First of all, the widespread focus on meditation as a state of mind rather than an activity creates an impression that if you can recreate a certain feeling or mood, you are meditating.
When this orientation towards states of mind goes even further, it easily becomes a quest for peak experiences – mystical, ecstatic, otherworldly or blissful.
One of the greatest challenges of meditation is to instigate a change that works from the inside out rather than from the outside in. Finally, while many forms of meditation stimulate a receptive mode of attention, only some forms also stimulate a subtle and sensitive mode of action. I doubt that machines can produce the same kind and degree of deep relaxation as Acem Meditation and similar techniques, though I’m sure some of them are pleasant enough to use. I am reminded of the principles of Acem Meditation below which is what drew me to this practice initially. Meditation – Know how to destress yourself and gain much more through the practice of meditation. Meditation is the best way to put all your tensions off and you have posted very good post of technology in the field of meditation,but i doubt that meditating through machines will be effective or not. The meditation benches are a satisfying little piece of handwork, a nice little puzzle of mortice and tenons. I’ve sold a few, given a few away and have a few for sale still in a local yoga studio.
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A Meditation Machine will take you to exactly the same deep state of mind as traditional meditation techniques such as Yoga, Vipassana, Zen and Mindfulness. Meditation Machines make meditation easy for beginners and enable experienced meditators to deepen their practice. Meditation Machines use a sophisticated form of audio and visual technology that uses light and sound to guide you gently and automatically into a deep state of mind and body. A Mind Machine consists of a small control unit (about the size of a smart phone), a set of headphones and special glasses that contain small LED lights. Through the headphones you'll hear special tones and pulses (known as binaural and isochronic beats) that have been shown to be very helpful for leading the brain into more relaxed states. At the same time, the lights in the glasses start to flash at the same frequency as the audio tones. The pulses of light and sound start off quite fast as they need to engage your brain which ticks over quickly at the normal level of consciousness. Gradually, the pulses slow down and your brain will automatically follow suit and slow down in unison. The imagery created by the light and sound provides a focus for your mind and quietens internal dialogue or chatter. Tara has been trying to learn to meditate because she's aware of the many benefits that meditation can bring. But Tara is starting to get frustrated and even a little discouraged because nothing seems to work for her. When she tries to meditate, she often feels restless and her mind seems to be flying all over the place.
A Mind Machine is a small, portable device that uses light and sound to gently slow down your brain-wave patterns and helps guide you into deeper levels of mind. Now, when Tara wants to meditate, she sits down with her Meditation Machine and puts on the comfortable headphones and special light-stimulation glasses. She selects a deep meditation program and after a few seconds she hears soothing pulses through the headphones.
The sounds and the lights start to slow down in synchrony and, without any effort, her mind and body automatically start to slow down and relax. Within a few minutes she is in a deep meditative state and she feels the tension and anxiety seep away as a profound sense of well-being flows through her. After 20 minutes, the session ends and she feels calmer, mentally alert and positive about the week ahead. A Meditation Machine can help you too achieve deep states of meditation easily, quickly and effortlessly. Meditation Machines use special patterns of light and sound to lead you gently into the peaceful, calm states of meditation that will help you to relax deeply, improve concentration and memory, and sleep more soundly. I had attended a meditation course a little while ago, but had been unable to get anywhere. There are many techniques for getting into a meditative state - Yoga, Zen, Mindfulness, Mantras, and so on. Meditation Machines use sound and light as another meditation technique, which is no more or less valid than traditional methods. Scientists have scanned the brains of Tibetan Monks and other experienced meditators and have found that meditation is associated with a slowing down of brain waves from the Beta of normal consciousness into the slower rhythms of Alpha and Theta. This is exactly what happens when scientists have scanned the brains of people using Meditation Machines - their brain waves slow down and the left and right hemispheres of their brains act in greater harmony.
Furthermore, many experienced meditators, including Buddhist Monks, have said that using a Meditation Machine has enhanced their meditation experience.
