Secret Extensions is a hair extension product that is designed to be completely invisible, giving people the impression that a person has naturally lengthy hair. Secret Extensions are basically microfiber hair extensions attached to a thin, invisible hairband.
The colors blended well with my hair- the black is probably better for winter and the dark brown is a better summer shade for me. Just for kicks, I thought I'd see how my Secret Extensions looked when paired with my clip-in bangs. I thought it was a pretty great look but my husband asked why you wouldn't just wear a wig. The truth is most of those perfect heads of hair we all drool over, have a little help… namely, a team of stylists and super expensive extensions– and who has the time or money like that? With my stick-straight, paper thin hair and gorgeous-tress day-dreams, I have become somewhat of an extension junkie over the years. Well this month, I was introduced to a new line of extensions that are way better than clip-ins and transforms your hair into longer, fuller locks in minutes– literally. I like to keep my hair away from my face, so my go-to looks are usually pinned to the side or  half up-half down.
Below you can see how easy I was able to style my hair, pulled back a bit and no sign of the hair band!
Simple enough to use casually as well as for special occasions, these extensions are not made of human hair but are a better quality than most clip-in synthetics I’ve used to date.
Corine is an over-scheduled Mom of 3, confessed shop-aholic, clothes horse and chief Complicated Mama®. All of the Kardashian sisters wear extensions and so does Nicole Sherzinger as well as Nicole Richie.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, with what look like bonds from hair extensions entering a Royal family Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, with what look like bonds from hair extensions entering a Royal family Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace, with Prince William and nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo i . It looks like we finally have the secret to Kate Middleton's impossibly perfect hair - hair extensions.
The Duchess of Cambridge has long enchanted fans with her bouncy locks, always styled to perfection.
But even a natural beauty needs a little boost.The expectant royal was pictured with her husband Prince William making their way into Buckingham Palace for a Christmas lunch with the Queen and one quick side shot show off what appear to be bonds from hair extensions.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, with what look like bonds from hair extensions entering a Royal family Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace, with Prince William and nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. Kate's half up half down 'do may have discreetly hid the hair helpers, but a keen hair enthusiast will recognise the slightly hollowed gaps in her hair as the tell-tale signs of an extension wearer.
Beauty experts often advise wearers to throughly backcomb their hair in a bid to mask the bonds, which are often applied further back from the hairline.Either way, her hair is beautiful and will still induce envy among the millions of women worshipping her style.
Sasha Brady Saoirse Ronan's hair stylist has revealed how he created the Irish actress' show-stopping look. Eimear Rabbitte Ia€™m sure Ia€™m not the only one who promises myself on a daily basis that I will wake up with enough time to wash and dry my hair, and prep my face for the day ahead. The first ever hairdryer was invented in 1890, by a Frenchman (of course it was) called Alexander F Godefrey - essentially a sort of bonnet attached to the chimney pipe of a gas stove.
The hair extension is made up of a patented keratin-conditioned fiber that is purposely made to feel, move, and look like real hair. Not that I blame my children, who incidentally have lovely, thick heads of soft and shiny hair, but I miss having some volume up there.

I might blow dry or flatiron my hair once in a while but for the most part, I'm a wash and go kind of girl. Jasper wouldn't let me photograph his heavy metal persona but Roo was pretty into her redneck beard. Plus you can get free shipping if you shop via this link and use the code "daisy" at checkout. Topics covered on StyleBlazer include street style, trends, expert beauty advice, and industry news. The Secret Extensions are attached to a headband that can be worn hidden under one’s natural hair. Secret Extensions and faux bangs are MUCH more comfortable and controllable than any wig I've tried on. This allows the extensions to fit any shape and type of head without any bumps or ridges, ensuring that the extensions are discrete and not noticeable. The Secret Extensions are known to be compatible for different users as they comes available in three different type of hair colors: blonde, brunette, and red.
A friend hooked me up with a new product, Secret Extensions, which are endorsed by Daisy Fuentes, who always has a covetably glorious mane of hair. Secrect Extensions promise to be a more affordable and convenient alternation to the hair extensions provided by salon professionals.
You brush and style them as you would your own hair and they go on as easily as a sweatband does.

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