There are constant negotiations concerning the Earth situation between Light and Dark forces.
Pour out your heart in this letter, telling the angels everything you feel about your desire for love.
Once the letter is completed, place it face-up near the location where you most often pray and meditate. You will receive Divine guidance which will help you to meet your soulmate, or to improve your existing soulmate relationship. In this case, we're definining soulmate as a true romantic partner who loves and respects you, with whom you share a spiritually-based relationship.

Ask the angels to bring the two of you together, and to bless your relationship with healthy romantic love. If there are privacy issues, you can always put it in a nearby drawer, or inside a beloved book. Surrendering control to God and the angels insures that your fears won’t interfere with the manifestation of your soulmate relationship. This inner guidance will be in the form of repetitive ideas or feelings which call you to take positive and healthy actions. For example, one woman got the inner guidance to quickly put her makeup and a pretty dress on and drive to the local store.

The more you are centered in faith about your love life, the faster and better your manifestation will be. There, she bumped into the man who is now her husband and father to their two beautiful children.

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