds teacher and facilitator Jamie Young.
It just so happened that all the students who selected the course, centered around making and selling funky crafts, are girls. The Valentine's Day project was no stand-on-the-street-corner-and-hope-for-the- best venture. As she leafed through more than 100 orders from parents, she found some very touching. "I know you feel like you're being hounded, the message we send must be pounded. Bradley.Accounts such as SIU Secret Admirer, Crush, Confessions and so forth, toe the line between humor and harassment.
Wilkes` third party surety seeks& .Last year, a Facebook page was created for Central College students to anonymously send messages out to their crushes. Sixth-grader Jessica Ryan ordered a carnation for her best friend, Christina Andrade. Christina ordered one for Jessica.
But neither of the 12-year-olds knew beforehand they were exchanging Valentine's tokens until the Funky Finds members were sorting orders, Jessica said. Brittany Downend, 11, bought a carnation for her best friend, Cassandra Crisci, and another for her mother, Diane Faillice.

Since March 29, students have been anonymously sharing their feelings through an online survey website. None was directed her way, but there was always a chance of being a recipient at the school's Valentine dance later. Valentine's Day gift giving had its share of anxious moments. During the afternoon delivery of the long-stemmed flowers, boys tended to shrink into the background with pretend teen bravado. "Tons of boys (sent flowers).
Students were able to buy a carnation for 5 MicroSociety dollars, which they earn by providing services at the school, such as answering telephones and policing the campus. The local Sherwood Florist, serving as Powell's business partner in the endeavor, provided the goods at a reduced cost, Varn noted. The Funky Finds' project induced some other student groups to jump on the flower love bandwagon.

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