Using traditional techniques, it can take many years of practice to enter deep states of mind.

When you start to use a Meditation Machine, you will quickly experience the proven benefits of deep relaxation and meditation. We're giving away three amazing guided visualizations with every Meditation Machine - Deep Relaxation and Meditation, Developing Your Intuition and Manage Stress & Anxiety.
I have noticed a great change in myself, I'm back in the gym with a greater concentration towards achieving my goals, more confident with less procrastinating involved, more get & go. I am now using my ipod to patch into the machine with music & guided meditations which make the machine an even more powerful tool. Overall I feel the machine has been life changing in a way I could not believe I look forward to your news letters & updates to get the best usage out of the machine, the service is spot on in my book. I would recommend Meditations UK to anyone interested in bettering their mind, its worked for me & this is only the beginning for me!!!. Mind Machines use sophisticated patterns of light and sound to guide you gently and automatically into altered states of consciousness. There are four Mind Machines that we especially recommend for helping with Out Of Body Experiences.
Mind Machines make use of the brain's natural tendency to follow the frequency of light and sound. They use a sophisticated form of audio and visual technology to guide you gently and automatically into a deep state of mind and body. The pulses of light and sound start off quite fast as they need to engage your brain which ticks over fast at the normal level of consciousness. The imagery created by the light and sound provides a focus for your mind and quiets internal dialogue or chatter. These are the four Mind Machines that we think are particularly good for helping with astral projection. More and more doctors are recommending meditation as an effective stress buster and useful support for patients with many types of chronic and acute conditions. Here we have outlined in more detail just a few physical health problems that can be eased with our Meditation Machines but please do contact us about any physical health issues that you may have and we’ll be happy to advise you without obligation. Meditation assists in the reduction of blood pressure by providing an avenue through which to completely relax your body.
Meditative breathing with the help of a Meditation Machine, leading to the therapeutic zone, will have a lasting, positive effect on the tightly constricted blood vessels induced by stress. Although many of our Meditation Machines will help with blood pressure, the product that is designed specifically for blood pressure is RESPeRATE, which uses rhythmic tones to pace your breathing automatically and slow it with no conscious effort on your part. RESPeRATE's breathing sensor automatically analyses your individual breathing pattern and creates a customised melody composed of two distinct inhale and exhale guiding tones.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can cause intense distress in sufferers and greatly disrupt everyday life. The colon has many nerves connecting it to the brain and is partly controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which responds to stress.
Consequently, stress reduction via relaxation therapies such as meditation will help to alleviate a large amount of the discomfort associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Meditation has a profoundly beneficial effect on stress and insomnia, allowing you to release tension and anxiety in a natural way. Meditation can have an extremely beneficial impact on the effects of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) by lessening the body's response to high stress levels. The symptoms of PMS are often worsened by stress because it can cause the muscle tension associated with common premenstrual complaints including fatigue, headaches, abdominal and bodily aches. These are just a few physical health problems that can be helped with our Meditation Machines but please do contact us about any physical health issues that you may have and we’ll be happy to advise you without obligation. Although physical problems vary widely, what is usually key to resolving most physical problems is the need to feel relaxed and de-stressed. Recently, a University of Wisconsin-Madison research team also found that a short programme in meditation produced lasting positive changes in the function of the immune system. People who underwent eight weeks of meditation training produced more antibodies to a flu vaccine than individuals who did not meditate. After a few seconds, you'll hear soothing pulses through the headphones and at the same time, through your closed eyelids, you'll see the softly flickering lights produced by the glasses. The Meditation Machine will then continue to provide the lights and pulses that are specifically related to reducing the stresses that lead to physical and mental problems. The effectiveness of our Meditation Machines comes from the fact that you can achieve a state of deep relaxation in just a few minutes. For the majority of people any one of our Meditation Machines will help with all types of physical problems because all our machines have programmes that focus on stress and relaxation, which in turn result in reduced levels of physical discomfort. We are delighted to say that we have had excellent feedback from people who have used our Meditation Machines to help with a wide range of physical problems. After four or five sessions with my Procyon, my attitude changed and the IBS started to disappear.
