Individual tracks and samples of the songs from this album are available by clicking on the product image on the left. For other kids, it can be some form of yoga or stretching that holds the key to deeper relaxation. One of the ways that I like to help both my adult and children clients connect with their hearts is through the use of relaxation scripts.
Once the heart is experienced, it is always remembered on some level, regardless of the apparent “forgetting” that is evidenced in our experience of tension and stress or the related behaviors. This chapter includes several basic deep breathing activities to jump start your practice.

In addition the blog, CDs, mp3 downloads and consultation packages are available in the shop. Information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is in no way intended as a substitute for the guidance provided by your physician, psychotherapist, or other health care professional. Puzzability, based in New York, includes Mike Shenk, who has written puzzles for Games magazine and its offshoots, and provided daily crosswords for a major newspaper syndicate.
Far off the well-worn path, concealed by a high hedge or overgrown fence, the secret garden is a sanctuary for the mind, body, and spirit. The Secret Garden Calendar opens the gate to a dozen inviting retreats, each one a living tapestry of sunlight, vibrant blooms, greenery, and weathered stone.

Romantic, peaceful, and restorative, these gardens indulge the senses and inspire contemplation, all year long.

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