Marine Military Academy Confidence Course is the largest course on the LEAD Complex and consists of 13 events.  The course is a real challenge to endurance and upper body strength. Obstacle Course, technique plays a large role in successfully running the Confidence Course. In an almost humorous way the individual obstacles all have special names that give some insight to them, such as, the Dirty Name, The Stairway to Heaven, the Tough Nut and the Tough One.  Participants that have completed the course have a special appreciation for the names!

Liz Robson and Heidi Eastell from Worth-it Projects have secured funding to run an all-female confidence coaching course for carers and people suffering with mental health problems.
Although this course is a series of obstacles to negotiate, the purpose of this exercise is to develop confidence in each participant. Here at Worth-it Projects, we specialise in positive psychology and positive psychology coaching.

Keep checking our website for updates on positive psychology coaching training and how you can access it.

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