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With a device that he wears on his arm, he can change his shape and save the world from harm!
Earth has eventually been declared a free system, and the aliens now live freely amongst humans. With Ben now alone, Max assigned him a new partner, a young Badass Normal alien plumber named Rook (much to Ben's dismay). Come Outbreak, the Nemetrix develops a flaw out of nowhere, forcing Dr Psychobos to steal a piece of Galvan tech from the Omnitrix; he doesn't seize the opportunity to collect the DNA, and the Faction just moves to the next phase of their plan with the whole "collecting the Omnitrix's DNA" part never to be mentioned again. Joseph Chadwick is shown to have survived his experiences in "An American Benwolf in London", and most likely to continue his villainy.
Accidental Kiss: At the end of "The Most Dangerous Game Show," Ben slips on a Banana Peel and crashes into Kai, causing their lips to meet. Accidental Marriage: Thanks to Kevin's scheming, Ben became the fiance of a Tetramand warrior princess named Looma. Affably Evil: Yetta's first reaction upon seeing Ben Tennyson while being chased by Plumbers is to compliment him and take a selfie with him, all before fighting him. Baumann, and explains why he knew Ben could turn into aliens prior to the Time Skip, along with somewhat fleshing out his motivations. In Ben's first encounter with Hypnotick, he escapes from its Lotus-Eater Machine by remembering that being a hero is about helping people, not getting the adoration the illusion showed him.
The next time Ben faces Hypnotick he falls for the hypnosis even more easily than the first time. An especially blatant case in episodes like Store 23, where Ben, when called out by Max for toying with the villains, answers by "They are bad I am good, the end!", before spending the rest of the episode learning an aesop about.

This attitude from him can come up as very frustrating after the White and Grey Morality of Alien Force and the whole arc in Ultimate Alien that had Ben struggling to not become a Knight Templar. The citizens of Anur Transyl; In "Rad Monster Party", they call Ben a "monster", and hate him.
They seem to change their minds after getting a lecture from Scout about how they shouldn't judge by appearances, but in the very next episode, they're back to hating him again.
Alien Lunch: It was hinted before that exposure to aliens had something to do with Grandpa Max's Lethal Chef tendencies, but it's made clear in this series that aliens love his cooking. All Amazons Want Hercules: It's revealed that female Tetramands are traditionally stronger and better fighters than males, and that a female will only choose a male who can defeat her in combat to be her husband. All Girls Want Bad Boys: Lampshaded by 12-year-old Kevin in "From Hedorium to Eternity", when telling Cooper how he has no chance with Gwen.
This is a universe where Max dies before Ben ever found the Omnitrix, thus Ben 23 never gets the Character Development of the original Ben and nearly rips Azmuth in half because of it. Later it's revealed there are hundreds of alternate timelines and some of those Bens are evil, and at least two never get the Omnitrix. He freely admits to being amoral, and abuses every loophole in existence to free his clients.
In Ben's trial he has Ben turn into a Tetramand and invokes a special privilege Tetramand defendants have that allows them to challenge court verdicts through single combat with an opponent of the prosecution's choice. When Ben's Celestialsapien opponent proves to be too much, Chadzmuth points out that you only have to be a Tetramand to invoke the challenge, not to complete it, and Ben could turn into whatever form he needed. And I Must Scream: Lord Transyl's victims are fully aware of everything they do while Transyl is jerking them around like puppets, and while they can still speak, it seems to be about the limit of what they can do.
And the Adventure Continues: The series ends this way with Ben and Rook, bored since the Maltruant incident and seeing the beginning of creation itself, decide to go explore the world with Gwen and Kevin. Batman Gambit: Ben and Rook pulled one in "Of Predators and Prey" by faking an argument and letting Khyber kidnap Ben so they could better find him. Psyphon does it in "Outbreak" by tricking the Plumbers into shutting down the forcefield so he and his henchmen can escape.

Kevin pulled one on Ben in "Many Happy Returns" to annul his engagement to Princess Looma by getting Ben engaged to her instead.
Because Destiny Says So: Spanner presents this as an argument for why Ben and Kai should get together.
Berserker Tears: 11 years old Ben, of all people, has this when he almost kills Malware for destroying Feedback.
Kevin went along with this in his more criminal youth to get ahold of an indestructible Tetramand engine block for his car.
When his fiance Princess Looma goes to Earth to claim him as her husband, Kevin cons Ben into challenging her to a fight. During the fight, Looma's father fondly reminisces about his courtship battle with her mother. Beyond the Impossible: Ben's actor claims to have put on a show that drove Vulpimancers to tears.
Big Bad: Khyber appears to be this in the first arc, but it's really Malware and Psychobos sharing the role with him as their dragon. Proctor Servantis in the Rooters arc Mad Ben for the seventh arc, with Maltruant serving as the Greater Scope Villain. Bilingual Bonus: In "Secret of Dos Santos," Skurd tampers with the Omnitrix, giving Rath clothes, and making him speak in Spanish. Thank you, little green booger monster!" Bizarre Alien Biology: The Galvan start out as tadpoles, and as "For A Few Brains More" reveals, they have a "pre-brain" that handles all their bodily functions. Bizarro Universe: One appears on "Store 23", where Ben is even more of an Attention Whore and Fantastic Racism against aliens abounds. Blank White Eyes: Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Grandpa Max get them when Attea reveals her Batman Gambit.

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