Now in fairness "Secret Santa" isn't some big budget movie, this movie was done on the cheap with a cast of unknowns and as such it isn't the worse movie I have ever come across. Freshman Emily Yates (Paloma Kwiatkowski) tends to keep to herself and suffers from depression which leads to her being on medication. After comforting her roommate Emma (Kristen Ray) following the latest argument with Adam (Stephen Colletti) her boyfriend, Molly (Kirby Bliss) heads to bed and thinks nothing more of it. With Speedy (Britt Wood) having turned gold prospector his old friends Hoppy (William Boyd) and Lucky (Russell Hayden) decide to pay him a visit.
Having written "Killer Student", a best selling novel, Nick Howarth (Niall Matter) is struggling to come up with a follow up novel despite the support of his wife Lana (Shauna Johannesen) who is pregnant but hasn't told him yet. Housewife Barbara Parker (Patty Duke) is less than happy when she discovers that her husband Art (Art Hindle) changed his life insurance policy without consulting her to make their grown up daughter the sole beneficiary. Army intelligence have spotted an important lab deep in enemy territory which needs destroying but it would be too difficult and dangerous to send a team in to do the job. Carolyn Raeburn (Christina Cox) never thought she had anything to worry about when it came to her daughter Laura (Tina Ivlev) as like her she worked hard and at just 16 is graduating High School. Image and video are used in accordance with Fair Use, and are property of the film copyright holders.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Jennifer (TATYANA ALI) moves back to the house she grew up in, bringing back memories of her recently deceased friend Jack (LAMORNE MORRIS).
Green) has promised to take his wife Carla (Debra Rich) and son Teddy (Harrison Myers) away, but then lets them down when he agrees to work Christmas on the used car lot selling stolen cars.
But it is what it is and the acting is mostly ropey, the effects are non existent and the wardrobe department looks like they raided a school dress up box.
But after receiving a Christmas card from a secret admirer, she is stunned when she discovers the truth.
That's when he gets a late night visit from Lillith (Tena Fanning) one of Santa's elves who tells him that he is to become one of Santa's helpers till he learns his lesson. I wish I could find a positive but in truth other than something for really young children to watch to keep them busy I can't find one.What this all boils down to is that "Secret Santa" is not good and feels every ounce of a low budget movie made by some unknowns. That makes "Secret Santa", also known as "Dear Santa" one heck of a cliche Christmas movie and there is nothing wrong with that as many a Christmas movie is built from recognizable cliches.
The trouble is that what is done with those cliches is so dull, so uninspiring that "Secret Santa" is a slog of a movie which starts slowly and never gets any better. YUM!!!A Our loving couple had to laugh, when they were greeted with a notice at the beginning of Tracy's driveway to her farm, which read 'Only Pete & Nikki can visit today, - everyone else can piss off'.

Downloads must be for time-shifting, personal, private, non-commercial use only.All content posted by our users is dedicated to the public domain. Go without her, or try to find her?' The passengers, (including Pete & Nikki) shoputed in one voice, 'WE WAIT!, - WE'RE NOT LEAVING WITHOUT HER!'A search party was sent out, and she was located and brought to the coach an hour later.
Also in the party were Noi's friend Khem and Frank's pet Chameleon Ozzy, who, despite the presence of Kat From Tv's Big Brother (See picture above with Noi) proved to be the star of the show and grabbed everyone's attention!(See picture left of Ozzy on Frank's head.)There were traditional Thai dancers and costumes, a 'Miss Thai UK Beauty Show', an 'I'm an English person get me out of here' contest, and even a LADYBOY Show, which proved to be quite spectacular. On the way back, the girl who was holding on to Elvis grabbed Pete and grabbed his waist, including him in the conga. ANDREW (The Scots National Flag) appeared in the sky above!See Below Well, what do you expect when our ubiquitous couple go mon their adventures? Unbeknown to Pete, Nikki had arranged the trip as a special surprise for him, as he had always wanted to go to Disneyland. The staff on the plane were amazing, and treated his leg with Aloe Vera-soaked lint, and gave them a complimentary cup of tea.A On their way back to Blighty, our loving couple were amazed to find the Icelandic lady who pushed the wheelchair, and a cleaner friend of hers, running over top them and embracing them.

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