I used to be sceptical about writers on spiritual subjects, especially beautiful American women, who seem to have no problem in churning out book after book. In this CD Doreen talks about her travels around the world, the humans and spirits she comes in contact with, and what she learns from it. I'm glad I found holistic shop, their service is excellent even though I had a bit of trouble with the delivery, they dealt with it without any judgement or blame. I bought the eagle necklace for myself (I'm a 39 year old male) even after a review said to check the dimensions as it is quite small.
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A clairvoyant since childhood, Doreen teaches people practical ways to work with the Angels to heal their lives.
To Doreen Virtue there seems to be no end to the vast quantity of material she can produce.
Doreen speaks like if you were a friend and what's particularly nice about this is that even though Doreen is used to be able to connect with high evolved spiritual beings, she comes across as very human and understanding.
Really happy with the products as they are sensitive items, you have to be happy with where you buy from - all part of the spiritual process!
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Having really listened to her and having seen her at work by means of a CD, however, I have become a huge fan. She mentions the Course in Miracles which is available on the internet and we get to know her better by going inside her life.
The enclosed guidebook gives you step by step instructions on how to conduct safe and powerful readings about your own health and that of your loved ones and clients. It was interesting to learn about manifestation but in my opinion she puts too many experiences in her CD which makes it hard to listen to.

It explains the general meaning of each card and provides specific details that can offer you more clarity and help you tap into your own intuition. It is easy to forget that she is academically very advanced and has had much experience in working in psychology.
She is able to integrate all her many skills and produce material that is methodical and extremely helpful. There is nobody else whom I would trust as much as regards knowledge in all things angelic. This set of 4 CDs, an audio book, is so helpful because it comes from such authority and experience. It is so varied, dealing with visits to sacred sites, teachings from ancient and spiritual sources, discoveries from card readings and much more. I shall read this again and again, a short piece each day, until I can live and breathe what I have extracted from it.

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