You may wish to see it as a blessing from god, a blessing from nature, or a blessing from whichever source of creator you personally believe in, if any. If you took all 6 billion people on the planet, lined them all up, and studied just what it was that made them one and the same, you’d find that the young, the old, the blind, the deaf, the black, the white… everyone; they all perceive the world in some way. For thousands of years, people have meditated, and in so doing they have learnt to focus their mind and to control their perception. I know, that sounds far-fetched, that inner peace can be created just by focusing on your breathing, but it’s true, and I’d like to show you how it’s true just a little later on. When meditating, we may focus on our breathing, or on many other things, like a beautiful countryside, relaxing music, a mantra (a set of repeated words) or any other item.
When I was recovering from my depression, I spent hours every day sitting in my conservatory back home in England, just looking out onto our garden and field, down past our horses, to the countryside beyond, to those rolling fields of yellow and green. Those times when you idly sit, doing nothing but focusing your mind on whatever it is you’re looking at. So, put down the dictionary for just a sec and ignore their definition of meditation, because the real definition of medtiation is not found in a book, it’s found in you. If you take ten minutes right now to sit in your garden and just focus your mind on the flowers, the sky, or, if you have a water feature, the sound of those droplets gently dropping, then you will be meditating. So you see, everyone meditates, because meditating is simply taking some time to sit and observe. And you’ll notice that it’s when you meditate, it’s when you allow yourself to go and take a bath and focus on the feeling of the water, or you have yourself a delicious meal and do nothing but focus on the taste of it… it’s at those times when you unwind, when you relax.
Mindfulness: The art of focusing the mind on the present moment, without judgment and without thoughts.
The only difference between a “Meditator” and a “non-meditator” is that meditators practice specific techniques. Some meditation techniques focus the mind on the breath, others on a specific sound, some on physical feelings, and so on.
Do this now before reading on as we’ll be referring to this exercise numerous times throughout the book. That’s just one example of a meditation technique in which we focus the mind on one specific thing.
Through this simple process of focussing the mind we can quiet the mind, build concentration, relax both physically and mentally, and overcome negative and destructive thoughts.
God Philosophy and MetaphysicsThe metaphysical interpretation of God philosophy, and how it relates to existence.
Meditation and Visualizations Can Change Your LifeMeditation and visualizations are the key to internal change and growth, so use them wisely. Evidence Why Near Death Experiences Could Offer Proof of AfterlifeWhile it's not scientifically proven, near death experiences could offer best proof of afterlife.
How To Discover Past Lives Through Different TechniquesDiscover past lives, Remember past lives, Past lives regression.
All of the Chakra Info You Need to KnowIf you are looking chakra info from a beginners standpoint, this site is for you.

The Existence of Spiritual Mediums Is a Very Real Possibility The whole idea of valid spiritual mediums existing isn't that hard to comprehend if you accept the idea of consciousness continuing on, and the existence of other dimensions outside of the physical. Learning the Law of Attraction, and How to Apply ItLearning the law of attraction is like learning any other skill, but it does take a lot of work. The Afterlife and What We Know About it TodayWhat We Know About the Afterlife Seems To Have Grown Over the Lasts Few Decades. Metaphysics and Science - The Study of the PioneersIf metaphysics and science are to ever merge, there needs to be brave pioneers who will lead the way. Metaphysical Book Publishers and Their Books of Transformation.There are many metaphysical book publishers out there today, but probably only a handful have the ability to really transform your life.
Metaphysical Schools and Other Avenues of Education in MetaphysicsTrying to educate yourself in Metaphysics? Spiritual Movies and DocumentariesThere are many wonderful spiritual movies and documentaries that have been released over the last few decades. The Metaphysical World Has Always Been My Obsession.Having a thirst for the metaphysical and why things are the way they are is what has driven me to publish this website. Extrasensory Perception - Science and Spirituality Coming TogetherIn the opinion of many scientists today, extrasensory perception (ESP) is real. I studied Mindfulness with John Julian in Melbourne, Victoria which deepened my understanding of everyday mindfulness.
Mindfulness is the energy that helps us recognize the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives. There is no way I could explain them all here on this page, however, there are a few basics that I can pass on to you that will give you some idea of what mediation is.The simplest of meditation techniques is sitting with a straight back to allow your breathing to be even and relaxed. But the one blessing all humans share, regardless of age, wealth, belief, health, or anything else, is perception.
Because that, in a nutshell, is what perception is: it’s the practice of focusing the mind.
We focus our mind one-hundred percent on our breathing and this quiets the mind, quiets our thoughts, and creates inner peace. The answer is that “meditators” are those who know to focus their mind on the present moment, and who consciously go about practicing mindfulness. These meditation techniques all involve the same process: Focusing the mind on one particular thing. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. To make your search easier, I'll be compiling a list of these metaphysical learning centers over the next several months.
Be aware of your thoughts, be aware of your feelings, be aware of any physical sensations, be aware of the sounds and smell around you. Meditation is a brilliant adjunct to any therapy as it acts as a vehicle for stilling the mind and calming the body. The ideal state is when the body is at rest and the mind is quieted of idle chatter or thoughts.The idea behind meditating is to reach a higher spiritual level and to engage the mind in higher thinking practices.

Some people prefer to sit on the floor with legs crossed, others prefer to sit in a chair with feet flat against the floor.
That’s focusing your mind on the present moment, which is the very definition of meditation. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Metaphysical Schools are just one way of educating yourself in Metaphysics, Here are some of the best schools. Research now validates the successfulness of mindfulness practices combined with therapy for a wide range of situations. The way we do this is by quieting the mind, which is exactly what meditation aims to do.Though most meditation practices come from religious origins, you do not need to be religious to experience the benefits of meditation.
The choice is yours.Once you have found a quiet relaxing place to sit, it is time to quiet the mind. We might not consciously sit and focus our minds on our breathing, but we do have moments when we just chill and focus on something, on some music, on a work of art, on the feeling of water on our body when we shower.
First off, I realized that I spelled Transendental incorrectly, but this seems to be the spelling everyone searches for. But when you breathe in, and you are aware of your in-breath, you touch the miracle of being alive.
There are a lot of common misconceptions about meditation so it’s good to have a clear understanding and definition of what it is. Some people use mantras, others use positive phrases they wish to focus upon, some use a single object to focus on, such as a candle, others use an activity to focus on such as walking, I personally use my breathing as a focal point. For this purpose, meditation can be usefully defined as the art of cultivating stillness and attunement to the present moment. Here are some theories as to why.Continue reading "The Near Death Experience - Why Doesn't Everyone Have One?"Jul 04, 2015The Secret Review -- How the Film Could have Been BetterThe Secret review. In order to meditate you don’t need to adopt any special posture, sit for a certain length of time or take on any particular religious or philosophical beliefs. Of course you can investigate meditation further and can align yourself with a particular version of meditation if you choose, but this is entirely a matter of choice.Meditation is easy to adapt to your own needs. You can integrate it into the busiest of lifestyles and use it for all kinds of different purposes. In fact, medical research shows that meditation can help to relieve the effects of insomnia, hypertension, migraines, fatigue, pain, digestive problems and chronic illness.Yet meditation is much more than stress-relief.
People often discover a degree of tranquility and mental clarity that they never imagined possible.

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