If you liked this guided meditation with Deepak Chopra then we can assure you that you can find many different meditations and guided visualizations on our site. Did you know that there is a flow of powerful energy that permeates every aspect of our reality?
In Part 7 of this series we are going to look at how fear in the root chakra affects the crown chakra, our connection to the divine, unity, self realization, and oneness with all of creation. Crown Chakra – our connection to the divine, unity, self realization, and oneness with all of creation. Around the age of college years and onward, we begin to look inside and outside of ourselves for the answers to the bigger questions of life.
This stems from a feeling of fear that the world is not safe, that there is no greater presence looking out for us. Based on what I now know from spirituality, I have been able to change my perception of my life’s experiences. I am still working on defining God in my own way, and the great thing about the umbrella of spirituality is that there doesn’t have to be one single correct definition of God.
In Part 6 of this series we are going to look at how fear in the root chakra affects the brow chakra, gaining wisdom through objectively looking at ourselves and our actions, honest self-awareness and reflection, clearly seeing the outer world for what it is, and manifesting our highest, greatest good. In childhood, the sacral chakra develops during adolescence.This is the time when we become more self-conscious around our peers, with our bodies, and begin to reflect inward about the emotions that are changing within us.
Throughout life, fear in the brow chakra can cause us to avoid being honest with ourselves in regards to our choices, our feelings, and our actions. Cognitive dissonance is that uncomfortable feeling you get when you lie, when you aren’t honest with yourself, or when you know something is wrong but go along with it anyway.
In order to make these two values or beliefs fit together, our mind creates a convenient illusion, and comes up with reasons to justify our actions so we won’t feel that icky feeling of cognitive dissonance.
As we feel this conflict within ourselves, we also become more aware of it in those around us.
Finally, while I wanted to focus on how fear affects clarity and objective reality, it is also important to mention that the brow chakra is where we hold our vision, where we manifest our goals, and the reality that we create. Meditate, and create the feeling inside of you that it has already come to pass, it is a current reality, and be proud and grateful for having manifested this in your life.
I grew up with a lot of fear, unable to take responsibility for myself or my actions, and unable to love myself. Right now I am working with the Law of Process and setting small goals to build my confidence. In Part 5 of this series we are going to look at how fear in the root chakra affects the throat chakra, expression, creativity, and integrity. Throat Chakra –  expression, creativity, seeking and sharing information, integrity and honor. Throughout life, we have good experiences and bad, we feel happy and sad, we run the gambit of emotions and experiences, and they help shape who we are in this moment, and who we become later in life.
Expression isn’t just words to communicate thoughts and feelings, but how we communicate our authentic selves, and how we share ourselves with the world. Another way to think of it: How you express yourself communicates who you are to those around you.
A a child, my mother was incredibly supportive, a wonderful listener, and always wanted to know what was going on with me.  However, it was demonstrated by my father that speaking out was not allowed, even to defend myself.
I went to a lot of therapists in an effort to try and understand myself, with the underlying goal of being able to communicate that to those around me. Only as an adult have I started to understand who I am, and learn the tools I need to communicate who I am. In Part 4 of this series we are going to look at how fear in the root chakra affects the heart chakra, love for yourself and for others, generosity, kindness, and compassion. Heart Chakra –  giving and receiving love, love for yourself and for others, generosity, kindness, and compassion. Without the feelings of safety and trust from the root chakra, fear can make the world a very scary, lonely place. As children, the feeling of trust is very important when it comes to giving and receiving love. However, the degree to which I think people are lying has lessened, and I am making continued effort to love and accept myself. In Part 3 of this series we are going to look at how fear in the root chakra affects the solar plexus chakra, confidence and personal power, responsibility and choice. As with the sacral chakra age of development, we are still self-centered in our view of the world. In Part 2 of this series we are going to look at how fear in the root chakra affects the sacral chakra, feelings, movement, happiness and joy, and sexuality. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that a 12 month old infant is learning about their sexuality and starting to masturbate (this is not the same thing as involuntary erections that male infants have).
