Efraincongratulations 4 50 lessons lovely, redhead teacher.please made a lesson of off } by the way u r the funnies teacher. Can I use the word “retard” when talking about someone with a disability or is this an unacceptable term? Onurhey amine actually i want to speak to anybody who is interested in speaking and writing english . My response to your question was accidently placed below Youssef Morrocco’s question. I know the few rules about this certain grammar-topic, but I think many other would appreciate such videos from EngVid. GloriaHi, I understood everything but… why do the shops write mens and womens meaning clothes or things for women or for men?
Huthaifah27thanks Emma, I try to find words thank for you, these words be awesome like you video and your way to explain this lesson. DonaThank you so much for the instructions,showing how to use the verb in the appropriate time. The first conditional is used to express a decision you might make or an event that might happen on a condition. It dictates not only which language we use, but also the way we express ourselves with different people.

It’s very important thing to say fast when I talk wiht native speaker sometime they say fast.
I hope you come for vacation in california (disneyland) I live near disneyland I’m offering you( free ticket disneyland ) for your coming . She is a very good English Teacher, thank you for amazing lesson.I just tried speaking english to everybody. I would like that you make a lesson about the use of : that, at, in, by , in resume the right use of prepositions on senences and position of things.
In this vocabulary lesson, I will teach you some basic English words and expressions we use to talk about work. But it is correct in a particular case to express an emotion or action happening in the present referring to a past or future event.
Join millions of ESL students worldwide who are improving their English every day with engVid.
By using the correct word in each situation, you’ll sound a lot more like a native English speaker.
PD I’m from Costa Rica and I do like a lot to study english, but my work doesn’t let me to do it in a group or a class, so this is very helpfull, I will recomend you for sure! People in North America are offended by this term.The word handicapped is offensive to many people.

In this lesson, you will learn the meaning of eight commonly-used idioms that use the word take. In this grammar lesson, I look at the verb try, and will teach you when it should be followed by a gerund or an infinitive. I am german and I visit engVid every day :-) ItA?s the best side IA?ve found to improve my english!!!!!
Start using idioms like these easily and naturally, just like native speakers do every day. I stopped ____________ donuts and eat eatingI heard some beautiful music coming out of a house. In this practical English lesson, I will teach you some of the common expressions and phrases you will hear when you are shopping. Most importantly, you will learn how these phrases are actually said by native speakers, so that you will understand when you hear them. Watch, then go to the supermarket or mall and finally understand what the cashiers are saying to you!

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