Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. God’s lavish grace has changed us by not giving us what we deserve but paying the price, bearing the cost so that He takes what we deserve and we get what He deserved … what the eminent theologian Morna D.
38 refers back to the old covenant, to the Law of Moses, which all those listening to Jesus during this sermon on the mount would have taken very, very seriously as the absolutely authoritative Word of God.Then, v.

Given the letters went together, it is quite conceivable this letter was meant to be read second after the more significant theological letter to the Colossians had been delivered, making introducing Tychicus redundantIn Colossians the names list is divided between Jews and Gentiles … whereas no such division is made in Philemon … now the unity of God’s people is stressed in Colossian, but not in Philemon … and the ethnic background of Philemon (prob. 22 Paul looks forward to being released and travelling up to see Philemon, so wants to enjoy the gift of refreshment that God’s grace’s put in Philemon (‘prepare a room for me’!)Vv.
25 – the meaningful closing farewell … grace finishes the letter it opened, throughout which it’s behaviour modifying impact has been evident.

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