Within six weeks of using RESPeRATE, my blood pressure is at a normal level and it is a great relief to me. I started using a Proteus Meditation Machine about six months ago and after two months I was able to come off medication.
All our Meditation Machines contain deep relaxation and meditation programmes that will help improve your physical health.

Click here to see our range of Meditation Machines.">Click here to see our range of Meditation Machines.
At worst, people begin to believe that synthetic drugs like LSD and mescaline can do the job.
Because such changes are elusive and cannot be easily pinned down, it may be tempting to look instead for external aids: incense, music, a sacred place, a spiritual person. This focus on attention rather than action may create an impression of the meditator as a passive recipient rather than an active and dynamic person. But the main point is that meditation is so much more than just feeling good in the moment. The various areas of your brain begin to integrate into one whole, harmonious unit as experienced by masters of meditation. Mind Machines have many different types of sessions built into them for meditation, relaxation, stimulation, creative visualization and so on. She finds she can't relax and frequently feels more stressed and anxious than when she started. At the same time, through her closed eyelids, she can see the softly, flickering lights produced by the glasses. She sees amazing visual effects, including the illusion of complex, shifting geometrical imagery. They have also noticed that here is a greater degree of unity between the two hemispheres of the brain.
WIth a a Meditation Machine, you can achieve the same deep, mental state in your first session - automatically and effortlessly. Thousands of research studies indicate that meditating for as little as fifteen or twenty minutes a day promotes improved mental and physical health and well-being. I used to meditate regularly and pursue other spiritual practices, but since the birth of my little boy, now two, I do not have as much time for these activities. I have a clearer head with less worries, I don't lose my temper as much, I feel more at peace with myself & others. Mind Machines have many different types of sessions built into them for entering trance states, relaxation, meditation, stimulation, creative visualisation and so on.
It is one of the better studied alternative therapies and has been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits. Whilst breathing without a machine can have a relaxing effect, RESPeRATE delivers a far superior effect on constricted blood vessels.
Feeling mentally or emotionally tense, troubled, angry or overwhelmed can stimulate colon spasms in people with IBS. These nerves impact on the contractions of the colon and cause abdominal pain at stressful times, and for people with IBS, the colon can be overly responsive to even the slightest conflict - stress makes the mind far more aware of the sensations that arise in the colon. Furthermore, one of the key manifestations of stress is the inability to sleep, depriving you of the vital replenishment that rest brings. In particular, while meditating, your cortisol level drops and stays low for hours afterwards. Meditators have been found to have improved blood circulation, as well as a lowered heart rate, which places less demands on the heart.
When you settle down into a state of deep relaxation, the body and mind are refreshed and revitalized.
But some of the attitudes that create a market for meditation machines are probably also present in many meditation groups.
It is also true that scientists have measured certain brain waves and activities in certain brain areas in connection with meditation.
I’m not denying that some such elements may have positive effects, but in most cases the effect is marginal, and it is far too easy to lose sight of the actual inner process. It is a long-term process involving personal participation, and it may set in motion and change profoundly some of our underlying patterns of perception and behaviour. This imagery is so compelling that her mind clears of extraneous thoughts and distractions and other stresses of daily life.
The sound and colours are amazing and I quickly find myself relaxing mentally and physically. This gives you many beneficial effects on your physical health that are both immediate and long lasting. There are also many suggestions for alternative searches: yoga machine, zen machine, hypnosis machine, biofeedback machine, light and sound mind machine, and meditation glasses. Instead of starting from yourself you tend to wait for effects to come to you from the outside. Though most often pleasant, there are also periods of resistance – as in any process of groundbreaking change.

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