The format of this workshop will be a variety of fun learning, mingling, & experiential exercises with light food and drinks provided designed to help you to breakthrough to start finding the right partner for you ASAP. Other high-end workshops that are out there can cost you five hundred to one thousand dollars to attend. RSVP & claim your ticket RIGHT NOW to reserve your spot as seats for this event are very limited and will go fast on a first claimed, first served basis, so make sure to reserve your spot now while they last! What could it cost you to continue to wait longer, and to not be making a lasting change with where youa€™re at?
Who do you know who's another high quality single who's looking to find the right partner for them?
We look forward to seeing you at this amazing event for committed quality singles soon, and to start creating more of that great love in your life with the right partner!

Brody (Broderick) Boyd has been helping single men all over the world to find the right woman to share their life with and be happier fast without loneliness, fear or rejection for over 12+ years.
Antia Boyd has been helping single women all over the world to find the right man to share their life with and be happier quickly without loneliness, sadness or wasting any more time for over 10+ years. Welcome and glad that you found your way to our amazing Meetup group for highly committed, motivated & quality singles in their 30's-60's looking to find the right partner to share their life with! Membership to our great group of quality singles is very exclusive and well cared for, so we request that you only join if you're really serious about finding the right partner for you to share your life with and be happier quickly.
Excited to have you as part of our great group of committed singles, and we'll see you on the inside!

However, we wanted to make our workshop affordable and accessible to the high quality singles who really want it and need it, and to build our high quality community of committed singles even more, so for a limited time you can now attend this amazing workshop for just $10 if you order your early-bird ticket online HERE, or $20 at the door!
He now also lives in the beautiful Bay Area of California with his beautiful, loving and supportive wife Antia.
Berkeley, has spoken on stages and radio shows all over the US, and has led dozens of Soulmate Support Groups (where most of the women there have attracted the right man for them!) She now lives in the beautiful Bay Area of California with her loving & supportive soulmate husband Brody.

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