Thanks to media and marketing, we’re brainwashed to think that happiness is external, and that we need things to be happy. I’ve read in several places that people who have blocks on sexuality need to learn to trust themselves and become confident, and that will work itself out. The root chakra is associated with the feelings of safety, security and survival, and the associated demon here is fear. Through life, things like divorce, fighting in the house, financial troubles, moving to a new place, job loss, sudden violent experiences like a robbery or a car accident, just about anything really, can shake our sense of safety in the world as well. During my mother’s pregnancy with me, my mother worked full time in the legal field, which was a very demanding, sexist place in that time period.
When I was very young, my dad began drinking, which lead him down the road to become an alcoholic and drug addict very quickly. As a young adult, with no sense of safety or trust, I was very anxious, afraid, and unsure of life. As an adult, I am finding my footing in learning to trust myself, trust others, and what I need to do to feel safe on this earth.
The chakra system is a holistic system, and each part affects each other individual part, as well as affecting the whole energy body.
So looking at the 7 chakras, and the working with the idea that each chakra’s characteristics and lessons builds upon those below it, it makes sense that a blocked chakra would affect the upward flow of energy.
In the following series we go into more detail about how fear in the root chakra affects each of the other major chakras, examples, and affirmations to help conquer fear. So for example, if we have emotional baggage about loving ourselves or others, that correlates to the heart chakra, so that block will manifest in the 4th layer of the energy field, which correlates to the 4th chakra – the heart chakra. Clear your emotional baggage (talk therapy, self-help, etc.), which will clear the corresponding chakras, and will clear your aura. For many months I was seeing a talk therapist while I started going to my class at my spiritualist church.
After I started to find my footing, I didn’t feel that I needed talk therapy as much. For a more thorough explanation of the ego, what it says, and how it affects us, please read this: What keeps us from accepting that we are a piece of God?
The ego is wired for survival, and the two biggest drives we humans have is the drive for survival and acceptance.
How do we overpower the ego, clear the chakras, clear the auric field, let go of the emotional baggage, and function at 100% so we can learn our lessons??
Be in gratitude – even the bad parts are spirit’s way of trying to help you learn! In the upcoming series I’ll be talking about the 7 Demons, and how they effect each chakra, with tools for overcoming that obstacle!
Forgiving yourself is vital to letting go of the guilt and shame that you hold onto from past experiences.
During this meditation, Chopra explores with you the secrets of attraction, communion, ecstasy, infatuation, intimacy, love, passion, sexuality, and surrender. UPDATE 16th Feb : unfortunately the owner has closed down their YouTube account and this video is no longer available.
In our quest to boost your personal growth, we hope to inspire and support you through our content! My journey through life has taught me that you may know some things or have knowledge but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get results.
As I watched Super Soul Sunday on my computer, I kept getting more and more excited as Oprah talked to Deepak Chopra about meditation and how it influences your spiritual life. I love Deepak Chopra, have read several books and would be so happy to be able to join you in this journey.
Let me know what your experience is like when you come back from this journey I’d like to learn and hear from you!
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It’s not surprising that we can find it hard to stay connected to, and have trust in Spirit, God, or that Divine Source that we are trying to connect to right now. While the root chakra connects us to the safety of our mother while in the womb, the crown chakra stays open, allowing life giving energy to nourish our growing bodies. They are all a child knows, and a child completely relies on his or her caregivers for everything. We explore new paths, have adventures, and begin to expand our minds toward the possibilities of this life and beyond. I was raised with a traditional Christian concept that God was one person who pointed his finger and caused floods and plagues, he decided who went to heaven and hell, he was ever-present and spoke to those who believed with enough faith.
I understand that the experiences that I had as a child were things that I chose before I came to this life.
What was going on in your childhood at that time that would change how you perceive the world, or your self?
It’s also a time when we become aware of the false reality around us, and how we contribute to it. Cognitive dissonance is that icky feeling inside of us when we have a conflict between two values or beliefs. I have now been at my job for almost 3 months, I am writing this blog, and I am making jewelry. All of these things, as well as our previous experiences in life during lower chakra development, color our perceptions of the world, what we think of ourselves, how we interact with the world, and how we express all of that.
I went through university and got a bachelor’s degree in psychology to try and understand myself. While the lower chakras develop during a time when we are unaware of the feelings and perspectives of others, the heart chakra opens us up to socializing, connecting in new ways, and we begin to learn empathy. We need to feel safe and secure to trust, to give and receive love, and form meaningful bonds and connections with others. Trust can feel compromised if we don’t feel that love was reciprocated, starting as early as childhood. As humans, our bonds that hold us together can be fragile, so it’s easy to close ourselves off after something that hurts us. If we don’t feel safe to love at all, we may struggle to truly accept ourselves and love ourselves. I did not trust people when they said the words, even my own family.  Even to this day part of me thinks people are lying when they say it, including my husband. Because we decide what the world is like before the age of 3, the solar plexus plays an important role in how we view the world. We internalize the reactions of others because we are all that we know, our perspective is the only one that exists.
Creating a balance of parental boundaries, and appropriate choices and independence for a child can foster healthy development, just as too much restriction and limitation can hinder development. This type of environment may cause us to feel helpless, and we may take on a victim mindset. She recognized that I was very sensitive, got my feelings hurt easily, and as painfully shy. Fear of our own emotions, the fear of being happy, and a lot of fear of embracing and expressing our sexuality! What is happening however, is the infant will pick up on the facial reactions of the caretaker during diaper changes. For example, we’re taught that certain feelings are bad, like jealousy and anger, so we may suppress those feelings or feel afraid to express them, even in healthy ways. I have an over-sized steel wall of fear blocking any connection to anything sexual in my sacral chakra. I’ve also found that meditating with garnet or ruby can really help open my root chakra.
Our sense of safety and survival develops through our interactions with our family as we lay, helpless, at the mercy of our caretakers.
This is what a lot of people refer to as anxiety, but sit with this idea for a moment: anxiety is the physical manifestation of fear. Although she tried to be positive, it’s inevitable that I would have picked up on that. I did not feel secure that my mother would be there for me when I needed her because of her work obligations.
I did not feel safe to be anywhere, not on this planet, not with any person, and not with myself.
The lower chakras are more basic and primal, concerned with survival, and the self, while the higher chakras are more spiritual in nature.
For example, the inability to feel safe in your body may affect your ability to truly love yourself. If we had a rocky childhood, we may have issues about feeling safe and secure, that correlates to the root chakra, so that block will manifest itself in the 1st layer of the energy field, the layer that correlates to the 1st chakra – the root chakra. It was no coincidence that whatever we would talk about in therapy on Monday was the same topic in class on Wednesday! In a beautifully spoken and orchestrated sequence, he clarifies the meaning of self and self-love – differentiating between the ego-self or your personality. If you're new here and want to learn how to get more peace and happiness in all areas of your life, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or pop your email in the opt-in box on right side of this page. I decided to take up the challenge to meditate with Deepak Chopra for 21 days and quickly signed up and shared it with my friends. Chopra as one of "The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness." The World Post and The Huffington Post global internet survey ranked him #17 influential thinker in the world and #1 in Medicine Fitness.
After we are born, and knowing that we decided what major lessons to work on in this life, and helped decide what our families will be like in order to learn those lessons, it make sense that we decide what the world is like before the age of 3. So in many ways, that sense of safety in childhood is directly related to the sense of something greater that we look for later in life, just in another form, outside of our families.
I decided what I wanted to work on in this life, I picked my family, and I set the stage to learn those lessons. This includes your self, with all of your wonderful quirks, shortcomings, and unique talents. For example, we want to be accepted by others, so we change something about ourselves to fit in. We have to take responsibility for our lives, our goals, have patience for the time it may take, not lose momentum, and have the courage to go for it, regardless of obstacles, before we can manifest our goals. While I did day dream of greater things for myself, I was far too afraid to try to do anything about them, take responsibility, set goals, believe in success, and manifest a new reality for myself. I say affirmations to and from work everyday, have a short meditation before or after work, and I am working on manifesting my ideal reality. This is when we become more independent in our decision making, we spend more time away from our caretakers, so we need to communicate ourselves more effectively, we take on more responsibility for our grades at school, often begin extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, or art, and our parents start holding us responsible for our actions including having fun things taken away or being grounded when we misbehave – the beginnings of learning honor and integrity. In school, I could barely speak above a whisper, and by the second week of class my teachers all knew not to bother calling on me in class. I read a lot of self help books, and visited a lot of websites looking for information and help. It’s easier to harden ourselves to the world than to open up, and risk that pain again. It’s pretty common to have a difficult time accepting ourselves completely, and loving ourselves truly.
Again, it’s much easier to show these toward others than it is to show them toward ourselves. I know all of this is a part of the bigger lessons that I need to learn while I’m here. So how our caretakers respond to our growing independence directly influences what we  view the world.
We may choose partners or situations that reinforce that belief, like a self fulfilling prophecy through the law of attraction. Although she had the best of intentions, her efforts to be patient with me resulted in enabling me.
This is the time when we start to recognize our caretakers, and learn to wiggle and learn to move our bodies, and begin to learn what we do and don’t want, such as mushed peas or dry Cheerios. A lot of nurses will tell new mothers to put on a happy face during diaper changes, rather than react to the smell of the mess, because the baby may associate that face, and that response, to what is being revealed – their genitals. This is our first exposure to the world, and our first impressions of whether or not the world is a safe place to be. This creates blocks in our energy field, but the process of using affirmations to clear those blocks is the same. I did not feel secure in that my home would always be there, because we had financial trouble that I was aware of. Yes it sucked, but I had to go through it so I could struggle to learn the lessons that I’m here to learn in this life. The root chakra serves as the base, and the next chakra builds on the previous one, moving all the way up. The same affect can also move downward, benefiting lower chakras too. At the same time however, energy flows in an upward current as well as a downward current, so a higher chakra can affect the chakras below it.

Just as the chakras start at the root, and move up, their correlating layer of energy starts close to the body, and move out. For example, you may be working through anxiety, or emotional dependency, or being a controlling person.
The ego tells us what we should be like, what kind of life we should have, what kind of things we should do, etc. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider. You don’t need to do anything to enjoy this special moment except closing your eyes and breathe.
I also understand that my spirit guides, my angels, have been around me the whole time, never left me, and have loved me unconditionally – but I admit it still sucks not to have been able to feel their presence when I needed it the most. We want to fit in, even if that means changing the way we dress, the music we listen to, or who we are friends with.
In order to justify changing yourself, your mind created an illusion, and the circumstances to justify making those changes. I have fallen off the wagon a bit with a few things, but I am working on changing my priorities, and change how I perceive what is important is not my strongest ability, but I am doing my best. We may have imaginary friends, role play our favorite characters with friends, make up stories with our toys, and let our imaginations develop. I grew up being too afraid to communicate my feelings, or to express myself for fear of being scolded or rejected. For example, a parent may be working two jobs just to keep the rent paid and food on the table, but the child only sees that the parent isn’t around when they want them. We struggle our whole lives to be accepted by others, but it’s much harder to accept and love ourselves. We start to walk, learn to go to the bathroom on our own, begin communicating with words, and importantly – we learn to say yes and no. Are they frustrated when we we communicate that we want something (even if we ask for is one hundred times)? I consider myself a-sexual, have zero sex drive, and I don’t have regular menstrual cycles.
It can also cause me to menstruate if I haven’t had a cycle in a while, and keeping the body healthy is important. I will describe what the fear feels like for each chakra, and include affirmations to help lessen and conquer the fear that holds onto that chakra. I’m grateful that I learned so much, and that I will continue to learn based on those experiences.
Many models of chakra healing and clearing work from the bottom up, while other methods focus on the heart chakra, which serves as the balance for the lower and higher chakras. So the energy of the root chakra is closest to the body, outside of that is the sacral, then the solar plexus, and so on, including the energy of all 7 chakras.
These issues, the emotional baggage, manifests itself in the associated chakra, as well as the layer of the aura that correlates to that chakra. I was very depressed, anxious, struggling a lot, and felt like I was barely functioning as a human.
We have our spirits and angels to help support us, but we have to take responsibility, do the work ourselves, and work with natural laws to influence and change our reality.
I think it sounds perfectly reasonable that the lack of sleep that comes with a baby would have parents frazzled.
This creates a cognitive dissonance, a discrepancy between what we feel is honest and true, and the choices we are making. No one wants to feel that way, so we stop trying, and become quietly passive to the discontent of our lives. Without anything positive about myself to express to the world, I expressed what I felt inside, which was negative.
In seeking information, I was hoping to use that information to communicate myself, or what I thought was wrong with me, to my family. Maybe it’s easier to blame others for not accepting us, so we can make excuses, rather than hold ourselves responsible for our own self love. You’re supportive of the learning curve and mistakes made by the new employee, but are you kind toward yourself when you make mistakes as well?
I didn’t believe him when he said it, and to not have that love as a child was heartbreaking. I’m doing my best to take responsibility for everything in my life, the good and the bad, and know that I have the choice to change it.
I include a lot of affirmation statements to be thorough, but you can pick out the few that you feel drawn to, or feel that would benefit you the most.
But as each chakra feeds into the energy of the others, fear can manifest itself in other ways too! I did not trust my father to protect me or keep me safe, in fact it was the opposite, and only in adulthood did I realize that I did not trust my mother to keep me safe because she continued to keep my father around despite his choices and his behavior.
I sought it out in the wrong people, and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy to find that I wasn’t worth protecting, and no one could be trusted. However, each chakra as well as the holistic system can benefit from chakra healing and chakra cleansing. I was learning new tools and techniques in my class (which I share with you here on my blog), learning to apply them, and getting a lot of insight and verbal feedback in talk therapy.
It plants seeds of self-doubt, and that self-doubt grows into the 7 demons: fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusion, and attachment. I have been a scared adult, hiding in a closet, and felt so alone in the world that I felt hollow and empty inside. God, Spirit, the Divine, is not outside of us, but a spark inside each of us, that connects us to each other, and to all living creatures. We know this is false, and we’re not being honest, but the drive or acceptance is so strong that we push down that little voice, and listen to the ego telling us what we should be like. Children often test boundaries and learn to control their reality by lying to achieve desired results (not wanting to get in trouble for breaking a window perhaps), but how do our caretakers react?
You show compassion toward your friends when they need it, but are you compassionate toward yourself when you need it? A lot of us feel uncertain of ourselves and struggle with our own value and worth as a human being. I was unable to take responsibility, fearful of new experiences, avoided interacting with people.
I make healthier food choices, I make time to work on this blog, I even recognize that it’s my choice to go to my boring job so I can get paid Confidence has been a little bit harder for me, but I realized that my confidence comes from doing things that make me happy, so I’m working on making jewelry, and working on this blog, and that makes me feel more confident!
Even as toddlers, we internalize the reactions of others because we are all that we know, our perspective is the only one that exists, so everything is about us.
I have told spirit that I would make more of an effort to be open to new, creative experiences.
The parts I remember include my dad yelling, hitting my mom, my sister and myself hiding under our beds when dad was angry, and things like that. I know when people stick together through a challenge it’s easier to cross the finish line.
Think about the dynamic of your family at that time, what was going on in the home, and how that may affect a baby who would pick up on that subtle energy. Someone once told me that “Community builds immunity.” So, I want to invite you to join us on this meditation journey. But that’s all part of sharing information and learning to express ourselves to those around us. When I did express myself, I burned and cut myself as a way of getting attention, my cry for help, because I was too afraid to say the words. You should able to have any woman with just a smoldering stare from across the room, and unstoppable confidence! I also set aside time to hang out with my sister, because she is a fun person, and I think she is a positive influence on me for that.
The fears, anxieties, as well as the safety and comfort of the mother is felt by the fetus too. I wish I could remember the good stuff, like how great my dad may have been when before he started drinking, but it is what it is.
We’re going to learn about the power of meditation, how to rewire our minds for greater good and help others do the same. I felt like things happened to me, but I couldn’t cause any change in myself or my environment. It can be like opening a great primer filled with helpful tips and explanations on meditation and how to enhance your spiritual life. To be connected with the universal energy is the thing that we all want to feel just for a moment.
I struggled with depression and anxiety, partly as a result of feeling like a victim in my life and avoiding taking responsibility.

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